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My First Hurdle

At this stage, with a little background provided in previous posts. It’s about time I started to bring you up to speed with my story. So lets start at the end of my BTEC study and discuss the swings and roundabouts method that I appear to have employed, in order to get where I am today. 1,697 more words


New Publication: Organic apple orchards increase biological control

Several years ago we did a cooperative effort between my group at Lund University and a group at SLU to study pollination and biological control in Apple. 325 more words


Ekonomija nultog zbira

Potencijal za automatizaciju u globalnoj ekonomiji je ogroman. Adidasova „brza fabrika“ u Bavarskoj zapošljavaće 160 radnika, koji će svake godine proizvoditi 550.000 pari patika, čime je produktivnost u odnosu na fabrike starog tipa… 1,016 more words


Progressive's Frankenstein's Monster

Prior to Social Media and the Internet, Progressives essentially had an Oligopolistic Lock on the Mainstream Media. They controlled ABC, CBS, NBC and the NYT, and that is all they needed to control their sterilized MONOLOG  message. 1,512 more words

Climate Change

Reverse in Human Cells: Is it Possible??

Scientists have developed a novel compound which can  reverse ageing in human cells, and may lead to “anti-degenerative” drugs.

Researchers tested compounds designed to target mitochondria,the “power stations” of cells. 74 more words


Science of Disney: Elephants and Bees

One of earth’s biggest creatures is being saved by insects.

As part of Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary celebration, I attended a Tiffins Talk in which I enjoyed a four-course meal inspired by and specially prepared to accompany a presentation from a Disney scientist about their conservation efforts. 1,048 more words