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Another BIG Lie Exposed in Glorious Living Color

The Left, aka, the Democratic party and its minions, have asserted many times how they are so superior to those Neanderthal conservatives so that they really should be the ones in power.  Way back in 2007, and reposted… 250 more words

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Product Pre-Review: Motiv Ring: Activity and Sleep Tracker

        Wearable gadgets are up and coming and surely here to stay for a long period. What is to change is, how we wear it or rather what we wear! 290 more words

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Reading Drives The Quest For Knowledge, Stimulating The "Essence" Of Humanity, THE BRAIN!!!

Even as a young child, my excitement to comprehend words and their meaning was exhilarating! My dad and I had a deal. He would drive me back to the library as soon as I completed digesting all of my dozen borrowed books. 1,236 more words


087: A New Year

​Chelsi sunk back onto the dingy green media room couch next to her friend Tyler. He was leaned forward though, fidgeting with something on the brown wicker coffee table. 732 more words


Know your plastics: simple guide to a safe lifestyle

Plastics are not that simple to Judge.
First, we need to identify plastics. For that we use ASTM International Resin Identification Coding System, often abbreviated as the RIC, is a set of symbols appearing on plastic products that identify the plastic resin out of which the product is made. 444 more words

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New Cyber Czar Rudy Giuliani's Website Full of Security Flaws

Tim Johnson reports for McClatchy:

[…] The Trump transition office announced Thursday morning that Giuliani, part of a core group of Republican Trump loyalists during the campaign, had been tapped to “lend expertise to cybersecurity efforts.” The announcement didn’t offer many details about how Giuliani would fulfill his role, noting simply that hacks are rampant. 100 more words