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Is Mind, Freedom and Love Only Brain Activity?

Atheist Prof. Raymond Tallis Walks Us Through The Non Sequiturs of Neuroscience Reductionism: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity

Raymond C. Tallis is a philosopher, poet, novelist, cultural critic and a retired medical physician and clinical neuroscientist.


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Is Christian Faith Obsolete in a Scientific Age?

Is Christian Faith Obsolete in a Scientific Age?

I’ve just uploaded my CSCA lecture, delivered in several locations last year, including the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, University of Manitoba, SEMC Church in Steinbach, and Transcona Christian Reformed Church in Winnipeg. 37 more words

Science And Christian Faith

Get yo Egg Crashed by Christopher Lasch

Some of the appeal of capitalism that has really become impossible for many people to resist is due to technology’s efficiency and the possibilities it apparently proffers. 196 more words


I've Seen the Future

And it’s an anime episode of Black Mirror

To use the store, called Moby, you download an app and use your phone to open the door.

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