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on education, and falling through the cracks

(taking a break from your previously-scheduled MS content to be teachery for a moment.)

I teach at a downtown community college. We get quite the range of students: returning to school, a large international population, students just coming back from drug addiction and/or homelessness, high school students earning college credit… and often in the same classroom. 431 more words

Let Them Fly!

If you’re wondering why I’ve been writing lately about teachers who are newer to the profession, the answer is simple. It’s because they represent our hope for the future, particularly in STEM education, for which there are many fewer teachers than available positions. 1,210 more words

Write With Them and Beside Them

This past week I attended a meeting at lunch for all teachers in my school that are functioning this year as supervisors for students who are writing Extended Essays. 1,980 more words

Science Practices


Biology is messy.

I tell my students this all the time. They want things to be clear cut. They see in black and white; they want universal truths, laws of nature, unambiguous generalities. 2,286 more words


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If you're a biology teacher or have ever been one, this post from a fellow biology teacher at her blog, Wilde Tangled Bank, will certainly resonate.

Wall-Size Periodic Table | Stark Science

Wall-Size Periodic Table | Stark Science.

When I first got sent this link, I thought it meant just a large periodic table, but no! This link gives you the tools to print your own WALL size periodic table – each element is printed on one page of A4 and all of the files you need to create it are available on the link. 42 more words


Teamwork: How One School is Getting STEM Institute Exactly Right (Part 3 of 3)

“Active engagement in professional learning promotes change in educator practice and student learning. Active engagement occurs when learners interact during the learning process with the content and with one another. 1,208 more words