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Reminiscences of the Future

I’m writing this about twenty-four hours after the last burn of the upper stage of the first Falcon Heavy test flight sent a red Tesla Roadster and it’s laid-back space-suited mannequin driver on it’s million year ever-circling picnic to the Asteroid Belt, replete with pop culture references to David Bowie, Star Wars and the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and overflowing with Geeee Whizzzz!!!!! 636 more words

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10 Common Kitchen Mistakes

Number 8 was a total game changer for me.  While there are certainly many other ways to screw up in the kitchen (and I’m always finding new ones!) these are some of the most common blunders I come across when talking to people about how they cook.  2,682 more words

What is Fond?

Truth be told, I’m quite fond of fond.  But what it is?

Properly pronounced, the word is fahn, which is French for “base.”  (Ask my wife and she will tell you that I butcher French pronunciations, but that’s neither here nor there.)  But that… 712 more words


An IPython notebook on the linear perceptron

Just mirroring a post from the other blog.

Here is an IPython notebook with an implementation of the linear percepton algorithm.

Details will follow in another post and I give a general idea of what it does in the notebook but here is what the picture looks like. 69 more words

Sciency Stuff

Kostis reblogged this on R196, Hilbert's Hotel and commented:

The jupyter notebook was used as a resource in the MIT class "Deep Learning for Self-Driving Cars". :)

How to Flambé

Flambéing, or igniting alcohol in a hot pan, is both a primal and thrilling experience as well a spectacular thing to behold.  While it isn’t really a… 1,368 more words