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Darwinism destroyed by David Berlinski

“Nissuna umana investigazione si può dimandare vera scienza, s’essa non passa per le matematiche dimostrazioni.”

“No human investigation can be called real science if it cannot be demonstrated mathematically.”                                                                                                                             … 202 more words


On the Relationship Between Philosophy and Science with Massimo Pigliucci

How do you define the following: philosophy, science and pseudoscience?

I try not to. Philosophy, science and pseudoscience are what Wittgenstein called family resemblance concepts. They are not identified by sharp boundaries, they grade into each other, and there is no small set of necessary and jointly sufficient conditions that one could use to arrive at a clearcut definition. 1,571 more words


Mind Control University: Jay Dyer w/ Tim Kelly on MKULTRA and Scientism

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Jay Dyer

Tim Kelly invited me back to discuss the scope of MKULTRA which is often overlooked in the Hollywood hype of mind controlled assassins and trigger words. 115 more words


Science Series: C. S. Lewis on Scientisim, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

C. S. Lewis, professor of Oxford and later Cambridge, has written over thirty books and selling over 200 million.  I found a series of short documentaries on Lewis dealing with science.  182 more words


Matthew Cobb battles with the faithful over my book

Denis Alexander wrote a review of Faith versus Fact in the January 22nd Times Literary Supplement (TLS), and, to say the least, it wasn’t kind. But given his position as an evangelical Christian and the emeritus head of the Templeton-founded-and-funded… 854 more words

Faith Versus Fact (a Book)

Green & Lee, "Writing Geography: Literacy, Identity, and Schooling"

Green, Bill, and Alison Lee. “Writing Geography: Literacy, Identity, and Schooling.” Learning and Teaching Genre. Ed. Aviva Freedman and Peter Medway. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 1994. 540 more words