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The Subduction Zone Observatory takes shape

Depending on how you count, there are roughly a dozen subduction zones around the globe, regions where ocean crust is dragged down into Earth along plate boundaries, leading to large earthquakes and melting in the mantle that causes magma to burble up. 137 more words


Just look up #RAS @ROGAstronomers #astrophoto2016

A sneak preview of the astronomy photographer of the year. Enjoy.


Federal Funding for Canadian Scicomm?

Last week my colleague Pascal Lapointe (Agence Science-Presse) and I had a post up on the Science Borealis blog suggesting that the federal government’s review of federal science funding should consider funding for science communication. 397 more words

Watershed Moments 3.0

Post-Brexit science landscape - Parliamentary Links Day 2016

By Dr Aoife Kiely, Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Neurology

The morning of the Parliamentary Links Day I woke up nervous. I’m not generally a ‘business formal’ style of scientist so the imposter syndrome fear of standing out, or going wrong loomed large. 803 more words


Course recap: Scientific Ethics (Spring 2016)

As I noted a few months ago, I co-taught this past term a graduate workshop on scientific ethics. It was an experiment — this is the first time we’ve offered a course like this in Physics at Oregon — and overall I think it was fairly successful. 1,059 more words

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Parallel Universe Project - The Problems of Funding in Pioneering Science

By Professor Lord Lord – Chief Science Writer

Milton Keynes is chiefly known for concrete and roundabouts. It is not known for cutting-edge science. It is certainly not known for cutting-edge science in people’s sheds on the outskirts of the town. 1,313 more words