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NYT Thinks They Just Discovered What I've Been Saying For Years

They should just hire me to write their articles on weight loss. Today they published a follow-up story to the one on Monday about the Biggest Loser (I wish so hard I didn’t have to have a tag for that bloody show), and in it they confirm just about EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve been saying here on this blog for years. 221 more words

GE's new hot sauce is so hot it's encased in jet engine material

GE scientists are trying to educate the world about thermal technology with in an unusual and delicious way: Hot sauce.

The company released limited-edition hot sauce called 10^32 Kelvin made with Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, two of the hottest peppers in the world. 427 more words

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Protecting Groups  I’ve seen it a thousand times. You...

Protecting Groups 

I’ve seen it a thousand times. You wanna do some transformation on a molecule, and it would work so wonderfully if this other functional group wasn’t on the molecule to screw it up!

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Microchip madness: human implantation slowly grows in popularity

The Czech Republic now has 11 citizens who have voluntarily gotten microchip implants placed inside their hands. They use the NFC-chip to unlock the doors to their homes and to make Bitcoin payments anywhere a chip reader is available and Bitcoins are accepted. 342 more words


May 6, 1782: That Midas Touch

On this day, one James Price, a distinguished amateur chemist and a Fellow of England’s Royal Society began a series of remarkable experiments. The seven experiments were witnessed by peers, baronets, clergymen. 405 more words

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The Inter-Amish Language Barriers of Indiana

In the eastern part of the state, a dialect like no other quietly endures. But for how long?

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