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Yes, Your Dog Can Actually Tell Whether You're Happy Or Sad

Here’s a fun fact: The fundamental evolutionary split between dogs and wolves is that dogs will make eye contact with you, and wolves won’t. It’s a seemingly simple thing, but from that split came all the mutts we keep in our homes today. 214 more words


Neuroscience Friends!

I’ve just returned from a thrilling weekend at the BIL Conference in Long Beach, California (yes, the pun on “TED” is very intentional) where I met all kinds of smart, fun people – including lots of folks who share my love for… 291 more words


Consider This an Invitation

This photo got me thinking. Only 24 percent? Really?

We’re finding weird new exoplanets every day – hell, NASA hasn’t even ruled out the possibility that there could be life on… 150 more words

Science Info

5 Ways to Fight the Blues...with Science!

So you’re stuck in that mid-week slump…the weekend lies on the other side of a scorching desert of work, and you have no canteen because you gave up water for Lent (in this metaphor, “water” refers to alcohol…just to be clear). 435 more words


Sacred Values

Principles on which we refuse to change our stance are processed via separate neural pathways from those we’re more flexible on, says a new study… 840 more words


Science to the Rescue - Episode 001

These are the modern wonders that make me so glad to live in such a progressive age, an age where human potential is fast outstripping the imaginations of our parents, much less our grandparents… but I… 150 more words

Wyrd World

A Memory Menagerie

What we call “memory” isn’t just one process – or even one type of process. In fact, neuropsychologists classify memories using a system that can be a little bewildering – which is why I’m going to do my best to clear up some distinctions. 1,885 more words