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Space Billiards #NewHorizons @profmcateer

New Horizons was launched 2006 and has already flown 3 billion miles over 10 years on its journey of discovery. We now know Pluto is active with recent ice flows and a thin atmosphere. 241 more words

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Government Priorities (An Adaptation of an OpiWiki Response)

What should our ranking of government priorities be?

This is a very complicated question, because the priorities are not linear. Every dollar of military spending is not the same as every dollar of helping the poor. 775 more words


Commercially-driven research should be funded by loans, not grants

I couldn’t resist a very quick comment on an item in yesterday’s Financial Times. The article may be behind a paywall, so here’s a short extract giving the essential point: 558 more words

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Science is Vital at the Conway Hall

Yesterday, as promised, I went up to London to attend the Science is Vital event at the Conway Hall.I was a bit worried that I might not make it in time for the 7 o’clock kick-off, but it turned out that a meeting I was attending finished earlier than expected and I got to the venue in good time. 109 more words

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On the Folly of Big Science

On the Folly of Big Science

Larry H. Bernstein, MD

Principal, Triplex Medical Science

To the reader:

The very to the point and interesting OP-ED in the Sat, Oct 3, New York Times titled “The Folly of Big Science Awards” by Vinay Prasad is of considerable interest for discussing a problem that goes deeper than the awards. 599 more words

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Insights into platelet protein signalling from across the pond

By Anthony Battram, DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY STUDENT, University of Bristol

My PhD project focuses on the role and regulation of the protein . Professor Wolfgang Bergmeier… 279 more words

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DoctorAl Digest 7

This list by John Dupuis is a great summary of why as a scientist I will not be voting Conservative in the upcoming federal election. … 73 more words

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