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Discovery Channel to Show Documentary on Space-Based Solar Power!

I told Mike “Green Hornet” Hornitschek that we’d be famous!

The Discovery Channel (which my kids LOVE and we LOVE them watching it!) will show a documentary on Space-Based Solar Power at 10pm on 12 September, 2008. 193 more words

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Wireless Power Broadcast for Computers and Phones Anticipated!

Power beaming is a critical for space-based solar power. It also would be nice if our laptops and cell phones didn’t need to be plugged in, becoming truly wireless. 104 more words

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Space Solar Power Demo: WWWWW & H?

It’s time to get busy again!

Our very good friend, Hu Davis, recently circulated some good questions regarding the who, what, when, where, why, and hows of demonstrating space solar power. 251 more words

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Technical Discussion On Power Beaming: Engineers Take Note!

Regarding power beaming from satellites at GEO to the Earth’s surface:

“The atmosphere has two bandwidth width windows though which it is possible to beam power between space and the surface efficiently, and outside of which atmospheric absorption will kill you: (1) a microwave window, of which the 2.45 GHz frequency (~ 12 centimeter wavelength) employed in the 1970s DoD/NASA reference SPS design is typical, and (2) a visible window extending perhaps as far into the near infrared as a micron of so in wavelength. 809 more words

Technical Challenges To Space-Based Solar Power

The Goal for 2050 and the Build Forward

Enthusiasts and Skeptics,

To give you a basis for analysis, by 2050 the goal is to have forty or so concentrator-photovoltaic space-based solar power (SBSP) satellites in geostationary orbit, each broadcasting via microwave between 2-5 gigawatts of power to terrestrial electrical power grids, with 1-to-5 broadcast antennas that can beam power to as many locations. 712 more words

Commercial Challenges To Space-Based Solar Power

A Skeptical Engineer Has His Say...

Click here to view briefing:  A Skeptical Analysis

A very good friend of mine who is a respected engineer constantly reminds me of how formidable a task space-based solar power really is. 174 more words

Scientific Challenges To Space-Based Solar Power