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When Titans Fall...

Hello Everyone!
Sorry this post is a week late. The poem I wrote started morphing into something totally different, and I have gotten it to the point where I can share it with you all! 911 more words

Still digesting...

… the outcome of the Brexit referendum, yes. Or the fact that Austrian presidential elections need to be repeated, yes. But also, and on a more positive and scientific note, still digesting articles at… 745 more words


On Life Goals and Changes

It has been almost a year since I’ve posted in this space. I haven’t stopped doing science, I promise, but I have had some major changes in my life. 347 more words

Personal Bias

Science and Law: Bragdon v. Abbott: How does HIV fit into disability law?

524 U.S. 624 (1998)

In the previous post, we discussed how the Rehabilitation Act prevented a woman with tuberculosis from being fired without proper risk evaluation thanks to the act’s protections of handicapped persons. 1,529 more words


Science and Law: School Board of Nassau County v. Arline: Do people with a contagious disease qualify for disability protection?

480 U.S. 273 (1987)

The case of Gene Arline and the Nassau County School Board represents an important part of case law regarding the way our society defines disability and what factors employers are allowed to consider when hiring new employees. 979 more words


Science writers who say machines have feelings...lack intelligence.

I saw an article by Peter Dockrill with the headline, “Artificial intelligence should be protected by human rights, says Oxford mathematician”.

The subtitle is: “Machines Have Feelings Too”. 484 more words


Assessing human health from a single drop of blood

Protein levels from vials of whole blood are generally clinically determined using single-protein immunoassays. However, according to research by Geyer et al., a single drop of blood and a mass spectrometer may be all that’s needed to assess human health and disease. 44 more words