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The Scientist Purchasing Cycle - Time Lost from Science

In your lab, who is responsible for negotiating prices, placing orders, following up on them, and tracking receipts for proper accounting?

If you answer “the scientists”, your lab is in a lot of trouble. 65 more words

Lab Manager

The Cost of Writing a Project

Overhead costs are taking a high toll from science funding. How can they be reduced? 1,123 more words

Contemporary Science

Science Policy Around the Web - May 24, 2017

By: Joel Adu-Brimpong, BS

Scientific Publishing

Fake It Until You’re Caught?

The beauty of the scientific enterprise is that it is, eventually, self-correcting. Thus, occasionally, a scientific paper may be retracted from a journal based on new revelations or due to reports of ethical breaches. 709 more words


The NIH Grant Support Index: Help for Young Scientists or Collaboration-Killer?

The National Institutes of Health recently released a proposal to cap researchers’ “Grant Support Index”. In effect, each grant type counts for a certain number of “GSI points”, with the R01 (the flagship independent-investigator award) counting for 7 points. 974 more words

Science Policy

Science Policy Around the Web - May 16, 2017

By: Sarah L Hawes, PhD

Preventative Medicine

Fresh Foods a Day Keep Disease and Deficit Away

If you have recently shopped for health insurance, you likely encountered incentives for self-maintenance, such as discounted gym membership, or reimbursement for a jogging stroller. 809 more words