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Ask The Author

I’ll be fielding interview style questions for the next week and publishing the answers for selected questions on this post next sunday. Anything regarding my currently published works, future projects, or writing in general are acceptable. 34 more words


Juliana Rew, editor - The Time it Happened.

The Time It Happened (Spring 2015, Third Flatiron, Colorado, U.S.A.)

Third Flatiron’s Spring 2015 anthology The Time it Happened is a highly enjoyable, eclectic collection of hard and soft SF with a little bit of fantasy and humour thrown in.  260 more words

Book Review

World-building and storytelling

Posting has been light while I’ve tried to meet my goal of finishing the first draft of my novel in six months.  I probably won’t make it, but I’ll come close. 377 more words


Heroes of Our Time

VOIDAR venture further into the wondrous city of Crian. Ashley is the first to touch ground as the rest follow suit. She removes her helmet and takes in a deep breath of the surrounding moist air. 85 more words


The Testing

Cia Vale always wanted to get into the Testing. Now, she’s beginning to question it. She is graduating as the youngest in her class, and the Testing is her chance of getting out of her hometown. 141 more words

Book Review

Mila 2.0

Mila’s dad just died. That’s not the worst part. The worst part is that she can’t remember any of her life before that.

Her mom moves them to the country, starting over in a small town. 119 more words

Book Review

age of adaline

thank heavens that seeing this movie coincided with my second experience at the VIP cinemas ( this is where they take food & drink orders from you at your big comfy seat and bring them to you and provide lounges before and after the showing – i love it ) because it helped me leave the movies only mildly bitter and jealous and annoyed … and confused. 414 more words

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