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A New Study Says We Are All Officially Confused About What Nutritious Food Looks Like

You’re looking to shed a few pounds for Speedo season, so what do you do? You go Paleo, replacing your normal cream-and-sugar a.m. coffee routine with… 769 more words


Science Has Found A Way For You To Get Yourself Out Of The 'Friend Zone'

Last month, they told us how to improve our odds of someone swiping right on our Tinder profile, yesterday they spilled the secret to a lasting relationship. 618 more words


Here's The Easiest Way To Tell If Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Tinder is full of wackos these days. So when you meet someone and it actually clicks, it’s natural to wonder whether the relationship is worth getting excited about. 458 more words

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Mothers who have meaningful skin contact during pregnancy and labor tend to have easier labors and are more responsive to their infants. Touching and handling her baby assists the new mother in milk production by aiding in the secretion of prolactin, the “mothering hormone.” By regularly massaging her baby, the mother not only sets up a cycle of healthy responses which improves her mothering abilities day by day, but also enhances her baby’s well-being, his disposition, and the relationship between the two of them. 956 more words


A New Study Indicates That Your Chipotle Probably Has Way More Calories Than Typical Fast Food

Yeah, you pile on those toppings. Pile ’em on real good.

Say no to the extra guac, because believe it or not, a trip through the McDonald’s drive-thru might be better for you in the long run. 365 more words


Cellphone radiation is still safer than viral science stories | Mashable

You are almost definitely slowly killing yourself.

Eating poorly, smoking, riding motorcycles, watching The Bachelor — they’re all statistically proven to shorten the average life span (except maybe that last one). 77 more words

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Free-for-All Friday

We’ve all read headlines like this: “Late-night snacks are bad for your brain.” “A new study shows pizza is the most addictive food.” “Drinking a glass of wine is just as good as spending an hour at the gym.” These soundbites are on morning television, in magazines of every subject matter, and clogging your FB feed. 305 more words

Free-for-all Friday