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To Infinity and Beyond

By Amrit G.

In this article we are going to look beyond our confined borders of Earth, and explore a world that we aren’t very familiar with, Space. 529 more words

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Five Underrated Websites that You Need in Your Life

By Sara N.

The Internet can be a big and scary place. Technological advancements have made amazing amounts of content available with just the click of a mouse. 601 more words

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Museum of artifacts — Body cast of victim of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Herculaneum

via Museum of artifacts — Body cast of victim of the eruption of Mount….

March 20, 2015

In contrast to Pompeii, where casts resembling the body features of the victims were produced by filling the body imprints in the ash deposit with plaster, the shape of corpses of those killed at Herculaneum could not be preserved, due to the rapid vaporization and replacement of the flesh of the victims by the hot ash (ca.

101 more words
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Sponsored: Total Film in Cannes - preparing for the Croisette

Total Film recently hit Cannes for the 68th annual film festival, and it was a stonking year for films.

Although it’s easily one of the world’s most glamorous movie festivals, it’s not exactly a holiday for film journos, with countless screenings, red carpets and interviews to navigate. 112 more words

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Not using a stuntman: when the lead actor does a stunt

Tinseltown has always had tricks and aces up its sleeves, most recently the green screen and CGI to help protect actors while making a movie look and feel realistic. 58 more words

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