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Philosophy and Religion: God Belief Without Evidence

Philosophy and Contemporary Issues by Burr and Goldinger

This question never goes away, nor will it and, why should it. A lot of people ask this question even if they do so quietly to themselves. 79 more words


FOMW Spring Canoe Trips 2015

FOMW Spring Canoe Trips 2015

The Friends of Minesing Wetlands are excited to announce two dates when we will be leading trips into the Minesing Wetlands via canoe or kayak! 258 more words


How does a cancer virus take over a cell when it replicates?

Viruses infect all life forms and each virus uses a unique approach to hijack its host cell and turn it into a virus replication factory. The virus that fascinates me, Epstein-Barr virus, infects people and causes cancers that are often fatal. 230 more words


Let's Talk About Iggy

Let’s Talk About Iggy

Today I decided to review igneous rocks today. What is an igneous rock, or Iggy rock as I call it short hand. 463 more words


How to get ahead in Chemistry

1. Do all the required work for your course.

This includes the required textbook questions, any weekly quizzes and worksheets or booklets that are provided by your teacher. 503 more words