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Everybody Worships (Revelation 5), Part 1 of 2

Revelation 5

The word “worship” is not a uniquely religious word. Everybody worships something or someone. The late author David Foster Wallace once said, “There is no such thing as not worshiping. 366 more words

Michael Birbeck

The Evolution of Scientism

There’s a curious thing which happens to those who believe that the only real knowledge comes from science: they start to believe that nearly everything—except what they want to reject—is science. 566 more words

Our Faith Is Our Destiny

The original purpose of poetry is either religious or historical, or, as most frequently happens, a mixture of both. – Sir Walter Scott

Prior to the 20th century, the European bards wrote about the trials and travails of a Christian people, but when we come to the 20th century of the European people’s history, the bards suddenly started telling a different story. 1,946 more words

Antique Christianity

Religious tribalism

As a prefatory matter, I have long believed that one’s guiding philosophy is functionally religious. That has ramifications beyond what follows, but those are for another day. 609 more words

Philosophy Denial: A Trap for the Unwary

by Dr. Patrick Stokes

“There is no new thing under the sun” complains ‘the Preacher,’ the great nihilist philosopher of ancient Israel. Certainly, philosophy-bashing is nothing new. 1,344 more words


A joint response to Gary Bakker on scientism and philosophy

By Tim Harding and James Fodor


In the last issue of The Skeptic (December 2017, pages 56-59), Gary Bakker criticises an essay from the previous September issue of… 3,396 more words