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Google is working on a feature that can help users to pay their bills using Gmail

Cyber Journal 24, Mar 29, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley

According to report released by Re/code, Gmail is working on its feature called “Pony Express.” The name sounds weird, and childish, but once launched, this feature will allow email service users to pay their bills right from Gmail without going on any other website. 223 more words

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Both parties irate over Iran nuke deal

Both Demonrats and Republicans are irate over the latest leaks coming from the Iran nuke talks. If reports are true, “then we are not inching closer to Iran’s negotiating position, but leaping toward it with both feet,” charged Sen. 808 more words

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Latest 2015 बड़े डिस्पले और शानदार फ्रंट कैमरे वाला सस्ता स्मार्टफोन आया

बड़े डिस्पले और शानदार फ्रंट कैमरे वाला सस्ता स्मार्टफोन आया :- इंटेक्स ने शानदार सेल्फी कैमरा और बड़ी डिस्पले वाला स्मार्टफोन बेहद सस्ती कीमत में लॉन्च किया है … 7 more words

Snapchat’s Discover is attracting millions of users every day

Cyber Journal 24, Mar 27, 2015

By Nitten Gokhaley

Data released by mobile analytics firm suggests, some Snapchat users do watch videos from Discover section on a daily basis. 388 more words

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Measuring stress

Ruth Spence is a research fellow in the Department of Psychology at Middlesex and a member of the team in the University’s Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies… 607 more words

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Getting Started with the Spire App

You’ve got your Spire, you’re wearing it correctly, installed the app from the App Store, and connected your Spire with the app so you know it’s connected. 607 more words

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Secrets of the Most Successful College Students

College-admission letters go out this month, and most recipients (and their parents) will place great importance on which universities said yes and which said no. A growing body of evidence, however, suggests that the most significant thing about college is not where you go, but what you do once you get there. 794 more words


Pedro Calado reblogged this on SocioTech'nowledge and commented:

An article on TIME Magazine provides a useful list of 8 traits that a researcher found were common in highly successful college students. According to Mr. Bain, the first thing students should do is "Think beyond the transcript. The creative, successful people profiled in this book—college graduates who went on to change the world we live in—aimed higher than straight A’s. They used their four years to cultivate habits of thought that would enable them to grow and adapt throughout their lives." Another important point is that the most successful students have a "Growth Mindset", so these students do not believe intelligence is a fixed attribute and rather believe that intelligence can be developed over time, based upon experience and additional learning, opening students up to a much wider range of educational experiences.

  • Full list of traits: Pursue passion, not A’s Get comfortable with failure Make a personal connection to your studies Read and think actively Ask big questions Cultivate empathy for others Set goals and make them real Find a way to contribute
Best regards, Pedro Calado