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The D2 gene

According to the US Surgeon General, genetic factors are thought to account for 40 to 70 percent of individual differences in risk for addiction. Although multiple genes are likely involved, only a few specific gene variants have been identified that either predispose to or protect against addiction. 275 more words


Why is alcohol used as a social lubricant?

Do you suffer from social anxiety? If you do, you may notice how after a few drinks with friends, that anxiety seems to magically disappear. So why is this? 778 more words


Scientists and Agrochemical Giants

How can someone objectively believe that corporate funded research doesn’t bias scientific outcomes?

There’s just so much evidence that it does. This isn’t to say that every collaboration is biased, but we should presume that it’s more likely to exist than not. 12 more words

Corporate Malfeasance

No doubt: obsesity linked with cancer, study says.

There seems little debate in the scientific community that obesity is linked to cancer, according to a scientific review by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. 90 more words