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A postcard to the troglodytes

I guess it was too much to hope that Trump would just put his head down and try not to destroy the planet. And then I saw this… 556 more words


Science Policy Around the Web - April 21, 2017

By: Rachel F Smallwood, PhD

Scientific Awareness

Earth Day and the March for Science

This Saturday, April 22, is Earth Day and the day scientists have chosen to hold demonstrations in the name of science. 647 more words


With this new system, scientists never have to write a grant application again

Johan Bollen (left) and Marten Scheffer (right) say scientists should give each other money instead of writing and reviewing grants

By Jop de VriezeApr. 13, 2017 , 3:00 PM… 246 more words

The Budget Blueprint: A Physicist's Perspective

This blog focuses on my take on current events as a young condensed matter physicist. Welcome!

Last Thursday, the Trump administration put out their budget blueprint… 2,414 more words


Great achievements in public funding

This past couple of weeks have worn us health policy people down to sad little nubs. In this climate, where cruel and wildly irrational plans are proposed then taken for serious, scored and picked apart by award winning economists…Well it’s no impossible task to pull some data together showing in fact old people do deserve food and disabled children deserve health care. 810 more words

Public Health

From shadow, into the sun

Anna: As a researcher, one could complain about a number of things. Grant season in is full flight and there are more and more applications for less and less funding… 322 more words


The future did not seem to work!

When I started my career in chemistry as an undergraduate, chemists were an optimistic bunch, and everyone supported this view. Eventually, so it was felt, chemists would provide a substance to do just about anything people wanted, provided the laws of physics and chemistry permitted it. 961 more words