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A Mob By Any Other Name...is still just birds

I was sitting on the back deck enjoying a quiet afternoon when a bunch of bluejays started squawking overhead in the maple and beech and tulip poplar trees.  635 more words

Science Birthdays, December 18

Today is the birthday of J. J. Thompson, born in 1856, he is best known for his “plum pudding” model of the atom,  he discovered the electron, isotopes and the mass spectrometer.  16 more words

Science Trivia

Science Birthdays, October 9

Today is the birthday of Johann Segner, born in 1704, he discovered the reactive force of water and constructed the first water jet, if you have a sprinkler in your yard, that is his invention, he is considered the father of the water turbine. 145 more words

Science Trivia