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Getting Started with Robotics

Another of our project for people who want to get started with robotics can now register to a new thing starting….


Because Learning should have no boundaries…

Scientific Interests

Lecture 4.102- Working of Lasers

Einstein’s Theory – Interaction of Radiation with Matter

The interaction of matter and radiation are of different type, here we are focused on the emission and absorption phenomena but majorly on emission mechanism. 716 more words

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Lecture 4.101- Introduction to Laser Technology

LASER (Laser Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) a very interesting and Advance technology, making place in industry. The working principle of the Laser is not that complex, it’s just a step ahead of the Bohr’s theory and some other properties. 513 more words

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MiSfiTs -An engineering and science magazine

Science is about knowing;

engineering is about doing.

First engineering magazine by utkarshini is coming this month, MiSfiTs. Its a unique approach to connect the science we study and the building approach we need as an engineer. 94 more words

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Lecture 3.103- Types of Corrosion -I

An effective engineering lies in controlling of corrosion rather preventing it, because it is not possible to eliminate corrosion completely”

Differential Metal Corrosion (Galvanic Corrosion) 526 more words

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Lecture 7.003- Work and Heat in Thermodynamics


The first thing that strike is Work is product of force applied and displacement produced.

So, not going to much different we can take the simple piston example and prove the pressure volume work, 646 more words

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Gp I - Alkali Metals

  • Lithium shows different properties due to its extremely small size and lesser metallic character so as it shows significance similarity to Mg and other group II , which is a general trend and can be assumed to be a general perception.
  • 1,303 more words
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