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Significant Step Forward With Basic Cancer Detection Blood Test

Encouraging work, although there is still much that needs done for progress.

A team of researchers has taken a major step toward one of the hottest goals in cancer research: a blood test that can detect tumors early. 222 more words

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How NOT to handle the reproducibility crisis in science

Virtually everybody recognizes that science is facing a reproducibility crisis. Whenever a result elicits attention, be it because it is published in a high-impact journal, or better still, because it is important, there is a high likelihood that others will attempt to reproduce it. 195 more words

Ariel Fernandez

New “High-Tech” Dental Treatments May be Able to Repair Teeth

This is encouraging new research, although not enough of the details have been finalized yet. The advanced treatments will hopefully be low cost so that reducing human plight can take precedence over increasing corporate profits. 498 more words

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Nature: Science search engine links papers to grants and patents

Nature: Science search engine links papers to grants and patents. “The marketplace for science search engines is competitive and crowded. But a database launched on 15 January aims to provide academics with new ways to analyse the scholarly literature — including the grant funding behind it. 54 more words

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Obesity Can Cause Scarring of Fat Tissue That Makes Weight Loss More Difficult

This research is insight into the common adage that weight is easier to gain than it is to lose. Further examination into the Lysyl oxidase molecule that’s associated with the scarring is found at the link and in the actual study. 560 more words

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Brian Brainard Wedgeworth on the Importance of Studying Biology

The Benefits of Studying Biology

Professionals like Brian Wedgeworth on Pearltree clearly state that the field of science is very vast. He knows it very well that many students don’t think of taking Chemistry during their higher studies. 371 more words

Brian Brainard Wedgeworth

No you are not imagining it, baby brain is real according to this new study!

Ever felt like you are not as sharp while pregnant? You keep forgetting things, are unable to focus and experience an over all feeling of mental decline? 301 more words