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Science, Faith and The Student

The 21st century has experienced a mass phenomenon as a resurgence in the number of books and bold outward assertions from prominent atheist scientists took precedence in the public sphere. 1,026 more words


The Cruelty of Nature

Dillard creates a remarkable sense of contrast in the middle part of her book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, by using the chapter “Fecundity” to upend the reverent tenor that had dominated the book, up until this point. 526 more words


Facebook now re-ranks News Feed stories in real time on the client side

An architectural change puts an even bigger premium on speed, as content will be ranked while users scroll through their News Feed.

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The upper class pays less attention to others

Class status really does color our perceptions of others.

It even colors whether or not we even perceive others, according to some fascinating new research. 750 more words


Review of Samuel Marquis' Joe Higheagle Series

I grew up in Colorado, specifically Littleton – notorious for being “Home of the Columbine shooting”. And no, I did not go to Columbine High School, in fact, Columbine was a spanking brand new school when I was in high school. Read More

Book Review