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For Apr. 11th: Group Selection & Altruism

So far as we’ve seen, selection favors traits beneficial to the individual. In that case, how did altruism evolve? The concept of group selection offers a compelling perspective… 144 more words

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2001: A Space Odyssey and Seeds of an Intellectual Awakening

Discussing human nature and where humanity is headed has to take evolution into account in my view.  That view was impacted by Clarke’s work to be sure. 552 more words

Friday, 4/6/18- B Day- Early Dismissal (PD)

Learning Tasks:

  1. Science FridayBats Take Flight
  2. Educational VideoBill Nye Science Guy Buoyancy

To my students: I hope that you have a safe, restful, enjoyable vacation and come back ready to learn! :)

Science Friday

Thursday, 3/29/18- A Day


What is the relationship between volume and density for objects of equal mass?

Learning Tasks:

  1. Do Now– Get out your science notebook and add to the Table of Contents- “Effect of Volume- p.58” (Left Side).
  2. 98 more words
Science Friday

Telling stories about science

Telling great stories about science is at the heart of the Science Friday Initiative. What started as a weekly radio show on public radio has now expanded into a science-focused multi-media storytelling destination. 531 more words

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Friday, 3/23/18- A Day- Early Dismissal Schedule

Learning Tasks:

  1. Science FridayThe Meteorite Museum
  2. NGSS Assessment Sample Items– Today we will go through some science assessment sample items to illustrate the rigor and complexity of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) assessment.
  3. 22 more words
Science Friday

I Am A Magical Unicorn & Frankenstein Still Matters

Several weeks ago, NPR’s Science Friday asked the question “Why is Frankenstein still relevant today?” Well, let me tell you a story: 378 more words

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