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Ostriches & New Discoveries!

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Ostrich eggshells are among the most commonly found objects at archeological sites in Africa. 261 more words


Cloning What?

It’s a world full of secrets, but not for everyone! Dear friends and readers, welcome to our page. It’s always a pleasure to talk to all of you, especially to our folks from the US, Brazil, Canada, Serbia, Algeria, and Hungary ;) 179 more words



As a species, humans have always looked forward to advancement as a means to live an easier life. Moreover, as a way to distinguish ourselves from the crowd, the customization of a product has allowed us to better suit items for our personal needs and wants. 125 more words


Tail or Egg?²

Dear readers and friends from everywhere, research is enjoyable and rewarding but it still depends. Welcome to our world of fun and new thoughts. Thank you friends from the US, South Africa, China, and the UK ;) 267 more words


Tail or Egg ?

Plenty of new theories and info all around us. The brilliance is how to use it for the benefits of humans. Right?! Thank you for visiting our pages, and welcome any time especially friends from the US,  193 more words


A Student's Opinion!

Very or really interesting when it comes to scientific discoveries, and how some become totally into the new potential benefits, while others see it as a threat. 328 more words

Dr. Sophie Essay

Jellyfish & Immortality!

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