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Psych Studies With Small Samples

(Upon request, some context for a previous post crticizing pop-sci reporting of “you can’t change your mind” psych studies:)

I’m making the usual grouch about the way psych studies tend to be reported, where you read the academic paper and brain scans of six undergrads show that they sense the temperature in a white room is 6% lower than the temperature in a pink room (I’m making this up; I don’t think this study exists), and then it gets reported in the newspaper as “scientists prove the US could save $5 billion on energy costs every year if we’d wear pink-tinted glasses.” 135 more words

Science And Technology

Cultivating uncertainty through science reporting

Image: Mike Gifford, Flickr.

By Marie Orttenburger

SACRAMENTO – Science is integral to environmental reporting, but it’s also a source of the field’s biggest dilemmas. 446 more words

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Hi! Please excuse the banging in the background–that’s just the sound of me building the remainder of this site. In the meantime, I’ll give you a synopsis. 95 more words


Malcolm Gladwell on Fixing the US Healthcare Mess


In this edition of One-on-One, Medscape Editor-in-Chief Eric J. Topol, MD, sits down with best-selling author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell, who shares his unique perspective on healthcare and the practice of medicine. 67 more words

New Series: Audience questions

You, my beloved readers (well, all five of you) now have the incredible chance to have your scientific curiosities answered! Send in questions regarding science, medicine and health research and I will do my best top answer them. 119 more words

New series: Bad Science

In this category, I will be posting about how scientific findings can be twisted or misreported by science reporters and navigate some of the issues that may cause, usually in the form of public misinformation. 630 more words


Easy, breezy, accessible science

Guest post by mèþru:
I found this video about the misreporting of science in order to make it interesting for wide audiences. Comedian John Oliver… 33 more words