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Doctor Who Discussion: Bad Directions, Taylor Swift for all eternity, Diversity, and Begging Moffat for a Job

If you think about this from a linear perspective, we’re a little late. But since time is a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey ball of stuff rather than a straight line, can one really be late? 1,665 more words


Top Five Science Fiction Novels

Science Fiction is one of those things I love to read, but am not very apt at writing. I have an idea brewing in the back of my head for a series of novellas…but that’s like…a decade off. 614 more words


Duncan on the canceled show...

Transcript: The network didn’t give it a chance. Kept airing episodes out of order and moving the time slot around.

It should’ve had a longer run. 8 more words

Surviving with The Martian

The Martian 
Andy Weir

A storm leaves Mark Watney stranded on Mars. He must figure out how to survive in an airless, waterless, and lifeless planet for four years until he can be saved. 141 more words


Love Conquers All

“What are you looking at Grandpa?” said young Andy.

Grandpa pointed to colorful dead leaves collecting by the wall. “These leaves remind me of the first people who settled on our colony of Elysium. 267 more words

Short Fiction

Frequently Asked Questions!

Our listeners are brilliant. Some of them have questions about our podcast. Some of them ask the same question. Here is a place for answers. 417 more words