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A Fundamental Theory of Consciousness

As human beings, we are, in large part, unremarkably different from many other species on our planet in our physical core components and basic constituent parts and systems. 1,341 more words


PSLE Science-Adaptions (Rainforest)

Here’s an interesting question I got from a student recently:

Q1. You can find many plants such as tall trees and animals in a tropical rainforest. 227 more words


Leidenfrost Effect in Graphite Crucible  I noticed a...

Leidenfrost Effect in Graphite Crucible 

I noticed a particularly interesting example of the Leidenfrost effect when working with one of my graphite crucibles.

By: NightHawkInLight.

Science to become an Author

Random thing science, I used to love it. Then one day because I’m quite dyslexic at maths, I gave up. All my adult life I’ve been chasing English courses in hopes it will help make a me a better writer, or even start a decent story. 232 more words


Homework Helper

Hello guys!

The SA1s are approaching, I hope you are ready for them! If you have answer questions you have as you are revising, do send me a whatsapp text/email so I have help you answer them… 53 more words

Answering Techniques

Justinian's Raging Bulls

The Plague of Justinian has been associated with the extreme weather events of 535–536 AD which has been associated with “debris from space impacting the Earth”. 2,062 more words