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So Say We All!

If you love SF, then you know the struggle of trying to be taken seriously at Dinner parties while you compare ‘Interstellar’ with ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. 88 more words

Science Fiction

Quick and easy guide to understanding scientists

“Scientists don’t use normal words when they talk about science. They use words that sound like normal words — theory, model, significant — but have different meanings when applied to science research. 25 more words

Science In Society

GMO wild organisms: As if GMO crops weren't controversial enough...

The big biotech controversy of last year was over the ethics of using CRISPR to edit human embryos – something which a team of Chinese scientists… 178 more words

Curiosities Of Nature
Butterflies seem impossible. How can these ridiculously delicate creatures, apparently blown about by the merest breath of wind, actually fly many thousands of miles to migrate? 33 more words
Science In Society

NU's Scientific Images Contest Winners 2015

Don’t miss the twelve stunning winners of Northwestern University’s 2015 Scientific Images Contest as they make their annual stop at EPL.  Selected by a panel of artists, scientists, and community leaders, the eye-popping images were captured during wide-ranging scientific research and “invite you to enjoy both the aesthetics and innovation of NU science.”  Prints of the images are available for… 31 more words

Local Art @ Epl

Social networks and urban development

Science principles drive the synergy of complex systems. Consider technology, cities and society. Cities are the sites of technosocial inscription, making them great test environments for emerging technologies. 98 more words


Today I’m lucid dreaming about zombies

Zombie apocalypse. The best backdrop for lucid dreaming, something I do a lot.Escaping death is empowering. Looking into a mirror of what I’ll become if and when I turn—exhilarating. 533 more words

Science In Society