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Hilde Kaiser's Best Reads of 2016

My name is Hilde Kaiser.  I live in northwest Evanston where I am a Jill-of-all-trades: writer, lead parent, certified Nia instructor, student of earth medicine, knitter, film buff, and home baker, with a bundle of volunteer work thrown in (all in the domain of parenting, education, and personal development). 673 more words

EPL's Best Books

A few notes on James Gleick’s time-travel book (in lieu of a review)

James Gleick is the most elegant of companions. His tours take you places you probably wouldn’t have thought were related, much as James Burke did in his television series… 1,156 more words


The trippy science of hallucinogens

Turn on, tune in, turn out.

It was a mantra of the sixties, when psychedelics were all the rage. Even scientists — most famously, Tim Leary — were fascinated. 179 more words


The beer archaeologist

You are a Roman soldier, and you’ve had a long day. In the heat, the leather and metal of your armor feel welded to your skin. 965 more words

Science Writing

Science Weekly: Dealing with Uncertainty

Photo credit: Edvard Munch and Roland Roberts

New research published in November in the journal PLOS Biology by the University College London illuminates how brain chemicals affect how we handle uncertainty. 181 more words

Science Writing

Thursday's 10 Things: Salamanders

A few weeks ago I got a chance to collect data for Adopt-A-Stream—a citizen science program that trains community volunteers to monitor the water quality in their local waterways by conducting biological, chemical, and bacterial assessments. 808 more words

Science Writing

­A Skeptic Over Coffee – Young Blood

A tragic tale of a star-crossed pair,
science vs. a journalist’s flare

When reporting on scientific topics, particularly when describing individual papers, how important is it for the popular coverage to have anything to do with the source material? 776 more words