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The Stress Reliever

Came across this article yesterday, Feeling Stressed? Baking Can Make It Better., and I felt it was definitely worth a share. I was already a firm believer that baking makes one happy (as evidenced by my photo with caption and tags from two years ago…) at least for me personally, so, it’s interesting to see that scientists in the UK did a study on the subject. 820 more words



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Here's Why Your Partner Always Steals The Covers At Night

For any of you who sleep with someone else in your bed, you know the struggle. Your partner is always rolling over and taking all the covers with them. 117 more words


The Newest Trend: Intermittent Fasting

Raise your hand if you’ve ever skipped breakfast, and ended up having your first meal of the day at around 12-2pm? Well, chances are you’re participating in a pattern of eating called… 625 more words


Exercise can be contagious - new study finds..

During my Easter run, I decided to make countryside runs a habit. This is because I find them enjoyable, insightful and, most importantly uplifting. When I was young, and struggling to run half a mile, I would have laughed at this. 264 more words


What is Cloud ERP: 10 Reasons Why You Need Cloud-Based ERP

You can read the full article here

Enterprise resource planning, better known as ERP, is a highly-valued management software that is used to help businesses automate storage, accounting, marketing, management and so forth. 1,429 more words


View From Below

On the morning of my twenty second day straight of lying down at a six degree angle, i began to doubt my decision. It wasn’t so much the physical effects – the odd sense of disorientation passed after the first week, the dizziness and the lightheadness returned only rarely now. 446 more words

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