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Review Article: Pesticides and Liver Cancer

Based on their review of 48 studies (15 met inclusion criteria), the authors conclude, “There is mixed evidence suggesting a possible association between specific pesticides and HCC risk, with the strongest evidence observed in biomarker-based studies. 15 more words


New Study on PAH Exposures in Occupational Environments

The authors conclude: “The current findings provide insights into both the PAH emissions generated by various industrial processes and their associated occupational exposures and may be further used to develop risk assessment analyses of cancers associated with PAH mixtures.”

Source: PubMed Abstract

Scientific Studies

Study Suggests Ranking Procedure to Prioritize Release Assessments of Engineered Nanomaterials

From the abstract, “The present analysis suggests that process-based release potential can be ranked, thus helping to prioritize release assessments, which is useful for tiered exposure assessment approaches and for guiding the implementation of workplace safety strategies. 47 more words

Scientific Studies

Two New Studies Provide Additional Evidence of a Increased Risk for Lung Cancer in Welders

One study was conducted in mice (Falcone et al., 2017), the other is a human epidemiology study (Wong et al., 2017).  The exact agent responsible for the potential increase has not been identified. 8 more words


Modern Science for Acupuncture

Still in its infancy (in terms of correlation to Western methods of research), scientific studies on acupuncture only really takes off in the last 20 years, after… 271 more words

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Fathers today take an increasingly active interest in the care and nurturing of their infants. However, men often feel dissatisfied with their ability to form this meaningful relationship. 1,188 more words


Vaccination and Anti-Vaccination

The topic of vaccination has become an increasingly touchy subject, with a lot of fear mongering and ignorance from both sides.  Both sides seem to prefer hurling insults at each other than discussing the subject with any form of civility.   1,140 more words

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