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Getting straight to the point, what is the basis for the claims about virgin coconut oil stating it as an all-repairing super potion? To get to the scientific roots of it, numerous experiments were conducted and are still being conducted in leading laboratories around the world. 345 more words

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The Magic Coastal Redwood: Their Role in Saving Our Planet

Trees have been labeled The Carbon Storage Experts by scientists because of their unique process of sequestering carbon. Trees use photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide… 390 more words

The Laziest Exercise Tactic Believed to Work

Passive Heating:
The lazy-person’s way to get the benefits of exercise?

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Exercise is essential for body and brain health…

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Yoga for a Good Sleep and a Good Memory

I frequently hear yoga practitioners talk about how well they slept after a yoga class.

I have had people who told me they cannot fall asleep doze right off in the middle of a noisy gym and tell me after it was the best moments of shut eye they had had in weeks. 233 more words


The 1080 insecticide is not killing 50% of our insects says DOC - and no long term monitoring in sight

More miracles here from DOC. The poison 1080 was created as an insecticide, however DOC claims it isn’t killing insects. Now that is interesting. Listen to what the science said and how DOC got around that. 232 more words


New long-term study shows 40% decline in native Wyoming deer population due to oil and gas drilling

An important new study shows that oil and gas activity can have severe negative long-term impacts on native wildlife.

The study, “Mule deer and energy development—Long-term trends of habituation and abundance,” was published last month in… 332 more words

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The Stress Reliever

Came across this article yesterday, Feeling Stressed? Baking Can Make It Better., and I felt it was definitely worth a share. I was already a firm believer that baking makes one happy (as evidenced by my photo with caption and tags from two years ago…) at least for me personally, so, it’s interesting to see that scientists in the UK did a study on the subject. 820 more words