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L&I Study Evaluates Optimal Use of Sit-Stand Desks

“You’ve probably heard that sitting all day is bad for you, maybe even that it’s “the new smoking.” A number of scientific studies show that extended sitting carries a variety of health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.”

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Standards for Submitting Scientific Studies to PLOS ONE

An educator with more than a decade of experience, Erik Andrulis served as an assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University. Since completing his PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry, Erik Andrulis has coauthored numerous papers, including “The Mitochondrial RNA Landscape of Saccharomyces cerevisiae,” published in the… 159 more words


Male Psychology

This here post is addressed to my female readership. Since I am a male myself, I am an expert in male psychology. I have advanced degrees to prove it. 618 more words


#Science as Copy may be Deadly

By @anarchyroll

Scientific studies just sound like the most credible thing in the world don’t they?

Not only is it scientific, but it involves studying. How can you go wrong with that combination? 436 more words

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Specious Similarities

Vaping looks so much like smoking. Putting something to your mouth, inhaling, and exhaling a cloud. This leads many people to jump to the erroneous conclusion that the physical processes involved might be similar, too. 1,121 more words


Solvent Exposure and Cognitive Function in Automotive Technicians

The authors evaluated cognitive function in 830 automotive repair workers with a history of occupational exposure to solvents, including n-hexane, in the San Francisco Bay Area. 18 more words

Your Dog Understands You

“My dog doesn’t listen to a word I say.” Turns out, the dog probably does listen and likely understands, but whether or not, the dog chooses to obey a command had always been the real mystery, don’t you think? 326 more words