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The Magic Coastal Redwood: Their Role in Saving Our Planet

Trees have been labeled The Carbon Storage Experts by scientists because of their unique process of sequestering carbon. Trees use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide… 390 more words

The thick line between science and pseudo-science

“Is science bullshit? No, but there is a lot of bullshit currently masquerading as science.” In 21st century, when Science constantly opened doors and became the light bringer, the masters of the dark understood that simply shoving bullshit won’t work on masses anymore. 3,203 more words

Non Fictions

Yoga for a Good Sleep and a Good Memory

I frequently hear yoga practitioners talk about how well they slept after a yoga class.

I have had people who told me they cannot fall asleep doze right off in the middle of a noisy gym and tell me after it was the best moments of shut eye they had had in weeks. 233 more words


New Review of Epidemiological Studies on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Farmers

The authors concluded that farmers are at greater risk of developing COPD, with livestock farmers having the highest risk.  Potential responsible exposures include organic dusts, endotoxins, mites, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide.

Source: PubMed abstract


Science Suggests Women With Lips Like This Are More Likely To Have Orgasms

Wait, what????

In 2011, a study came out suggesting a possible connection between orgasm rates and women’s lips.

In the study, 258 women were asked about their sexual activity levels and corresponding orgasms, along with age and the prominence of the tubercle of their upper lip. 71 more words

Association Between Pesticide Profiles and IQ in Children

The authors evaluated the possible effects of multiple pesticides on children’s IQs when applied near maternal residences in agricultural areas.  For one of the eight pesticide profiles there was a significant association with IQ.   17 more words