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How does one register the possibility that the sciences may exceed their epistemic mandate without coming across as altogether anti-science? Theologians (and philosophers and humanities scholars) can be received with suspicion when they try to suggest that our proper esteem for the sciences has its limits. 254 more words


Science or scientism?


If scientists knew everything about our genes, our neurophysiology, about the environment in which we develop, would they then be able to give a completely scientific explanation of our aesthetic preferences? 1,275 more words


Is reason "larger than science"? A lame attempt to diss science

The Big Think’s “Errors we live by” site has a post called “Reason is larger than science,” which makes a number of statements intending to do down science. 637 more words


52 Novels (16): Notes from Underground

My goal is to read a novel a week in 2015. I’ve made it to 16.

-Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground

I determined not to know anything about the book going in. 543 more words


Why We Need Philosophy (And Not Scientism)

I usually tend to stay away from debates with so-called “freethinkers”, because it has often shown itself to be a useless endeavor. As a former atheist, I can say with assurance that internet atheists have a deserved reputation of vulgarity and hardheadedness. 619 more words