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First evidence of planets outside the Milky Way

By Kaydee Donohoo

Staff Writer

We often picture the universe as galaxies upon galaxies stretching beyond a size we can even conceptualize.

However, increasingly powerful technology allows us to locate better visualize distant celestial bodies, even those outside the reaches of our Milky Way. 348 more words

Health And Science

Modern humans left Africa much earlier -Pallab Ghosh / BBC News.com

Researchers identify the remains of the earliest known modern humans to have left Africa.

New dating of fossils from Israel indicates that our species (Homo sapiens) lived outside Africa around 185,000 years ago, some 80,000 years earlier than the previous evidence. 16 more words


The Chinese scientists have succeeded in the teleportation of information and energy.

Well! this is the biggest  discovery of humanity so far. What it means actually? 282 more words

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The scientific method is a process for experimentation that is used to explore observations and answer questions. But that doesnt mean all scientists follow exactly this process. 180 more words


Looking back at Plate Tectonics

I must be getting old, at least I’m starting to feel that way with this article from the BBC:

Plate tectonics: When we discovered how the Earth really works… 153 more words


Ostriches & New Discoveries!

Thank you friends from the US, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, n Serbia ;)

Ostrich eggshells are among the most commonly found objects at archeological sites in Africa. 261 more words