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Researchers develop new surgical adhesive inspired by slug secretions

Slugs are seldom talked about in a positive light, but this evening will be an exception.

Researchers at Harvard University studied slug secretions closely and somebody had an eureka moment. 171 more words


Too Much Sugar Could Make You Depressed, If You're A Dude

No one is so rigorously healthy, so assiduous in their diet, that they don’t, at least occasionally, find solace in the humble donut, the cool ice cream cone, or even, in a pinch, … 304 more words

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Oh Boy!!


Oh boy, oh boy oh boy!!  Hidden among the green leaves of my dads tomato plant is the first red, ripe juicy tomato of the year!  132 more words

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Intention: The Nonphysical Currency of Our Physical Universe

In 1979, an aerospace scientist, Robert G. Jahn, who was then Dean of the Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, founded PEAR, or Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, where his team explored scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena. 743 more words


today i learned - thurs 27th july 2017

you know, nature is a pretty amazing thing … somehow, be it through god or otherwise, it has created incredible animals that adapt to all walks of life in unique ways. 523 more words

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Explosive fun with The Stem Shoppe!

Delia Bayna from The Stem Shoppe demonstrated two explosive experiments live in the studio. If you would like to get your kids involved in their STEM classes go… 28 more words

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