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Closing the genius gap

I swear – if Paul Johnson didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him.

Paul Johnson is a leader at a school that lives on the cutting edge of science and technology.

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The ultimate way to reduce football injuries

Normally I take a pass on April Fools Day humor, but this is too inspired to ignore.

Could be a real game changer in recruiting, too.


Science Marches Onward

"College football is finally catching up with technology."

Well, as long as it doesn’t cost anything.

The problem with the helpful tools for coaches? The NCAA doesn’t quite know how to level the playing field and make sure every team has equal access to the coaching tools, from the Power 5 conferences to the FCS programs already struggling financially.

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Hey, Coach, what do we do with these patches?

There are times when I wonder if Mark Richt trolls us fans.  Here’s an example:

Georgia players have black patches on the back of jerseys that is being used to track electronically movement.

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Tuesday morning buffet

I’m not in Hoover.  You’re not in Hoover.  So, eat.

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"The pros do that."

Hey, the coaches want this newfangled technological shit and it’s another revenue source for college football, so I’d say we’re looking at a question of when, not if, it’s all embraced on a sideline near you. 62 more words

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