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The Importance of Skin Stimulation for Babies

Skin Stimulation Is Important for Mammals

Skin sensitivity is the earliest-developed and most fundamental functions of the body. Nurturing stimulation of the skin is, in fact, essential for adequate organic and psychological development, both for animals and for human beings. 1,916 more words


Even More Support For Vaccines

The Anti-Vax movement has been searching for the study to prove them right, to show the world the supposed dangers of vaccines. Many times, this search has led them to studies that have unfortunately fallen apart under further examination. 341 more words

Scientific Studies

Study of Organophosphate Pesticide Metabolites in Latino Immigrants

The study compared urinary metabolites in both farm workers and non-farmworkers.  The authors reported metabolite detections were similar in the two groups.  They conclude, “Research to reduce pesticide exposure among Latino farmworkers and non-farmworkers is needed.”

Source: PubMed Abstract


Study on Occupational Health Impacts Over an Entire Product Lifecycle

In a very interesting study, Kijko et al. used a novel methodology to characterize possible occupational health impacts from a product’s entire supply chain.  The authors state, “This article presents an innovative approach to include occupational exposures to organic chemicals in life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) by building on the characterization factors set out in Kijko et al. 20 more words

Scientific Studies

New Agricultural Health Study of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Pesticide Applicator Spouses

The authors do not report a statistically significant with most pesticides, with the exception of maneb/mancozeb.  Comments on the study (linked below) hypothesize that the relationship with these pesticides could be associated with heavy metals found in their formulations. 9 more words


Does Dawkins misrepresent science?

It is a very difficult question, whether a person misrepresents science. It is not like the philosophy of science is some settled issue, with a clear and monolithic interpretation. 1,157 more words

New Studies of Mortality in Lead, Copper, and Nickel Smelting Industries

In relation to lead, the authors conclude, “This study reaffirms the association of lead exposure with cardiovascular and kidney diseases; however, increased mortality observed for certain cancers is not likely to be due to lead exposure.” 49 more words

Scientific Studies