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What is Scientism? | AAAS - The World's Largest General Scientific Society

An interesting article here. I’ve spoken with a fair few people – including some very highly educated people – who have made claims about what “science” shows, but who don’t realise they are making metaphysical assumptions. 67 more words

Quote of the FE Day

Spinning gyroscope gimbal base: If in fact the earth were a spinning globe, a gyroscope in a gimbal placed on a level table should show the spin of the earth, if the earth were spinning.

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Flat Earth

Islam and Science in Conflict: Describing Reality

What do we make of all the verses and ahadith that seem to imply that the earth is flat or that the earth does not revolve around the sun? 1,193 more words


Why do smart people reject evolution?

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Rafi Letzter  asks this question in an interesting piece published in the Business Insider titled Why So Many Smart People Don’t Believe in Evolution… 1,073 more words


Anonymous Knows Flat Earth

So what if their a Psyop…why all the attention?  What is the purpose for acknowledging FE???


DWAVE Super Computers ~ Total Mass Mind Control

Moores’ Law, named after the founder of Intel chip maker, Gordon Moore, postulated that technology doubles about every year in capacity and speed. We now have wifi on aero-PLANES that can download to your computer. 410 more words

Flat Earth