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Popular Science; 10 Easy Ways You Can Tell For Yourself That The Earth Is Not Flat

This article is filled with so many misstatements, misdirections and flat-out untrue statements of theory only..Popular Science is owned by the the Swedish company, Bonnier Publishing, and once owned by the “Luce” Press Time magazine empire. 539 more words

Flat Earth

Richard Dawkins' Inconsistent Reliance On Pragmatism

A very popular video on YouTube featuring Richard Dawkins is titled ‘Science Works, Bitches.’ It periodically makes the rounds on social media; as it does, Dawkins acolytes–in the video and on social media–applaud him as he ‘smacks down’ a questioner who inquires into the ‘justification’ for the scientific method. 545 more words


What Happened During the Transfiguration?

To watch other Voice of the Martyrs videos, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Video Page!

Matthew 5:38-48

When modern readers read passages like Matthew 17:1-9, they can become skeptical. 1,035 more words


Trump signs NASA bill, ponders sending Congress to space

Note how VP Roman CAtholic Peance is reviving the “Space Council” Directorship

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump signed legislation Tuesday adding human exploration of Mars to NASA’s mission. 478 more words

Flat Earth