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Exam Time = Chameleon Teaching

Last week I started my year 11 lesson slowly. Tuesday morning, after a bank holiday Monday, meant that they were sure to be a bit off school – something I can completely relate to. 1,414 more words

Science Teaching

Tell Them Stories! ~ An Interview with Science Teacher and Aviculturist, Jason Crean

Yesterday evening at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, during our final STEM Institute follow-up session of the year, I had the privilege of chatting with one of ten 2016 Golden Apple Award winners, a 2009 Presidential Award Winner (presented by President Obama), the President Elect of the Illinois Science Teachers Association, and a guy who built a 300 square foot aviary on the back of his house. 1,095 more words

Meet the Teacher - Jess

Jess is almost at the end of her first year of teaching. She was trained in Australia and is currently working in the UK, where she is teaching science and animal care. 1,201 more words

Science Teaching

4-LS1-1: Preserved Organisms

My colleague, Jesse Wilcox, presented a lesson to the elementary teachers we are working with tonight to help them understand the relationship between structure and function ( 234 more words

Science Teaching

1-LS3-1: Investigating Differences

Tonight, my colleague Jesse Wilcox and I are leading some professional development for elementary teachers. For our first activity, we focused on helping our students recognize that while organisms of the same kind do look similar to each other, they are different in many ways. 333 more words

Science Teaching

HS-PS1-7: Stoichiometry

During my methods class tonight, a student asked how one could use inquiry-based instruction to teach something like stoichiometry. So, we ran through a little simulation of how I think about teaching stoichiometry using inquiry.   719 more words

Science Teaching

New Experience #21: 3-D Printing (and then some)

As advertised, there were new experiences this week. A few weeks ago, a message came through on one of my science education lists about a workshop in Boulder on 3-D/4-D printing. 1,388 more words

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