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Enhancing Primary Science

By Shelley Drury

Shelley Drury is Deputy Head of Curriculum for Science at Kings Priory School (KPS) in Tynemouth.  She has been teaching science for 12 years, with specialisms in biology and chemistry across primary and secondary schools.  655 more words


50(ish) shades of gray

My students are giving me gray hair! (or, more than I already had)

I’m teaching majors’ anatomy and physiology this quarter (the first of two quarters). 261 more words

a learning experiment, and a pleasant surprise.

On Wednesday we ran our first whanau tutorial with the first-year students – a class for those students who identify as Māori. The driver for this was the observation that a disproportionate number of the Māori students in my first-year class didn’t do well in our first test, & as a result I asked Kevin, our Faculty’s senior tutor responsible for supporting Māori & Pacific Island students, to see if he could help me by setting up a whanau tutorial. 890 more words


Can teachers be researchers - on top of everything else?

By Fran Dainty

Teachers often feel like they are not only expected to be a teacher but also fulfil the role of social worker, police officer, parent, advisor and general expert in everything in their day to day practice. 797 more words

Continuing Professional Development

Science in the News

By Adam Little

Here at the National Science Learning Centre we have been looking at bringing Cutting Edge Science into the classroom. Often as science teachers we look at ‘ 521 more words

Secondary And Post-16

how the human nervous system works

I’ve been teaching a LOT of physiology this quarter… a LOT. :) And, I try to find interesting videos to send out to my students, so they get an additional approach. 119 more words