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Dead or Alive? A visit from Emily Graslie by...

Dead or Alive? A visit from Emily Graslie

by animalwondersmontana:

Emily Graslie from The Brain Scoop came to visit Animal Wonders. I had so much fun sharing the animals with her and then had more fun talking about science and education!

19 more words

a-chemist not an al-chemist

Intoxicating ether
Orgasmic pyridine
Pungent ammonia
Addictive toluene

Photo credit: – en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hazard_symbol

Distance time time speed graph.


A- acceleration.

B- constant speed fast.

C- stopped

D- constant speed slow.

A- increasing acceleration

B- fast acceleration

C- constant speed

D- slow acceleration. 7 more words


Speed-Time and Distance-Time


A) acceleration B) fast constant speed C) stopped D) slow


A) increasing acceleration B) fast acceleration C) constant speed D) slow acceleration