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Friday, 3/27/14- A Day- Last Day of the 3rd Marking Period... One more marking period until high school!!!

SBAC Testing Periods 3 & 4- Remember to go to Homeroom for testing after period 2. There will be no science class for periods 3 & 4… 81 more words

Motion & Forces

Science Friday: Which is better after miscarriage? Surgery or waiting?

In May 2014, the effectiveness and safety of expectant (waiting) management vs. surgical management of first trimester miscarriage were compared.

In surgical intervention, a dilation and curettage (D&C) is performed to evacuate the tissue from the uterus–most commonly in the case of a missed miscarriage (fetus with no heart activity) or incomplete miscarriage (part of tissue stays in body). 682 more words

Science Friday

Friday, 3/20/15- B Day- Happy Vernal Equinox! Early Dismissal for snow?!

Did you check out that solar eclipse this morning?

Learning Objective:

To predict the motion of an object given the magnitude and direction of forces acting on it (net force) 63 more words

Motion & Forces

Complete overload.

It seems that I can’t handle too much internet at one time.

Something had to give.

Either that, or I’ve hit my boring stage.

Whichever it is I’ve got nuttin’ except a few pieces of jewelry to share and I’m even beginning to bore myself doing that. 256 more words

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SciArts: Step Inside a Mad Scientist’s Lab The movie prop...

SciArts: Step Inside a Mad Scientist’s Lab

The movie prop shop Jadis, in Santa Monica, California, is packed with ancient, long-forgotten technology: an Edison dictaphone, a typewriter-like counting machine and quack medical devices like the ‘Hemodimagnometer.’ But you might recognize some of these oddities—they’ve appeared in movies like The Mystery Men, The X-Files, and The Prestige.

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Science Friday: Women don't need to delay getting pregnant after miscarriage, study suggests

Women who conceive within six months of an initial miscarriage have the best chance of having a healthy pregnancy with the lowest complication rates, according to a new study published on the British Medical Journal website. 454 more words

Science Friday

Friday, 3/13/15- A Day

Learning Objective:

To describe friction and identify factors that determine the friction force between two objects

Learning Activities:

  1. Do Now- Take out your graph for the friction experiment and Take the “Pirates and Treasures” challenge…
  2. 32 more words
Motion & Forces