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Promoting Diversity in Meeting and Workshop Talks

Having helped put together workshops, meetings and seminar series, I realize how easy it is to recommend the same types of people to speak (i.e. older white males). 235 more words

Alternate Perspectives

Curious about the legendary Winter Animal Behavior Conference, WABC, held each year in Steamboat Springs, Colorado?

       Imagine skiing on world-class tree trails and well-groomed pistes through Colorado’s legendary powder. Consider afternoons and evenings with intense academic talks and post-talk discussions, perhaps involving exotic cocktails and recently legalized um… relaxants that made some people giggle, perhaps even relinquishing their roles as moderators. 1,431 more words

Scientific Meetings

Meet Cute(r) [Update]

In Hollywood, a “meet cute” is where the guy and girl (usually) in a romantic comedy meet in some improbable way rather than, say, being childhood friends or neighbors or coworkers. 812 more words


St. Louis Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Haiku

Minnows in water/ indicate old ancestry/ and flowing rivers.
Leiopelma frogs/ jumping cannot tuck their legs/ so they belly flop.
How many women/ Make scientific meetings fair?/ We need many more. 230 more words

Scientific Meetings

Two things you must do when speaking to a broad audience

You know how important it is to be clear in a talk. You need to have a story, a clear flow. Ideally you build the argument rather than giving it all away with an outline at the beginning. 273 more words

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What exactly is a scientific sandbox or sandpit?

Our program notes say that a sandbox is an interactive session to stimulate new collaborations, ideas, and discussion. This sounds like a great idea, but I’m having a hard time understanding what exactly it means. 233 more words

Scientific Meetings

The third and final day at Biology of the Pitvipers

I am sad to day that Biology of the Pitvipers is over.  I can honestly say that the Conference ended as it began, with a day filled with great pitviper talks!   318 more words