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Miracles Don't Break The Laws of Nature. Scientism Sometimes Does.

So, we all agree that a miracle is an exceptional event that goes against all laws of nature as currently understood by science. By definition, such an event defies all logic and all rational possibilities, which implies a supernatural origin. 707 more words


Florida congresswoman proposes fascist mandatory vaccination law to remove parents' rights across whole country

In all fairness, these politicians who know best should be required to be injected with the dozens of vaccines they are trying to impose on our children.

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President Obama Follows in Footsteps of Most Recent US Presidents on Pluto Probe

Why is scientific progress framed in terms of ‘leadership?’

Why not:



American leadership?

What kind of leadership?

Of whom?

Of where?

Science leadership? The US is not the paramount leader of science and technology. 81 more words

Kingdom of God Stewardship Meet the 50 to 1 Project

A Cost to Benefit Analysis of scientism’s Anthropogenic Global Warming theory (AGW) or “Stop being afraid and start thinking”:

See also my recent post “Climate Scientism is Made of Green Cheese”.

Short Story

Science and Other Forms of Knowledge

Scientism is alive and well. At least that’s what my most recent discussions with atheists indicate. “Science is the only source of knowledge,” “unless it can be empirically verified in a lab, with repeatable experiments, then it cannot be known,” and this sentiment ad nauseum… Bertrand Russell put it this way: “Whatever knowledge is attainable, must be attained by scientific methods; and what science cannot discover, mankind cannot know.” 739 more words

Alex Rosenberg

Why all the fuss over Darwin?

If there is ONE thing that really hacks me off, it is lying. Plain and simple. Dishonesty to further one’s twisted agenda at the expense of others who are used as pawns without consideration. 2,557 more words