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Improving conservation ethic in Botswana with candid photography

Using 221 camera traps in areas of differing human impact in Botswana, ecologist Lindsey Rich captured candid images of 44 different species of mammal over 5 months. 74 more words

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The End of the Mukherjee Affair: He "clarifies" in response to a critical letter

Let’s mercifully draw the curtain on L’Affaire Mukherjee, which started when a number of eminent scientists criticized Siddhartha Mukherjee’s May 2 New Yorker piece because it gave a completely distorted view of how genes are turned on and off to make bodies (see critiques… 677 more words


ENG 313: "But You Don't Look Sick" Longform Piece

Victoria Petron

Dr. Maddalena

ENG 313 FALL 2015

Draft Long Form Essay

“But You Don’t Look Sick”: The Stigma of Invisible Illnesses

“Well you don’t look sick!” … 1,592 more words


The Biodiversity of the Universe - 2016 edition

2 years old post – Slightly updated…


I am fully aware that life as we know it, as it is manifested on Earth, is by far represented by microorganisms. 647 more words


The Atlantic: Genes are overrated; science doesn't progress towards truth. Me: Wrong on both counts

The Atlantic has a review of Siddhartha’s new book on genetics; the review is by Nathaniel Comfort, a professor at the Institute of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, and carries the provocative title of “ 2,002 more words

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More on Mukherjee

We’ll have two guest posts today, and the second comes from Greg Mayer, who’s been AWOL for a while (he’s now in Costa Rica).

by Greg Mayer… 599 more words


Girls + egalitarian views = better maths scores

Girls do better in maths in societies that have progressive and egalitarian views about the role of women, according to new research. The study highlights the relevance of gender social norms on girls’ education and could contribute to future policy decisions to reduce the ‘maths gender gap’ – and in turn, the gender pay gap. 23 more words

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