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Pharmaceutical Industry: Friend or Foe?

With our current pandemic, it has shown a spotlight on the pharmaceutical industry. Some have cast it has altruistic and others have shown it has a money hungry industry. 733 more words

How Long Until a Habit Forms?

I have been trying to make exercise a habitual part of my life, and find that I stick to it for a while, but it never becomes an actual “habit”. 463 more words

Mental Health

Looks Like Sweden Was Right After All, by Mike Whitney

Sweden refused to adopt the standard coronavirus regimen and looks none the worse for the wear. From Mike Whitney at unz.com:

Why is the media so fixated on Sweden’s coronavirus policy? 2,717 more words


Century-old BCG vaccine used to eradicate tuberculosis DOES 'reduce the chance of death from Covid-19', study confirms, by Joe Pinkstone

An interesting question is why a vaccine against a bacteria would be effective against a virus. From Joe Pinkstone at dailymail.co.uk:

  • Previous studies suggested the BCG vaccine offers protection from Covid-19 
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Earth Quake Simulator


To design an earthquake simulator and build buildings strong enough to withstand earthquake.

Items required (Also Check the below image):

1. 2 Board books almost same size. 72 more words


Prowling Heaven's Alleyways

Comet Lulin, November 20, 2009  ~ Photograph, Paolo Candy

When the Texas Flash Dude provided an update on the travels of Comet Neowise through our skies, my first thought was, “Can I see it?” Theoretically, the answer was ‘yes.” Unfortunately, viewing conditions in my part of the world haven’t been the best, but, with luck and borrowed high-powered binoculars, I hope to find it later this month. 265 more words



Viscosity is defined as the property of fluid which offers resistance to the movement of one layer of fluid over another adjacent layer of the fluid. 156 more words