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Recent study shows ADD *IS* brain-based

Not really “news” but . . .
FINALLY convincing evidence

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from the Brain-based Series

Researchers show that critical areas of the brain are smaller in ADDers, proving that the oft-marginalized and scoffed at condition is indeed a…

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New study: yoga helps symptoms of depression

A new study out of Boston University Medical Center found that yoga can be a beneficial supplement or alternative to prescription medications for major depressive disorder. 227 more words


Pot Smoking and Developing Brains

Studies may lead to help for PTSD
as well as a greater understanding of addiction
and schizophrenia

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The Gender of the Alcoholic Parent

I think we can all agree that alcoholism affects families in many different ways, but a study done explains that how exactly it impacts the children of such families might depend not only on the gender of the children but also upon the gender of the alcoholic parent. 412 more words


Horses buck evolutionary ideas

ABOUT HORSES — A cautionary tale in evolutionary theory is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. When ancient horses diversified into new species, those bursts of evolution weren’t accompanied by drastic changes to horse teeth, as scientists have long thought. 121 more words


Alzheimer's and Alcohol Dependence

A study published in Alcohol & Alcoholism has found a significant link between the use of alcohol and the rate of neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. 178 more words


The D2 gene

According to the US Surgeon General, genetic factors are thought to account for 40 to 70 percent of individual differences in risk for addiction. Although multiple genes are likely involved, only a few specific gene variants have been identified that either predispose to or protect against addiction. 275 more words