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Atheism’s Dilemma: Scientism (a refutation).

Philosopher William Craig defines scientism as: “the view that we should believe only what can be proven scientifically. In other words, science is the sole source of knowledge and the sole arbiter of truth” (1). 3,506 more words


Generation meds: the US children who grow up on prescription drugs

“Millions of US children are on medication for behavioural problems and depression – but what are the long-term effects? Photographer Baptiste Lignel followed six boys and girls to find out.” 575 more words


Anti-vaccine parents to stop receiving childcare benefits under Australian 'no jab, no pay' law

I have always loved Australians, but I did not realize that they are governed by a fascist government that relies on Big Pharma propaganda, discredited science, and US political interference.

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