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Stephan Zechner

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It has never been accomplished to describe our behavior mathematically. Due to the fact that human behavior is highly erratic even the understanding of its causes are still sketchy. 142 more words

Scientists make global effort to capture the first picture of a giant black hole

What do black holes and music have in common? Well, everything actually. There has long been a spiritual connection between science and music. Many have felt it in the way a song raises their mood using vibratory frequencies, just as some have blasted through a blackhole in their mind’s eye during their favorite artists live set. 384 more words


03/15/19 Open Minded?

Have you ever been hit with something that should have been so obvious all along. Even though you saw some of the signs and you thought something was not right. 1,377 more words


What is Scientific Theory?

If you’re anything like me you were taught wildly inaccurate things regarding the nature of “theories”.  Similarly you might be familiar with the word “hypothesis” but not understand exactly what a hypothesis is.  361 more words


Regarding Science

The basis of “science” used to be observation. Today, “science” refers to a number of things, some of which are scientific but some of which is merely based off the reputation of “science” as an academic field. 1,698 more words


Agony Aunt: "Scientific postulations on the basis of all men being bastards"

There’s the old saying, “All men are bastards!” It’s a sweeping generalisation, really. Kind of like saying, “All students are called Stu and like dents.” It’s just not right. 700 more words


Is Science in as Good a Place as it Might Be?

Most people probably think that science progresses through all scientists diligently seeking the truth but that illusion was was shattered when Thomas Kuhn published “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.” Two quotes: 1,125 more words