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Face2Face Real-Time Cloning Technology

Imagine what this could be used for.

 The world of technology just got a little more interesting. Researchers have developed a pretty mind blowing new piece of video technology that allows a person the ability to transfer their facial expressions on to another person in real-time – creating a video that looks real enough to convince almost anyone. 248 more words


Classic Mark Passio in 4 minutes

Mark still won’t go Flat Earth, but this rant is excellent!

Flat Earth

NASA Discovers Many "Earth-Like" Planets? WTF!

320 TRILLION MILES AWAY, NASA can determine the size, orbit, relation to other “planets”, make up of planet, speed of travel, etc. etc., etc., all from a radio frequency or microwave beam sent trillions of miles through space dust, comet trails, micrometeroids, etc., etc. 59 more words

Flat Earth