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Math is weird! I know.

When we see things like e^iπ = -1 or the Banach Tarski Paradox, we go ‘blah blah blah blah blah x equals blah blah.. 723 more words

The Mouse Trap

Do you know that the humans and mice are surprisingly similar, yes the mice; the most disgusting species of the dark world. We share more than 95% of our genomes… 486 more words


what warming, asks Professor ...

Well,well, an esteemed Professor of Monash University agrees with Andrew Bolt’s climate opinion. Bolt is vindicated for his early questioning of the Climate Police: Professor Michael Asten… 117 more words


Explaining Spacetime

Tenth Doctor David Tennant explains relativity:

Video Credit: Science & Technology Facilities Council


A thought on narrative

For as long as we have had language, it’s likely we have had stories. Narrative is a powerful part of what makes us human, playing on our consciousness, memory and foresight, as well as our social and linguistic skills and our ability to empathise.   620 more words


The Invisible Man

It should have been a Monday or Wednesday on the first week of my second grade because I remember being bored and sleepy in equal extents. 431 more words

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