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Your rude coworker is decreasing your creativity—and making you meaner

We experience rudeness and incivility all the time. From simple insults and offhand remarks to purposely excluding others from groups, these behaviors are largely tolerated in our daily lives and in the workplace. 1,003 more words

Bamboo is what makes pandas so dopey

It has long been a mystery how giant pandas, which have a gut ideal for digesting meat, can survive eating almost exclusively bamboo. Now our research has found that they can cope with this low-quality diet because they have… 901 more words

Scientists Warn We Have Entered the 6th Mass Extinction

A scientific study reveals that a variety of animal species are dying-out 100 times faster than normal. In other words, some species are rapidly becoming extinct within 10 years, instead of a more typical 1000-year time span. 266 more words


Country livin' may be better for your noggin, study finds

Well, Eddie Albert was right when he sang in the theme from the classic television show Green Acres, “Farm livin’ is the life for me.” 198 more words


New science: Does positive thinking cure depression?

Last Thursday, an article published in the internationally renowned journal Nature piqued my interest. This paper, titled “Activating Positive Memory Engrams Suppresses Depression-like Behavior… 2,082 more words


Science! The Brain Cognition Development Lab at UMass Needs Participants!

You there! Yes YOU! You look like the sort of enterprising person who possesses a brain of unimaginable cognitive potential! Why not donate some of your time to the study of the mind? 287 more words

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New study shows that a toxin to humans may also be killing bees

Aluminum has been identified as another possible human-driven culprit in the alarming bee deaths of recent years, which could impact the global food supply. (By… 418 more words