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Lloyd Marcus says it well--deviancy should not be condoned or promoted

What can I add to Lloyd Marcus’s fine essay linked here on how we are being intimidated by sexual deviants leading the brass band of the High Holy Church of Anything Goes? 382 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Nature report on researcher fraud case--Where's Grassley on EPA unethical human experiments?

Here’a a case of an HIV vaccine researcher at Iowa State who switched samples and made false reports in research funded by NIH–he gets 57 months and a 7 million dollar fine (how the hell is he going to pay that?). 61 more words

Researcher Misconduct

Goreham goes yard.

I can’t ever complain about the writing advocacy of Steve Goreham.

Here below he takes up our JS favorite advocacy–the problem of EPA lies on air pollution and their refusal to release their data. 1,021 more words


Now the Harvard Nurse's Health Study junk mill says citrus causes melanoma

Sure a 10 % risk–that is in an observational study–some basic rules for evaluating the pile of crap.

Besides, I thought that the melanoma experts were convinced it was UV ray exposure. 219 more words

Scientific Method

More on the SCOTUS put down of EPA

I am not happy because the SCOTUS is still reluctant to question the EPA junk epidemiology and toxicology claims.

They are still ignoring the EPA sponsorship of human exposure research that involves exposures that the EPA says are lethal, toxic and cause cancer. 111 more words


Sugar and Salt nannies are booted and spurred, prepared to ride us

Eric Hoffer was the most insightful of writers about true believer mass movements.

I stole the idea of the aggressive nanny meddling chattering oligarchs in the title from him. 371 more words

Scientific Method