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Preliminary Check List

Dear Curious Strangers

I start my Initial Teacher Training course this September. Within the upcoming year i will learn how to be an efficient, effective (inspirational?!) High School Science teacher. 217 more words

Masochism: The chemistry of “chiles”

Chile like other fruits, use sugar to attract birds that will feed on them. The seeds pass through the birds’ stomach undigested and are deposited in distant places where they can germinate and grow with less competition. 541 more words

Science Teacher

Teaching Science in Mexican Schools: Hopeless.

Science is not a favorite subject in mexican schools. For starters, scientists do not necessarily have good pedagogic skills and those teachers who do, are not necessarily good scientists.   92 more words

Science Teacher

Karen Swacker Wins the 2015 IMCC Minerals Education Award

The Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC) recently announced this year’s recipients of its 2015 annual mineral education awards. Begun in 1999, the minerals educations awards are presented each year in two categories: the mining awareness educator award and the public outreach category. 473 more words

Southland Voice

Sir! You can't write on the desk!

How many times have you chastised students for writing on a desk? To them it’s a bit rebellious and more than likely boredom. Let’s innovate this and make it into conducive learning, without leaving graffiti everywhere! 383 more words

Chameleon Sighting

When you are traveling with a photographer and a high school science teacher and a chameleon crosses the road, you stop. haha… 138 more words


Science Teacher Dean Liptak Suspended Without Pay For Blocking Student Cell Phones

News 10 Tampa Bay, Sarasota — A science teacher fed up with students on their phones in class is now jammed up with the school district. 84 more words