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The Unbroken Blade #04

“Dingo-Alpha closing on intrusion zone, Deep-Den. Telltales still negative. Switching to firecells.”

With a beep the single-use auxiliary cells ignited and the pulse fusion core shut down. 2,351 more words


Natacha Guyot on Tell Me a Story

Friday, October 28th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Let’s welcome, Natacha Guyot to Tell Me a Story. Natacha is a French researcher, author, and public speaker whose new Science Fiction novella, … 98 more words

Annette Rochelle Aben

Towers of Grass and Clay by Kip Hanson

Li Tsai stood beside the groundship and studied the ruins of the ancient city. She’d learned in school that the inhabitants of that unhappy place called it Denver, in honor of some forgotten politician. 1,939 more words

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You are Incorrect, Sir

“You are incorrect, sir,” said Arzat calmly, “The voice you heard belonged to a female droid, who is presumably our train conductor.”

“Damn, they make you guys sound so human now-a-days it’s hard to tell,” said Samos as he squeezed through the maze of passengers. 2,457 more words

Science Fiction

Picture Of The Day: Tossed Away

From 1976: Tom Baker hurls a rock during location shooting of The Hand Of Fear.


Day 163: Rub-a-dub-dub, Three Sentients in a Tub

Harold Grover Wells dropped into the water tower’s cistern next to the Man in Black named Will, the off-worlder tapping its spindly fingers delicately along his hand and arm, its ghostly white face like a four-eyed weather balloon with the point of a funnel at the bottom. 562 more words

Science Fiction

Long Road to Mars

Mars has beckoned us since ancient times. The red orb traveling across the sky, stoking imaginations around the world. Then came the telescope and sightings of shifting dark areas and “canals.” Armadas of robots would reveal a desolate world, once wet and dynamic, laid waste by some cosmic catastrophe. 245 more words