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Trust me, I'm a Scientist!

According to a MORI poll, nine out of ten people in England trust scientists. That’s a higher confidence level than for most professions. Apart from a few bad guys in history and fiction, the public often caricatures scientists as benign boffins with wild hair and white coats who diligently study nature’s most vexing mysteries. 963 more words


Sir Cooper, American psychologist ex pat to England shows why we can't trust social scientists

To restate the theme of this essay about the ideas of a famous psychologist in Britain who advocates for more funding and a better attitude about the Social Science: 577 more words

Scientific Method

Gina doesn't have to put up the science and couldn't

This is the EPA administrator who doesn’t know the level of carbon dioxide in the ambient air?

Why put up your science evidence if you can bully people? 18 more words

Climate Change

A Reblog of a Reblog from Political Science Replication

FROM THE ORIGINAL BLOG: “A recent study sent data requests to 200 authors of economics articles where it was stated ‘data available upon request’. Most of the authors refused.”  Is this scientific misconduct?   13 more words