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The Moment!

It is funny how so much can change in two days!

Two days ago I was overwhelmed and terrified, and today I had the moment. Now I’m not talking about a senile moment! 428 more words

Overwhelmed and Terrified

Overwhelmed and Terrified are my main two emotions.

I’ve been given all the training I require to get started, to begin to teach. I’ve been given all the forms, the paperwork and the advice. 224 more words

Science teacher, teaches and travels

Cesar Chavez’s newest biology teacher has started off the school year strong. Curious, compassionate, and open minded, former English teacher, and vet tech Katherine McCormick was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut. 295 more words

Chavez Personalities

First Day!

So, today I had my first day as an Initial Trainee Teacher in my secondary school.

It was amazing.

In one whole day i was in a class with year 13, 12, 11, 7 and 9. 289 more words

The Calm Before the Storm

My PGCE course starts in two days.

My overwhelming feeling is fear. I’m scared that I’m rubbish, that teenagers eat me alive and that i won’t fit in with the other teachers. 165 more words

Preliminary Check List

Dear Curious Strangers

I start my Initial Teacher Training course this September. Within the upcoming year i will learn how to be an efficient, effective (inspirational?!) High School Science teacher. 217 more words

Masochism: The chemistry of “chiles”

Chile like other fruits, use sugar to attract birds that will feed on them. The seeds pass through the birds’ stomach undigested and are deposited in distant places where they can germinate and grow with less competition. 541 more words

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