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Annie ponders the Neutrino Puzzle

A mottled-cloud motley moon medley.  No doubt the neutrinos didn’t care.

Rosco has occasionally conjectured about neutrinos ever since being a physics major in college.  Does his bureau-top reflect that somehow? 64 more words

Scientific American, Global Warming & Iran

Penny For Your Thoughts | January 8, 2018

Today there are claims being made that the Iran Protests are Due to “Global Warming”- Seriously, this is the absolute baloney, garbage, nonsense that is being put forth as the reason for these protests.

176 more words

How Long Will a Lie Last? New Study Finds That False Memories Linger for Years

By Kyle Hill via Scientific American Blog Network

True memories fade and false ones appear.

Each time we recall something, the memory is imperfectly re-stitched by our brains. 347 more words


Parents in a Remote Amazon Village Barely Talk to Their Babies—and the Kids Are Fine

Recently, I heard a podcast on two approaches to parenting – the gardener and the carpenter. Today’s needull looks at a society vastly different from the westernized rich society. 73 more words


Climate-change denial is not about science

The minds of climate-change deniers won’t be changed with scientific facts. For them, the real issue isn’t science.

There’s a temptation to think that if all the facts were presented to deniers, that suddenly they would see the light. 495 more words


Oddball Object Tumbling among the Stars Could Disrupt Planetary Science


Oddball Object Tumbling among the Stars Could Disrupt Planetary Science

The solar system’s first-observed interstellar emissary hints at undiscovered populations of exoplanets and violent origins… 1,319 more words



Scientific American is a serious magazine, so it should pay close attention to its writers’ use of language.  Here’s a quotation from an article posted on its web site this morning: 161 more words