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Are Body-Shaping Clothes Dangerous? Shapewear has been popular...

Are Body-Shaping Clothes Dangerous?

Shapewear has been popular for centuries, and now waist trainers are taking the world by storm. Are these types of clothing safe?

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The sordid history of Australian heart transplants

The rigmarole of constant checks and consent forms in modern hospitals can be tiring, but as medical historian Dr John Carmody notes, it may be preferable to the alternative. 42 more words

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Five Facts That Make Ants More Impressive than You Ever Thinking Off

Last night I saw another marvels-made movies. At first, I thought it will be another boring robot or heroic movies, like the predecessor (sorry marvel’s fan, but sadly I wasn’t the fan of the film until this one). 614 more words


Clown Logic

Here is what you need to know about The God Delusion and God is Not Great:

If you submitted a paper in almost any high school or college course, but especially something like history, logic/debate, or philosophy, using the sleepy, undisciplined, bungling and earsplitting rhetoric used by either Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens… 207 more words

Republics & Reichs

Guru Poornima

Guru is not the body but the pure intelligence unconditioned by any ideas. Only because he is unconditioned, he can reveal the conditioning of the Self-ignorant. 796 more words


It Didn't Take Chutzpah to Suggest "Stop Waffling" on Climate Change in 1988; Massive Economc Presumption Just Held us Back

The fundamental basis of what climate change is seems sometimes to be missed.

It’s not that the earth is “definitely warming” due to human activities-although the… 3,911 more words

For Mark Zuckerberg, The Future is Immersive

In a conference call today to discuss the company’s latest earnings, Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined the current state of the company along with COO Sheryl Sandberg and CFO David Wehner. 49 more words

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