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Private vs Public Chaos Times

I’ve recently made the jump from the public sector to the private sector and have noticed many changes. One was so completely unexpected that it actually made me stop dead in my tracks while walking around my classroom. 1,075 more words


Will You March for Science?

On Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017, scientists across the United States will do something they don’t generally like to do. They will leave their labs, their field study sites, their university classrooms and travel to Washington D. 1,092 more words

STEM X Day 5 - Sharing Resources and Saying Goodbye

The last day of our incredible week dawned bright and cool. We were used to this false weather by now though, the day would eventually get up to 37°C. 1,679 more words


STEM X Day 4 - Physics, More Space, and Formal Dinner

The fourth day of our program had a much more relaxed timetable than the first three. It was lovely to be able to slow down a bit and consolidate everything we’d learned so far. 2,294 more words


STEM X Day 3 - Excursions Galore!

The third day of the Academy program was quite different to the rest – we spent the entire day out and about exploring some of the most popular science venues of Canberra. 3,190 more words


STEM X Day 1 -Protostorming and Simple Science Activities

The first real day of our academy dawned overcast and cool – a bit of false weather which would heat up very quickly. Today was the day we got stuck right into our program, with the primary school and secondary school teachers off in different directions to learn new and exciting ways to approach their craft. 2,204 more words


STEM X - Fly In and Check It All Out

The first ‘day’ of our STEM X Academy was relaxed, giving us a chance to meet the other 70-odd people we would be spending the week with. 910 more words