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Science vs Philosophy: Is philosophy really needed?

Over a number of weeks and months, through discussions on discord and various other mediums with people like Antonio Wolf and other philosophically-minded individuals, I’ve grown increasingly skeptical that ‘philosophy’ is actually a helpful or necessary field of study in the left’s mission to critique political economy or bring a more just, egalitarian world into existence. 1,667 more words


Halliday’s 'The World's Twelve Worst Ideas'

I came across a collection of essays and blogs by the late Fred Halliday, entitled Political Journeys (2007), published in the last few years of his life. 460 more words

Political Thought

The Authority Within

We can argue all day long about the “truth”, but unless we have personal experience with it, unless we can be objective critics of that experience, and unless we have some common sense carried over from intuition and previous lifetimes, we are only just making noise. 143 more words

Free Thinkers

The Inescapability of Meaning

The pragmatists and the existentialists, coming after Kant, tell us that we are thrown into the world and left to make our own meaning of our situation. 206 more words