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Reading character from the way someone laughs: a study of WWE's Kings' Court episode from Table for Three

Table for Three is one of the very few shows that I still enjoy watching from WWE. And I was especially pleased about the Kings’ Court… 2,236 more words


Can Our Brains Manipulate The Matter Around Us?

As we dive deeper into the curiosity that is our minds, we are finding out new information about our fullest potential everyday. Our studies have come so far that we are now able to see what happens when a group of people who are under certain circumstances that allow their brains to produce an extreme amount of energy can actually influence the physical world around them. 347 more words


Men Say They Like Smart Women, But This Scientific Study Says Otherwise

What’s more terrifying for men than an alien wanting to prod and probe them? Anybody? You know the answer: A smart woman.

Yes, science has finally confirmed what we’ve all long suspected:  638 more words

An Independent, Non-Funded Study into Internet Behavior

What I’m going to do in this introduction is try to convince the audience of the importance and scope of my research, using sophisticated science-y words and phrases like “standard deviation” and “experiment.”  Really, all I did was sit around eating glazed baked treats while asking a randomly selected collection of humanoid individuals questions which don’t seem leading, but are specifically designed to give a higher percent probability of my hypothesis being proven true.   944 more words


Conspiracy Theorists Aren't So Different From the Rest of Us

Researchers discover that conspiracy theorists are no more or less likely to find patterns in random noise, suggesting there’s more to the phenomenon than just a need for order and control. 547 more words

Conspiracy Theory

Shocking study finds most students do not remember 9/11

An in-depth study has revealed that a majority of school-aged children do not remember the September 11 terrorist attack.

The bombshell study, conducted by the Council for Unavailing Research and Education Statistics, found that  100 percent of the 52,350 surveyed students claimed “little to no recollection” of where they were or what they were doing when the attacks occurred. 139 more words


Scientific Study Reveals It's Better To Be A Dumbass Than A Smartass

A new scientific study, sponsored by several corporations, has finally put an end to the ever-popular “smartass vs. dumbass” debate with their findings. Apparently, it’s much better to be a dumbass. 261 more words