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wikipedia, dark energy, cosmic inflation, accelerating universe, ligo gravitational waves, ligo India, COBE satellite, cosmic blackbody radiation, cmb, big bang cosmology, bicep2, keck array, asymptotic freedom, gravitational wave observatory… 29 more words

The Age Of Fakery

Why is Bibhas De so pissed off with the physics establishment?!

Part of the reason why I am so pissed off with the physics establishment is the following. I consider this collective scientific misconduct by the establishment. 47 more words

Intellectual Poseurs

Academia Milestones: My First Invite from a Predatory Conference

At the moment I’m in the depths of my PhD. My days are spent agonising over reviewer comments, simulations that don’t work (and some that do!) and tutoring undergraduate students. 834 more words

Timeline of the project for the Mycoplasma DB at CRG

«You should realize that Maria can get fired everyone, even me»

K. made this schema (updated with last events) for Conflict Resolution Committee at CRG. 115 more words


Maria Lluch Senar: colors of the work correspondence, data manipulation

Remember the time when scientific debates were open and public?
Maria’s comment on the 3rd point below (all in red… doesn’t it ring a bell?) is extremely marvelous. 488 more words


Maria Lluch Senar & Luis Serrano Pubul: extracts from emails and talks

K. presented the following to the Conflict Resolution Committee at CRG, she highlighted for them the most odd quotes.
They have not found them really abnormal. 198 more words


Maria Lluch Senar & Luis Serrano Pubul: negotiating

The most funny thing in the doc below is their «in turn» after the claim for recognition which they were utterly unable to get the decent way. 279 more words