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The War on Science ... Not?

For the last week or so, I’ve been reading, and re-reading, an article called perspective: It’s not a war on science. The reason I’ve been doing this is because I noticed that a number of people seemed to regard it as an excellent article, and I’m trying to work out why. 837 more words


Fight back against junk food marketing

Most people realize that our food is loaded with sugar and that our eating habits are unhealthy, but it’s very hard to change them. Rather than simply accepting the situtation or complaining about it, my sister-in-law and her mother decided to change it. 179 more words


Book Review: Born Anxious

I enjoyed Born Anxious more than I expected to but less than I hoped. Written by Daniel Keating, a psychology professor at the University of Michigan, it synthesizes over a decade of research on how stress affects the course of our lives. 449 more words


Science and the media, advice for young researchers

Voice of Young Science is an initiative that aims to lay siege to the academic ‘ivory tower’, by giving young researchers the skills they need to engage with the media and public discourse. 1,179 more words


The scale of problems and the scourge of false positives

I’ll admit, when I started reading Ben Goldacre’s “Bad Science” I did so with the intent of poking fun at the pitfalls and pseudoscience of homeopaths and nutritionists. 875 more words


Immigrants are Critical for American Science

The Trump administration’s ill-conceived and implemented executive order harms all sorts of people, like Iraqis who risked their lives to help the US military, and US citizens whose spouses, parents, and children are not citizens. 146 more words

Follies Of The Human Condition

Progressing the Person and Policy

The English word “person” has a long and convoluted history. Though the word itself likely derives from the Latin, persona, referring to the masks worn in theatre, its meaning has evolved over time.

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