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I've Got Spirit, Yes I Do.

Funny how the topic of religion, generally defined as a benevolent system of beliefs for worshiping God or Gods, can start people fighting so intensely.  Seems odd, doesn’t it? 656 more words

Common Good

greening the urban sprawl ...

Greening the suburbs is an agenda I am familiar with, and have been observing and implementing for the past 15 years, with differing degrees of success. 1,056 more words


Potentially deadly drug interactions found data mining FDA complaint bin

Researchers find rare but life-threatening interactions among four common drugs.

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Amazing Calendar Trick With a dash of math, know the day of the...

Amazing Calendar Trick

With a dash of math, know the day of the week for any date on the calendar.

The calendar is a mathematical object with regular patterns, such as leap years happening every four years.

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Don't believe the hype: a calorie is a calorie

Good calories. Bad calories. “A calorie is not a calorie!” These are phrases we hear all the time; as if there wasn’t enough information about food and nutrition to process at every turn. 1,046 more words


Darwinian Sex Roles Are Alive And Well In The Animal Kingdom

According to Darwinian sexual selection, males are typically eager to mate (sometimes aggressively clashing with other males for the opportunity) while females are choosy about who they copulate with. 41 more words

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