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NASA Busted Hiding Something At North Pole Again! Does This 'Entrance' Or 'Hole' Support The Hollow Earth Theory?

This is a very good article.  The North Pole is the Anode (negative charge) and more than likely is a Dipole where the current flows down through to help create our torodial electromagnetic field that is in the Aether, or more accurately, IS the Aether that Tesla proved along with the Morley Experiments. 516 more words

Flat Earth


Allegedly Dave is a wonderful spokesperson for the FE Movement.

Flat Earth

Paradox of the immaterial

Science, it is said, has nothing to say about the existence, or otherwise, of God. The argument goes something like this: the divine is immaterial (by which we mean something that is spiritual, supernatural and not physical), and science can only answer questions on the material (by which we mean natural entities – the matter, forces or energy beloved of physics). 1,255 more words


They Can Fake Meteor Showers Too!

Another proof that Meteor showers could be staged!

Man-made meteor shower to kick off 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The opening ceremony is one of the most highly anticipated events of every Olympic Games and the opening of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo may feature something no other ever has: a man-made meteor shower. 416 more words

Flat Earth

The Faking of World History

Did you know there are no original copies of any of the Scriptures of Luke, Mark, Matthew and John?

Did you know that the Roman Caesar and the Catholic Church raided the great Alexandria library, took what they wanted and destroyed the rest of what was ancient history in text, scroll and manuscript? 1,232 more words


They're Not Spraying us Like Bugs??? See This!

(When they tell you they don’t spray us like insects, show them this;)


Inside a Weather Modification Chemtrail AeroPlane

I received a private message from a friend on Facebook who stated: 172 more words


Flat Earth 101; The Basics

“The heliocentric theory, by putting the sun at the center of the universe…
made man appear to be just one of a possible host of wanderers drifting…
407 more words

Flat Earth