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Science Fiction Continues to Draw in Television Viewers

Southern California-based Ryan Ly comes to his position as the principal of Curate Entertainment with experience as the head of Creative Artists Agency’s Television Literary Department. 222 more words

Ryan Ly

Science Fiction Is Not Social Reality

“The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat.” — Ogden Nash

Tech creators and tech billionaires are influenced by Science Fiction for different reasons.

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Fast Times at LaGrange Point Three Part 1

At LaGrange Point Three, space station Musashi spun with is siblings like cogs in an invisible machine. Sunlight filtered into the enormous cylinder, providing partial power for the station’s five hundred thousand inhabitants. 2,455 more words

Father Molestario and The Chisholm Trail Voyager (Communication #13)

Chapter 12; A New Age – the end of automatons


Spalanzani was a master watchmaker; but his kind were coming to an end.

He understood mainsprings, pulleys, gears and gear trains, ratchets, pawls, escapements, governors, movements, pendulums, planetary gears and idler pulleys, cables, clutches, and all else that could make up the essence of Olympia. 3,087 more words

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July & August '18 TBR - Physical Books Theme (Again)

Hello everyone!

Because I read pretty much nothing of my TBR for June, I decided to just use the same list for July and hopefully bring the number of physical TBR books down. 972 more words

Young Adult

Women of Scifi - Writing Beneath a Glass Ceiling #author #scifi #sciencefiction #amwriting

I’m lucky enough to have several scifi authors guest posting on my blog. If you think women don’t write science fiction, you’re in for a… 1,317 more words

Science Fiction

COUNTRY MUSIC: Hank Curci Plays An Old Time Religion Hand Clapper.."IN THE SWEET BYE AND BYE"


Hank Curci Plays An Old Time Religion Hand Clapper..



Click On Dancing Miner..

End Transmission..

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