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Q+A: Real Help For 'Fake Smiles' On Instagram

This week Instagram rolled out a tool that allows users to flag content when they think a friend might be in serious emotional trouble. The tool, which uses this peer alert system to cue human operators to message the troubled user and offer help, is intended to help prevent suicides and other self-harming behaviors. 784 more words

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Incessant Consumer Surveillance Is Leaking Into Physical Stores - Nextgov.com

Kaveh Waddell reports for The Atlantic:

You just wanted to shop for a birthday cake in peace—instead, you got ads that follow you around the internet, and coupons in your email that remember exactly which products you clicked on. 198 more words


Is the Disclosure of John Podesta’s Emails a Step Too Far? Glenn Greenwald In Conversation With Naomi Klein

Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept recently spoke to author and activity Naomi Klein about the latest email hacks revolving around the Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. (The Intercept)


US Hacking Russia for Revenge Could Lead to Cyberwar

Trevor Timm writes for The Guardian:

What’s the CIA’s brilliant plan for stopping Russian cyber-attacks on the US and their alleged interference with the US election? 121 more words


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