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The ABC of Scientific Publications

Do you know your ABC for  your research area? These three elements can propel your acceptance rate as easy as 123.

A – Journal

Pick the journal or journals you want to send your manuscript to before you start to write. 191 more words


Role of Medical Animation in Healthcare Industry

A medical animation is a short educational film that is generally based on medical terminologies. To represent the complex medical terminologies in an interactive manner, medical animations are used. 365 more words



Where did we get the notion that nothingness exists? If you think about it, there has always been something; we have never observed nothingness before. As far as we know, nothingness does not exist. Nothingness is imaginary.

Star Trek Online Tutorial Scientific Mandate Walkthrough Games

Star trek online tutorial scientific mandate walkthrough games

Images and Animations including Star Wars, Star Trek free dissertation writing tutorials. Sci-Fi 3D Update Added Planet Maps – Star Wars Force Own a website? 423 more words

A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 1 English Dub Online Game

A certain scientific railgun episode 1 english dub online game

Watch A Certain Scientific Railgun 13 A Certain Scientific Railgun 13 episodes in English subbed and dubbed can be A Certain Scientific Railgun episode 13, 1 Free watch full A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 1 in english dubbed online or stream A Certain Scientific Railgun 1 A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode 2 Dub. 395 more words


As I watch science-oriented presentations—yes, that’s spelled Y-o-u-T-u-b-e—I realize opinions based on faith and/or ignorance are worth what you pay for them … But, I detect a pattern in scientific research. 57 more words