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No, Graecopithecus does not prove humans evolved in Europe

Hello! We’re in the midst of a series of posts on recent exciting news in the field of human evolution:


Affidavit of Frog Name: Judging of Science Reporting

It was 2014. And the news broke. Fourteen species of dancing frogs were discovered from the western ghat of southern India. The study was led by The University of Delhi’s well-known amphibian biologist, professor Dr. 930 more words

Fejervarya Frog

Psych Studies With Small Samples

(Upon request, some context for a previous post crticizing pop-sci reporting of “you can’t change your mind” psych studies:)

I’m making the usual grouch about the way psych studies tend to be reported, where you read the academic paper and brain scans of six undergrads show that they sense the temperature in a white room is 6% lower than the temperature in a pink room (I’m making this up; I don’t think this study exists), and then it gets reported in the newspaper as “scientists prove the US could save $5 billion on energy costs every year if we’d wear pink-tinted glasses.” 135 more words

Science And Technology

Cultivating uncertainty through science reporting

Image: Mike Gifford, Flickr.

By Marie Orttenburger

SACRAMENTO – Science is integral to environmental reporting, but it’s also a source of the field’s biggest dilemmas. 446 more words

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Hi! Please excuse the banging in the background–that’s just the sound of me building the remainder of this site. In the meantime, I’ll give you a synopsis. 95 more words