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5 Interesting Facts of Matrix Calculus

Matrix calculus is the extension of calculus to vector or matrix setting. I used to suffer a lot with matrix calculus in my early grad life. 308 more words

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The Mediation of Harm

As internet develops, we’ve seen and continue to see more and more diverse innovations diffuse deeper and deeper into our lives. At the forefront has been the way we communicate, which has generally speaking become more and more mediated. 357 more words

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A Montréal Start-up has a new way for you to travel

Explore Montréal, no matter how you feel!

Have you ever been on vacation and felt like TripAdvisor just didn’t get you? Does Expedia keep ignoring your emotional needs? 419 more words


Ethics Should Be Central To Understanding The IoT

By Declan McDowell-Naylor

As the Internet of Things (IoT) comes closer and closer to its revolutionary potential, significant security issues have attracted attention. Last summer, white hats Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek… 489 more words

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Li-­Fi (Light Fidelity)

Topic – GS 3 – Science and Technology 

What is Li-Fi?

  • It’s a wireless technology similar to Wi-Fi that allows data to be sent at high speeds using visible light communication (VLC).
  • 354 more words
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When Challenger Blew Up

This is from chapter 6 in my book Scaffolds:

Thus, I (along with my science class) was comfortable in the library on the late morning of January 28, 1986. 558 more words


This is What Happened When NASA Sent Bees to Space

NASA has done all kinds of wild and imaginative experiments in space—such as successfully brewing beer in space to (unsuccessfully) growing mouse embryos. We’ve sent sea urchins, fish, amphibians, birds, and even bees to space. 713 more words

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