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La Venta: The 100 Million Year Old Olmec City

Although there is evidence that civilization developed in Mexico over 100 million years ago, people just don’t want to accept it. Let us tell you a true story.   853 more words

Ancient Civilizations

What is Science? Lecture 1

This is a course about the place of science in our everyday lives. Most of us are not scientists and do not even plan to be scientists, but nonetheless science dominates our conception of the world. 2,267 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Product Review: Answer to Evolution

Our teens are faced with peer pressure and ideologies that conflict with what they learn in school. It is critical that we provide them with biblical foundations that will keep them rooted in their faith and respond to the various dogmas that they are inundated with continuously. 179 more words

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Lost Civilizations and the New Science

The Earth has harbored intelligent life and civilization for upwards of one billion years. This may be difficult to accept but the scientific advances over the past 50 to 60 years support this claim. 471 more words

Ancient Civilization

The science behind religious beliefs.

Religious beliefs are often revered  across cultures and are often linked to miracles. But can they have scientific reasons behind them ?

For instance -A very common example to highlight from day to day life: when a dog howls or cat cries, we hush them right away from our area.The popular and orthodox beliefs consider these animals to be responsible for inauspicious events such as illness, extreme misfortune or even death in near future. 910 more words

Intelligent Design Exists: A Summary of the General Argument in “Darwin's Black Box”



    Everyone knows the story of how life began as a simple cell that formed by chance and gradually evolved into more complex organisms (aka “Macroevolution*”). Everyone also knows the story of how God created life and all the diverse species from nothing. 1,406 more words


Tianeptine & The Opioid-Addicted Brain

An old medication I’ve researched the hell out of, that seems REALLY valuable somehow, even if it wasn’t quite explainable in its mechanisms (and really unavailable in AU now), has involvement in the opioid system in the brain… The same area of the brain that I found my research was pointing to (with big neon flashing arrows, too) as the real centre of mood, motivation and basically human behaviour rather than serotonin/dopamine/norepinephrine as has been claimed – and an area that they’ve found is one of the most intensely protected by the blood-brain barrier (no wonder if it’s mission control, I think)… Not just that, but IT CAN TALK TO MU! 211 more words

Scientific Theories