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New Study Reveals that Coffee Prevents Cancer [or Not]

A recent study conducted by the American Institute of Health and Wellness concluded that people who drink coffee have a reduced likelihood of developing cancer. This is great news to coffee drinkers who experienced a scare last week from a study concluding that drinking coffee increases your risk of developing cancer. 126 more words

In the News - U.S. National Park Service will be introducing 20 to 30 wolves to Isle Royale by next year...

Isle Royale is a remote wilderness island, isolated by the frigid waters of Lake Superior, and home to populations of wolves and moose. As predator and prey, their lives and deaths are linked in a drama that is timeless and historic. 329 more words


The Scientific Way to Harness Timing For Peak Mental and Physical Performance

New research finds that performance varies drastically based on the time of day

Brad Stulberg

You’ve probably heard the expression that timing is everything. Sometimes broader context and other events — often those that are outside your control — can exert a significant influence on a desired outcome. 116 more words

The Euphemism

The small Caribbean island no longer had human residents. All that remained was a team of scientists. They sat in an armored shelter overlooking the site. 218 more words

Short Fiction

Vegan Sources of Amino Acids: The Importance of Protein

Amino acids or ‘proteins’ are known for building muscle and keeping the immune system strong. Over the last few decades, nutritionists have often promoted eating meat as the main source of maintaining a protein-rich diet. 1,285 more words


'Lifetimes' : Personal stories from the Lothian Birth Cohorts

During 2012 I had the enormous pleasure of visiting and meeting some of the participants from the Lothian Birth Cohort studies – older people in their 70s and 90s. 232 more words