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Time travel is a popular theme in the science fiction and fantasy genre. But did you know that real scientist are trying to find traces of time travel with serious scientific methods? 894 more words


Essence of Enquiry 1

Essence of Enquiry 1

[“Essence of Enquiry” titles a Master Nome commentary on the first-recorded (though not first-published) Maharshi [“Essence of Enquiry”]

Whatever one might be experiencing, there is behind it the silent conviction: “I exist”. 425 more words


Airbus granted patent for 'ultra-rapid' plane that travels faster than Concorde

TORONTO – Remember the days of the Concorde jet that could get you from Toronto to Paris in about three hours? Well, Airbus was granted a patent for a new engine… 268 more words


"Fight fire with fire"


“Rather than attempting to dispel myths about the dangers of vaccinations, we recommend that the very real dangers posed by serious diseases, like measles, mumps, and rubella, be emphasized,” the authors concluded.

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Can't we just remove carbon dioxide from the air to fix climate change? Not yet

If we have put too much CO2 into the air, wouldn’t it make sense to find ways to remove it again? Well, yes: it would. But sadly it isn’t likely to be easy or cheap and, according to new research, it isn’t an adequate “solution” to the problems of climate change. 51 more words

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Science has proven it!

People think science has an answer for everything, but what they don’t have an answer for is how the existence of everything came to be. There are many theories of how the world we know was created, but no one seems to have a real answer. 155 more words


If the sun disappeared, when would we know about it? Here’s an...

If the sun disappeared, when would we know about it?

Here’s an insightful thought experiment: if the sun suddenly disappeared, how would we know – by seeing its light go out, or by feeling its gravitational pull vanish?

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