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North Korea says successfully ground tests new rocket engine

Tuesday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has overseen a ground test of a new rocket engine and ordered a satellite launch preparation, an indication the country might soon conduct a prohibited long-range rocket launch. 306 more words

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PROXIMA B – The closest rocky planet outside our solar system orbits Proxima Centauri. The star is a red dwarf, gravitationally locked to Alpha Centauri, in the Centarus constellation. 163 more words


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In my opinion the English language is currently diffy two words. First, the fear that having checked into your hotel room you will pull back the shower curtain in the bathroom – extended for hygiene purposes – and discover a dead body in the bath, courtesy of some horrific Coen Brothers-like murder. 567 more words

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49ers Reveal 4,000 Square-foot Farm on Roof of Levi Stadium

The newly renovated Levi Stadium is adding yet another decoration to its already modernized and high-tech venue — this time a farm, according to stadium officials. 513 more words


Fitbit's Long-Awaited Charge 2 Has Finally Arrived

Fitbit has officially released the newly redesigned Charge 2.

Lets cut to the chase:


Design & display, interchangeable bands, more band choices, great battery life, rain,dust, splash resistant, easy-to use app. 734 more words

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Clinton IT specialist ignores subpoena for House hearing; other witnesses plead 5th

The former State Department IT specialist who set up Hillary Clinton’s private server ignored a subpoena to appear Tuesday before a House committee hearing, while other tech experts who helped maintain the system asserted their Fifth Amendment right not to testify – frustrating Republican lawmakers trying to dig deeper into the former secretary of state’s email setup. 622 more words

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India Bans Air Passengers From Carrying The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 In Checked Luggage

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