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This massive food crisis is due to climate change, armed conflict and political unrest

The Horn of Africa is once again bearing the brunt of the world’s ills, as a new European Commission report demonstrated this week. More than 240 million people are now classed as being in ‘food stress’ and the situation is predicted to only get worse. 10 more words

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Generation Space: 5 Thoughts on Final Revision

Generation Space: A Love Story is due on May 2 to Stillhouse Press so that the copyeditor there can have at it. So this month, we’re deep into overall and targeted editing, looking for redundancies and gaps, tinkering with voice and detail. 366 more words

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This plane is proving solar power can take us to new heights!

Solar Impulse 2 just “did a Charles Kingsford Smith” by flying across the Pacific Ocean and landing in the history books. Read about this feat of engineering… 10 more words

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Insects have feelings, too...

Throwing everything we thought we knew about insects into question, new research suggests that they are conscious, egocentric beings. Read about this new hypothesis here at The Canary.

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Righting wrongs & reading writings

Now this story is not invented, and reality is always more complex than invention: less kempt, cruder, less rounded out. It rarely lies on one level.

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Magic mushrooms could help you get over your break-up

Psilocybin – better known as magic mushrooms – might be used in treatments for depression one day. See my article covering this scientific breakthrough over at The Canary.

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