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The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

On a warm spring night in California’s Palomar Mountains, a young man named Richard Preston stood beneath a sky full of stars. Slowly, he wandered toward a small white dome that stood out against the night’s cloak of darkness, lured by a combination of curiosity, elevator music, and laughter. 721 more words


The wonder of (popular) science

Good popular science writing is such an amazing thing! I’m currently reading I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong which is all about the close relationship between animals and microbes. 190 more words


The secret lives of several bumblebees

How cool would it be to follow a bumblebee for a day or two? To see where is flies, to see what it does in the nest… 462 more words


Space is Big

I didn’t grow up by the sea, so every time I’m faced with an ocean, I get a true sense of awe. The sheer magnitude of the thing in front of me leaves me speechless. 794 more words


If you give a mouse a cookie...

Coverage of the “breaking news” story out of the Connecticut College neurology department–which collected preliminary data indicating that (in rats, at least) Oreo cookies and similarly sugary snacks have the same addictive power as addictive drugs, such as cocaine.

See article here.

The College Voice

Nuts & Bolts of Science Writing, Pune

I will be conducting a workshop on Scientific Writing in Venture Centre, NCL Innovation Park in Pune from 13-18 Feb 2017. The workshop will focus on building the capacities of PhDs, Post Docs and early career scientists for writing better scientific papers, project reports and grant proposals. 118 more words


Mirella Orsi è una Science writer, conduttrice radiofonica e divulgatrice scientifica con sede a Londra. Membro della Association of British Science Writers(ABSW)con il suo lavoro si ccupa di scienza e medicina e in particolare di farmacologia, chimica, fisica, astrofisica e biologia. 122 more words

Mirella Orsi