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On 77 Sevens of the 7th Degree

1) Seven in different languages include septum (Latin), sapte (Romanian), sju (Swedish). septa (Greek), siti (Japanese), Shiv`(Hebrew), set (Catalan), and VII (Roman)

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2) Seven is one of two single-digit numbers with two syllables… 1,435 more words

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Favorite Foto Friday -- Blue-Footed Booby

Isla Espanola, Galapagos — We are in a panga, a large rubber raft, headed to a clump of black volcanic rock — one of the few dry landings on the island.  389 more words


It's Trivia Night at Lodi “Science Night Live” on June 3rd

Quick! Name one human body part that contains a septum…

If you or someone you know can answer that question without Google’s help, then put together a team for the next Science Night Live! 208 more words


What Was That?

Just sitting here, sipping on some red Merlot wine and what was that . . . 301 more words


On 37

Long-time visitors here know I occasionally toast a specific number in honor of an occasion. Although it was in April, this is a toast to our thirty-seven years of marriage. 856 more words

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WATCH: Could telepathy exist?

Scientists have achieved direct brain-to-brain communication between humans, and they’ve even managed to read the minds of cats. The latest episode of BrainCraft explains how close science is to making telepathy a reality. 11 more words

On 61

It’s all the same: Sixty-one, Soixante et un, Sessanta uno, Einundsechzig, Kuusikymmentä yksi, Šedesát jedna, and Το εξήντα-ένα

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  • 61*, a 2001 baseball movie directed by Billy Crystal…
  • 858 more words
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