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Remembering the Good Times

Thinking of what to write about this week was a struggle. Everything I wanted to talk about was negative, and I’m tired of everything being negative. 851 more words

Science Teaching

Splitting Junior Science

This year my current school made the decision that the KS3 classes (years 7, 8, and 9) would be split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each class would be taught by a different teacher, and be timetabled individually, in an effort to emulate KS4 and KS5 classes (year 10 and up). 1,292 more words

Science Teaching

Inquiry in a Nutshell

“I needed to formulate the questions first for myself. It’s not like I knew them and put them in a poem for other people. The poem is a process, a way for me to discover questions, to ask them clearly or to discover the results of certain suppositions. 539 more words

Meet The Teacher - Emily

Emily is currently in her third year of teaching. She is living and working in England, but did her training and first couple of years in Australia. 1,121 more words

Science Teaching

Data vs Scientific Thinking

I confess – I am somewhat confused by our education systems.

I know, I know. We all are. We all are confused by about possibly 10,000 different things in our education system. 421 more words

Science Teaching

forge your own

You know what they all say… right? We’re always told to not let anyone else make our decisions for us, we’re told to choose our own path… because in the end, we can only create our own happiness. 442 more words

common whiteboard mistakes to avoid

Following a hilarious staffroom conversation about our biggest whiteboard errors in front of a class, I thought I’d write my list of biggest whiteboard mistakes a new physics teacher should avoid: 142 more words