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The outlines of truth are
shamelessly naked.
They stare you in the face


The Unknown

Student: Does the unknown exist?

Roshi: How would I know?


Creativity Is

Creativity’s the act of transforming Was by means of Will-be’s muscle into Is


Blame the system

American statistician W. Edwards Deming defined two origins of variation in a process or system. Common cause of variation is the noise in the system, constantly occurring and predictable by a measure of probability. 248 more words



In the same way we can’t see our own face (except by mirror), and can’t simultaneously put our finger on a quantum particle’s momentum and place, we’ll never crack the is-god-real? 37 more words


Maths nightmares

I only have one nightmare theme these days.

I’m almost always back in Llandrillo College, before I went to university. It goes one of two ways: I suddenly remember a maths class I’m supposed to have taken, or I find myself sitting in a maths exam I’ve not prepared for. 232 more words


Something, Nothing & Anything

Everybody doesn’t know something. You can call it God or Nothing without changing anything.