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Does multilingualism make you smarter?

The mind of the polyglot is a very particular thing, and scientists are only beginning to look closely at how acquiring a second language influences learning, behavior and the very structure of the brain itself.

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Beyond Limits Final

Initially, I was going to draw A1 posters of my concept but, in the end, decided that, for achieving the best result, digital would suit the best. 351 more words


To Define A Believable God

The current definition of god;

 “1: capitalized :  the supreme or ultimate reality: as

a :  the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe…

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More proof for relativity. More… what? [OR: The true science]

A high-performance computing researcher has predicted a physical effect that would help physicists and astronomers provide fresh evidence of the correctness of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. 54 more words


The Guadeloupe Woman: Is it a 15th century or 28 Million Year Old Skeleton?

In 1810 the British seized the French Island of Guadeloupe and sent a large stone slab back to England containing a skeleton of a headless and footless woman.  621 more words

Ancient Civilization


We have been writing this blog since August of 2013 and have a total of almost 50 posts. Our work has demonstrated the reality of ancient non-human intelligent life on Earth almost one billion years ago. 718 more words

Ancient Civilization

What is a Billion Years More or Less?

What if time were infinite in both directions, past and future?  Think about this for a minute.  What we have is eternity and that would be necessary for the universe to exist. 720 more words

Ancient Civilization