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Could lab-grown meat save the human race?

To many, the concept of manufacturing meat seems like a new phenomenon, with advances in genetic science, cloning, and general biology, however, it has a rather in-depth history. 1,787 more words


Is Evolution A Religion?

Ham told The Christian Post last week that “God’s Word” is at battle with evolution, which he described as a religion to explain the origin of the universe.

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Choose Science As Your Career

Developing science and technology leads to the education and study in this field. Nanotechnology originates from micro electronics and grow fastly. It supports playing around with molecules and using them for any application. 17 more words

Vive la difference?

Everyone knows that opposites attract. Right? That’s like, the oldest rule of coupling up, or creating fictional couples that belong together. Every romance writer knows, the heroine invariably detests the hero right off the bat — usually for his aggravating confidence and disarming seduction skills — but as the story wears on, she discovers he’s actually a total catch, does a 180, and… 531 more words