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Science Policy Around the Web - February 9, 2018

By: Rachel Smallwood Shoukry, PhD


Big tobacco’s offer: $1 billion for research. Should scientists take it?

A controversial debate has arisen in recent years about whether scientists should accept funding from sources that have interests at odds with improving the human condition and promoting health. 823 more words


Science Policy Around the Web - December 15, 2017

By: Leopold Kong, PhD

Science funding

Indian research labs face financial crisis

In June 2015 at Dehradun, India’s Ministry of Science and Technology mandated that India’s… 797 more words


Why More Funds Are Needed For Psychedelic Research

Paul Austin advocates for increased government funding of psychedelic therapy research, which can transform the way we understand and treat mental health conditions. 850 more words

Mental Health

Science Policy Around the Web - October 6, 2017

By: Allison Dennis, B.S.


An outbreak waiting to happen: Hepatitis A marches through San Diego’s homeless community

San Diego’s homeless population, the fourth largest among US cities, has been battered by a Hepatitis A outbreak since… 491 more words


Dear European Research Council, evaluating grant programs is harder than you think

Today the European Research Council tweeted about a study that supposedly shows how succesful their research grants are.

🇪🇺EU matters: Study finds half of ERC projects already have major positive impact on society & economy…

466 more words
R&D Policy

Science Policy Around the Web - September 8, 2017

By: Emily Petrus, PhD

Science funding

Congress Returns and Funding Anxiety Continues for Scientists

The summer recess is over, which means congress needs to get to work and pass funding bills to keep the government running past the end of fiscal year: September 30th. 1,115 more words