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Plane-sized flying reptile was a feared killer in Transylvania

A giant flying reptile the size of a plane may have been the largest and most feared predator in ancient Transylvania. After examining the enormous neck vertebrae of a creature called Hatzegopteryx– a pterosaur with a 32–foot wingspan and giant beak– researchers now believe it was a fierce carnivore that preyed on dinosaurs and other animals in Romania during the Cretaceous period. 538 more words



What am I here for?
What is the point in living?
What am I here to do with myself?
What am I?
What am I supposed to be in nature? 1,077 more words


Discussing Archaeological Issues & The Bible

The quotes we are using today come from different threads in the archaeology forum on CARM. We will provide links to each thread that we quote from so you can see the whole discussion and make up your own minds about what we are about to say… 1,021 more words


OSIRIS-REx Captures a Picture of Jupiter from L4

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx may be designed to study asteroids close up but recently it’s captured a view of something farther away and much, much larger: the giant planet… 108 more words


Forget Your Brain! Are you Left Behind or Right Behind?

2017-02-20 – We’ve all done it. We’ve all taken the tests to determine if we are left-brained or right-brained. Are you creative or are you nuts-and-bolts? 375 more words

*New Pre-Print*: Why do we think that anoles are territorial?

Jonathan Losos and I have a preprint of a conceptual/review paper up on BioRxiv. It’s about the idea that Anolis lizards are territorial–we trace the historical path of research on this idea, asking how we anole researchers came to hold this idea and what the evidence for it actually looks like. 294 more words

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