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Research funding dries up for Fracking and Water

The impacts of fracking on groundwater is one of the research areas of the  Program on Water Issues (POWI) at University of Toronto’s Munk Centre for Global Affairs, “one of the nation’s most celebrated and effective water study programs ” which brought together Canada’s “best scientists and policy-makers … in an independent, non-partisan forum”.    181 more words

The smoking gun of #SolarFlares @ProfMcAteer


How do you observe something so fast, so hot, so dense?

“You have to be watching at the right time, at the right angle, with the right instruments to see a current sheet,” said… 12 more words


Welcome to the Academics for the Future of Science Blog!

In future posts, we plan to explore aspects of the science funding process, and the effects of funding on scientists and society at large. Stay tuned!

Beware ‘Innovation-Speak’

Matthew Herder wrote a Master’s thesis on Canadian science policy some ten years ago and by the time he was done, he had sworn off the word ‘innovation.’ 931 more words

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Harbingers of Doom - Part I: Ancient Maps and Biological Weapons

Are we rapidly approaching a technological singularity where intelligent computers and robots recursively self-improve into a superintelligent paperclip maker who annihilate the planet and all life on it in order to fill the universe with more paperclips? 5,974 more words


Big Cuts to UK Science Research

I have been off sick today, but felt a whole lot sicker when I saw that the government had unveiled its plans for UK research spending… 222 more words

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