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Friday, 4/24/15- A day

Learning Objectives:

  • To describe the relationship between an object’s mass and its inertia when at rest and in motion
  • To express mathematically how the mass of an object and the force acting on it affects it acceleration…
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Motion & Forces

Babies on the Brink by sciencefriday: Since the 1960s,...

Babies on the Brink

by sciencefriday:

Since the 1960s, developmental psychologists point to the “Visual Cliff”—an experiment that plops babies on a fake precipice—as proof that infants learn to fear heights as they learn to crawl.

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Why Spiders Don’t Stick To The Web William Eberhard, of...

Why Spiders Don’t Stick To The Web

William Eberhard, of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the University of Costa Rica, and colleague Daniel Briceno film spiders in the lab, in the field and under a dissecting microscope to untangle this longstanding arachnological mystery.

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Science Friday: Pregnancy complications predict heart disease risk

February 18, 2012

If you develop pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders or diabetes, you may have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease later in life, according to research in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. 561 more words

Science Friday

What Happens When You Levitate Flies? by...

What Happens When You Levitate Flies?

by sciencefriday:

Everything is a little bit magnetic, says physicist Richard Hill, of The University of Nottingham. So with a powerful magnet, it is possible to levitate almost anything–strawberries, water, insects.

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Science Friday: Recurrent miscarriage raises heart attack risk.

December 2, 2010

Recurrent miscarriage increases a woman’s chance of having a heart attack fivefold in later life, indicates research published online in the journal… 383 more words

Science Friday

Friday, 3/27/14- A Day- Last Day of the 3rd Marking Period... One more marking period until high school!!!

SBAC Testing Periods 3 & 4- Remember to go to Homeroom for testing after period 2. There will be no science class for periods 3 & 4… 81 more words

Motion & Forces