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Planning for Effective Assessment in Science

This post is part of a series – a symposium – on AfL.

  • Part one of the series is by by Adam Boxer here. In it he sets the context of the following posts.
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Science Teaching

engagement & experiences in undergraduate science education

This post is based on a presentation at the 2017 First-Year Science Educators’ Colloquium (FYSEC), and is also published on the Bioblog. 

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Trying to make my class more student centered

I teach a forensic science elective for Juniors and seniors. The class is very hands on with labs and activities most of the semester.  However, I start with a notes filled section covering the history of forensic science, basic legal ideas, and evidence. 387 more words

Science Teaching

A Cool New Classroom Game from Quizlet!

Have you tried the new classroom game from Quizlet?

I confess.  Yesterday, I really needed an engaging way to help my students review our big unit on Chromosomes, Cell Cycle (Mitosis), and Meiosis.  686 more words


A letter to Ms. Thomsen: the woman who changed my life without either of us realizing it, until now.

As of late, I have struggled to answer the seemingly simple question, “Why do you want to be a teacher?” My struggle is not founded in uncertainty, but rather the inability to transcribe what is in my heart, to paper. 630 more words

Using Science and Engineering Practices to organize a whole unit?

I need to think through a preoccupation before I can get back to my real work for the night!

For someone who is not a science teacher, this might seem like an odd thing to be distracted by…  I am preoccupied with the idea of organizing an entire unit of study around the… 640 more words


Sketch Notes in Forensics- Blood and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

I decided to branch out and see if my Forensics classes would enjoy using sketch notes as much as my Biology classes have. The verdict? A definite YES! 422 more words