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How Many Bananas Does It Take to Blow Up a Human?

It should come as no surprise that a Reddit user named MonkeyMan5539 had bananas on the brain when he posed this question to the Shitty Ask Science community… 382 more words

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The Lunar Mission One Wants to Send Your DNA to the Moon

The Lunar Mission One hopes to crowdfund a trip to the moon. 

To promote their ambitious venture, the team announced a contest in a recent post in the Reddit picture community. 409 more words

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Of Men and Machines (doing mathematics)

Dr Giuseppe Primiero is Senior Lecturer in Computing Science and a member of the Foundations of Computing research group at Middlesex University. Here Giuseppe discusses the recent British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science, which he helped organise… 1,007 more words

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What Can Programmers and Writers Learn From One Another?

Proponents of stronger computer science and programming courses in schools generally focus on the usefulness of those skills in today’s world. Some argue that computer programming should be offered instead of a foreign language requirement, while others say it’s crucial to engineering and robotics. 882 more words


Can Insects Experience Orgasms?

It’s obviously one of the most important questions in science.

In a post in Reddit’s science community, user andibee asked, “Can insects have orgasms?”

Okay, so this question is, well, funny. 322 more words

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Valuable Skills of Multipotentialites & Steve Jobs

Did you ever think that you might have been better at something else? Do you have multiple interests? In Emilie Wapnick’s interesting TED Presentation about her many interests she makes a persuasive presentation about the value of having multiple interests. 385 more words