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Can Technology Ever Bring About an Age of Leisure in a Society that Worships Work?

Workers all over the developed world are terrified of robots taking their jobs. I know when I struggled with the question of “Which job is a robot least likely to take away?” I determined that writing was a pretty solid gig because people will always need distraction, and robots can’t ever be thought-provoking on their own, can they? 823 more words


Men who eat hot dogs bald faster, new study shows

by Cole Lubowski on 10/15/2017

A study published by the Perdue Research Institute reveals that men who consume hot dogs lose their hair 2.1 – 3.5% more quickly than men who do not. 226 more words


Fears & Beers

Join EcoHealth Alliance’s Young Professionals Council at the Brooklyn Brewery for a deep dive into how diseases are spread. Dr. Kevin Olival and Dr. Noam Ross will take you along a disease path and demonstrate the technology we’re using to stop diseases in their tracks. 37 more words

$20 All You Can Drink