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Let the people speak! What science should government fund?

We’re big fans here at Mo’money of hearing what you think about science funding issues. Caught up in the post-election fervour and in the spirt of democracy, we decided to find out what people on the street think the most important area of science research is for governments to fund, and if we should be spending more money on science research. 59 more words

Science Funding

The man behind the minister

Meet Jo Johnson, the new Minister of State for Universities and Science.

He took over last week from Greg Clark, who was promoted to Secretary for State. 352 more words

Science Funding

Have your say! Where should your money go?

Take our poll and tell us what science you think your tax moola’s should be funding.

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Science Funding

Is crowd sourced sci-tech funding the future?

Kickstarter has seen the birth of thousands of crowd sourced projects around the world. From novels to music albums, dance theatre to humble potato salad… 243 more words

Science Funding

Science Policy Around the Web - May 12, 2015

By: Daniƫl P. Melters, Ph.D.

Science Funding

Uncertainly about science funding in the UK after Tories win elections

An outright victory for the Tories (conservatives) in the recent general election in the United Kingdom was unexpected based on poll-results. 827 more words


Bill 100 and the Challenges for Indigenous Health Research

Debbie Martin argues that Section 12 of Bill 100 stifles academic freedom and potentially threatens her Indigenous health research. 804 more words

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