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How do you discern if you or people in your life are internal of external? As you know, earlier we identified four people’s types that exist and manifest themselves as Internal and External forces. 939 more words

I Can

~ Channeled from Master Ataro, Diverse Internal:

This happened in my early life. When I used to receive gifts and things from other people, I always used to wonder. 812 more words

The Externals

External people are always seeking without stop: new opportunities, new connections, new directions, they never stop. Their focus hardly stays in one place, they love multi-tasking. 716 more words

The Success Formulas

In our life we come together with people and we discern them using common knowledge or intuition. We have developed a number of different modalities and many books are in circulation to identify successful connections and heal unsuccessful dynamics. 960 more words

Two Forces of Life

My life was not happening for about eight years and in my despaired prayer to God I was infused with knowledge that has explained what was truly wrong.  1,680 more words

Innermost is what we are

The innermost is what we are. Innermost means we are internal, we are within. When we are within, we can’t think. We only think when we look outside of ourselves. 735 more words