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Patti Duncan And The Spaceman

Ink & Sword Magazine has featured my sci-fi short story Patti Duncan And The Spaceman in their 9th issue dated January 2019.

It’s a simple story that hints at a bigger world filled with space elevators, laws made specifically for sentient machines, and good old fashion family. 61 more words


Tara's Top 10 of 2018!

Hello readers!

Tara’s list is the most organized of all of ours; she’s beautifully laid out her favorites by genre and managed to find one favorite for each genre. 921 more words

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Artificial Intelligence & Retail Experience

Through automation, Amazon is shaking up the retail industry. Whereas until recently it didn’t rely on physical stores, it has warehouses and engages an army of delivery services to move their products to consumers. 678 more words

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Hey! Haven't We Seen Him Before?

Everyone–or at least everyone of my age–has heard of the six degrees of separation (from Kevin Bacon). If you don’t know->click here.

I’ve read some reasonably academic(ish) articles about how people are connected, and in the entertainment world it is not the big-name actors who are the connectors, but the character actors. 221 more words


Hank Curci's Burlesque Bumps And Grinds Version of SAINT LOUIS BLUES..A Vaudeville Time Warp Special...Circa 1929AD

Burlesque Bumps And Grinds Version of SAINT LOUIS BLUES..

A Vaudeville Time Warp Special…

Circa 1929AD..By Recording Pianist.. 

A Fun Recording For Your Music Library.. Buy For 99 Cents.. 8 more words


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Hank Curci’s Burlesque Bumps And Grinds Version of SAINT LOUIS BLUES..A Vaudeville Time Warp Special…Circa 1929AD

Updates: Recent Science Fiction Acquisitions No. CCI (Le Guin + Van Herck + Leinster + High + Analog Anthology)

1. I’ve acquired quite a few vintage SF novels and short story collections in translation over the last few weeks–here’s one from Paul Van Herck, a Belgian author who wrote in Dutch. 854 more words

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Rejoice, Audiophiles! Listen here: https://storymcstoryface.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/pulse-story-file.mp3

I was trying to change the world in my own small way. When I say that, I’m not being modest. I was trying to change the world with my patented nano-exploration technology. 3,191 more words

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