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100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars is an online visualization of our solar system’s nearest neighboring stars. It was created by Google’s Data Arts Team (see a write-up of the project… 48 more words


New NASA images highlight U.S. air quality improvement

As something of a balance against the environmental issues we’ve been discussing, here is an encouraging sign of progress: New NASA images highlight U.S. air quality improvement — ScienceDaily… 127 more words


Visualizing Periodic Properties of the Elements

While teaching the history and patterns of the periodic table of the elements to my chemistry students, I wanted them to get a better feel for the concept of periodicity – that some elemental properties repeat periodically as you increase atomic numbers. 913 more words

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Andrew Vande Moere, The beauty of data visualisation.

In his article Infosthetics: the beauty of data visualization Andrew Vande Moere, well-known through his blog Infosthetics, discusses the aesthetics of data visualization and modern apparoaches in this area. 272 more words

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