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Longan (龍眼)

Longan (龍眼) (scientific name: Dimocarpus longan), aka “Dragon eye”, is a delicious fruit similar to the lychee and rambutan.  Although often eaten fresh and raw, the dried form of longan is used in Chinese soups and Traditional Chinese Medicine.   159 more words


Multiple Intelligences

“Intelligence is the capacity to do something useful in the society in which we live. Intelligence is the ability to respond successfully to new situations and the capacity to learn from one’s past experiences.” 46 more words

Health Benefits of Blueberries

Dr Qutab this morning shared:

Here are some health benefits of Blueberries, which are supported by scientific studies.
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I love getting my blueberries in my daily sachet – quick and simple with a 98% uptake into my body. 19 more words

Wild Blueberries

Autism, mercury, thimerosal and vaccines: Natural News releases large collection of scientific knowledge that’s been suppressed by the FDA, CDC and pharma-controlled media

Source: Natural News, by Mike Adams

The fake news media (CNN, WashPo, NYT, etc.) doesn’t want you to see any of the scientific evidence presented here for the simple reason that it shows… 14,432 more words


Review on Occupational Latex Allergy

A new review article discusses the current understanding of occupational natural rubber latex allergies.  The authors found estimates of the prevalence of latex allergies over the past 10 years to be similar to those reported prior to 2003.   32 more words

Scientific Studies

Review: Use of Job-Exposure Matrices to Estimate Pesticide Exposures

This review article concerns estimation of occupational exposure to pesticides in epidemiology studies.  The authors state, “we reviewed all existing matrices assessing occupational exposure to pesticides in epidemiological studies and described the exposure parameters they included.”  The authors discuss two types of matrices, their validity, and their usefulness in quantifying cumulative exposures.

Source: PubMed abstract


New Study on Pesticides and Thyroid Cancer Risk

The authors observed a statistically significant association of occupational exposure to pesticides and biocides with thyroid cancer in a case-control study based in Connecticut.  The authors state, “our study provides the first evidence linking occupational exposure to biocides and risk of thyroid cancer.   8 more words