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Video Tour of a Recycling Plant in Brooklyn

My junior year, I founded and sat as president of my high school’s recycling club, which was a fairly simple operation of setting up cardboard boxes in classrooms and asking people to put their plastic or glass bottles and aluminum cans inside – paper recycling was already managed by the school district, but the rest wasn’t. 121 more words


Flannel Friday: Happy Cephalopod Week

I got to work a little early this morning. I was frittering around. I checked Twitter. Then I started to plan out my work for the day. 591 more words

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Happy 100th Anniversary to the Schwarzschild Radius

There aren’t many things to celebrate about 1916, which set a new record as the bloodiest year in the history of human warfare, but an exception to that rule was discussed on a fascinating segment on Science Friday today, … 229 more words


Friday, 6/10/16- A Day

EXPECTATIONS for Newton’s Scooter Design Challenge Presentations/Demonstration

  • Line up outside of the classroom door with your right shoulder facing the wall.
  • Walk quietly in the hallway toward the main office.
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Antibiotic resistance—what is it, why does it matter?

Antibiotic resistance—what is it, and where are we now? This is such an important topic with implications for us all. We rely on antibiotics to treat infections that may overwhelm the body and cause serious illness. 104 more words

Dr. Laurie Menk Otto

A Sperm Bank for Coral Reefs

Ocean health matters to us, and the state of our corals is one of the most at-risk elements of marine ecosystems. So many species depend on coastal communities of these strange lifeforms, and with acidification and pollution of sea waters, the reefs are in danger of slowly but surely dying out. 630 more words


Friday, 6/2/16- B Day

Learning Objectives:

  • To apply Newton’s third law to design a solution to a problem involving the motion of objects

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now– Copy down today’s homework in your planner; Get out the sketch of your scooter design; Put your science notebook into the crate for your class.
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Motion & Forces