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Paul's Tub Talk: Pickle Size - March 8th

British researchers announced the results of hundreds of studies measuring pickle size, including width and girth. As though we don’t already know the answer.


Study: Humans Genetically More Like Their Fathers

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Despite physical or personality similarities to an individual’s mother, offspring are actually more genetically similar to their father, a new study from UNC School of Medicine reveals. 573 more words


Benefits of CrossFit Proven by Scientific Study

 Alongside his duties as an international business consultant, Scott F. Gelbard contributes to the management and operation of several different companies. The companies that Scott Gelbard supports range from frozen yogurt eateries to portable telecommunications manufacturers. 159 more words

Scott Gelbard

The social construction of science

In discussing what it means for sociology to be a social science with students, I frequently compare it to the physical sciences and the increased difficulty of predicting human behavior compared with, say, the molecules that make up water. 208 more words

Memoirs Of A SLACer

Fall in love in 36 questions

Here is the set of questions that was used by Dr. Arthur Aron and colleagues in their study of “generating interpersonal closeness”. In a word, if you follow the instructions and go through this procedure, there is a high chance you fall in love. 20 more words


CDC Study Finds High Sugar and Sodium Content in Most Pre-packaged Toddler Foods; Some Infant Foods Also Implicated

Published in the journal Pediatrics, teams of researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 72% of 72 toddler dinners they evaluated had high sodium content and 32% of toddler dinners and more than half of toddler snacks (including cereal bars and breakfast pastries), desserts, and juices had at least one added sugar.  256 more words

Added Sugar