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Women in Science in Science Fiction Theater: The Dum Dums by Glass Mind Theatre

So this isn’t really a theater review. Except it is. I recently had the chance to go up to Baltimore to see The Dum Dums… 619 more words


Solar Eclipses: A Rare Celestial Treat

Last week, Europe was graced with a rare celestial show: a total solar eclipse. Or rather, the extreme far north of Europe got front row seats to the total eclipse while further south on the continent got a glimpse at a partial, if the sky wasn’t cloudy. 963 more words

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Silver Nanoparticles Could Give Millions Microbe-free Drinking Water

Silver has been used to clean water for centuries, and these tiny innovations could be the next step.
Published at PBS NOVA Next.

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The Turkey Vultures! They've Returned!

It’s been three or four years now that I’ve spotted them. Turkey vultures, that is, making a pit stop in their spring migration in the same tiny grove of pine trees along the Southwest Bike trail in Madison, Wis. 560 more words

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Animal Architecture, by Ingo Arndt

From its arresting cover to its fantastic photographs to its quirky animal facts, Animal Architecture is a winner for art lovers, photographers, and nature lovers. 351 more words


K is for Kepler

Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.

These words, written by Johannes Kepler in 1611, are profound.  At the time, Galileo had just discovered the…

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How We Talk about Climate Change Part 1

The first time I remember thinking about climate change was in 2006. I had just spent a year in Beijing, China, a city where residents battle daily with serious pollution. 551 more words

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