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Links - January 28, 2016

Photos from inside the Chernobyl reactor building! Small correction: “Chornobyl” is the spelling preferred by Ukrainians, not just a transliteration artifact. Top photo from here.  186 more words


Azendohsaurus - Former Dinosaur - Recieves Makeover

There’s no shortage of fossil archosaurs now named solely from teeth, or partial jaw bones but diagnosed or described primarily on teeth. Last I checked, this number was well over 150. 2,195 more words


Talking Headlines: with Kevin Mitchell

Kevin Mitchell is an Associate Professor in the Smurfit Institute of Genetics at Trinity College Dublin. His research is aimed at understanding the role of genes in contributing to neurodevelopment and their involvement in psychiatric and neurological disorders. 1,844 more words

Science Reporting

Seriously, don't trust science reporting!

I came across an especially annoying example of bad science reporting today, and I want to make an example of it.

The article in question comes from the always-trustworthy site I F*cking Love Science, and the headline reads:  835 more words

Links - Science Edition October 30, 2015

Branching out today beyond nuclear. There’s been a lot of science, good and bad, in the news lately. 588 more words


Pale Spinos--Sigilmassasaurus

In my past comments regarding the strange theropod dinosaur Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, a small storm began to brew as to how, and where the vertebrae fit in a series. 2,119 more words


Sloppy Science Reporting Makes Carl Sagan Cry

“8 science-backed signs you’re smarter than average.” That’s the clickable headline of a nice infographic recently published by Business Insider. The blurb that introduces the graphic takes a solid stand on indefensible turf saying “research suggests that everything from your choice of pet to your height can influence your intelligence.” Ugh. 2,352 more words