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taking the dogs out

the best part of the day was taking the dogs out.

Gemma is small and brown. She is part Corgi (her legs) and part Joy. She loves to run around and around in great circles over the grassy hill and back again. 92 more words


yin yoga


in seal pose on my kitchen floor I’m waiting for my own birth and I’m gently reflecting on how all my little worries were resolved and I’m in all moments in-between… 56 more words

Scientific Pantheism

far from home


watching unfamiliar stars trace
northern sky
so far from home

It’s no haiku but written in response to haiku horizons prompt: star


What is Humanism?

  When I mention the word Humanism, I am usually met with a blank stare (or the digital equivalent). On occasion I am “informed” that I worship humans, though I have not yet been accused of eating them, thankfully. 857 more words

richmond birdwing butterfly

23 years ago, we are at the edge of the Kuranda Rainforest track. Outside, there is only glare and heat and damp. The morning sun bites hard and hot. 239 more words



the ocean –

a response to Haiku Horizon’s prompt – Ocean

and with total respect to and in awe of Toni Child’s Where’s the Ocean?


the old ones sing

the old ones
sing of
long ago

now –
as the
ash and
embers of our
thread their
way to
sky and

now – 76 more words