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University of Queensland launches investigation after researchers promote Universal Medicine 'cult'

ABC News Josh Robertson 16 April 2018

Researchers who promoted an alleged cult and showcased its bizarre healing claims in published studies have embroiled one of Australia’s top universities in an academic misconduct probe. 130 more words

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The BICEP2 Casebook it is here!

Click here to download pdf file (5.75 MB).

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When The Nobles Scam You

Academia Milestones: My First Invite from a Predatory Journal

This post is a follow-up to my similarly titled post Academia Milestones: My First Invite from a Predatory Conference. Here I document another pitfall of academia where predatory companies mislead researchers into paying to publish work in a low-quality journal. 986 more words

Science Journalism Hits a New Low

“I don’t believe it!” was the exasperated catchphrase of Victor Meldrew, played by Richard Wilson in the television show One Foot in the Grave. While I didn’t find the show particularly funny, … 699 more words

Neil deGrasse Tyson lies on

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When The Nobles Scam You

Star Wars and Dr Fraud- A history of scientific sting operations.

Small warning- this is a long read (~2400 words). This post will cover some notable sting operations and what they intended to achieve. In another post, I’ll talk about people’s responses, and about the potential downsides of creating stings. 2,290 more words


Science Policy Around the Web - December 15, 2017

By: Leopold Kong, PhD

Science funding

Indian research labs face financial crisis

In June 2015 at Dehradun, India’s Ministry of Science and Technology mandated that India’s… 797 more words