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Growing evidence suggest recent hacks the work of Russian-backed cyber militias

New evidence suggests the recent cyber-attacks on top Democratic Party groups and the possible breach of Clinton Foundation computers are connected to Russian-backed cyber militias, say a former Defense Department official and other security experts. 460 more words

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What does Snapchat's trashy news feature say about our generation?

With the creation of Snapchat stories, it seemed only a matter of time before Snapchat introduced a news feature, so as to compete with news apps and Facebook. 583 more words

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Clinton Foundation reportedly hired cyber security firm after possible hack attack

The Clinton Foundation reportedly hired an outside cyber security company to look at its servers after possibly being hacked. Two sources familiar with the situation told Reuters on Wednesday that no files from Hillary and Bill Clinton’s organization have surfaced in the public. 246 more words

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NSA allegedly hacked by unknown group

An unknown hacking group referring to itself as the “Shadow Brokers” has reportedly hacked the NSA and is trying to auction off the data it grabbed. 152 more words

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Define "User Friendly"

This evening I stumbled into a question thread on Quora about Linux and why it’s so user unfriendly. I thought this was funny because yesterday I decided I wanted to switch my Ubuntu install to use the command key (ergonomically located under my thumb, next to the spacebar) as the primary modifier key, instead of control (awkwardly down in the corners of the keyboard where you basically have to use your pinky finger). 689 more words

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Hacker Releases More Democratic Party Documents

Friday hacker believed to be tied to the Russian intelligence services made public another set of internal Democratic Party documents including the personal cellphone numbers and email addresses of nearly 200 lawmakers. 558 more words

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Sue Obama administration to block Internet grab

There is a coalition of technology groups and conservatives wants Congress to sue to stop the Obama administration from handing over control of Internet domain names to an international board, charging it could give authoritarian regimes power over the web. 876 more words

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