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FE Psyop ED Goes Anti-Christ

Note that he releases this on the Autumn Equinox. A very important day in Solar Pagan worship. hmmm. and he received $100,000 from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation board, after getting instructions in Wash. 101 more words

Flat Earth

Does God Exist? The Teleological Argument, What about the Multiverse?

In the previous post, I presented and explained an argument for the design of the universe to make possible life on earth. The universe certainly… 515 more words


I Do Not "Believe In Evolution", and Here's Why...


{Note: until further notice, comments will need my approval before being published. So for those who follow and comment here, I apologize. I hope this will not discourage you from commenting! 2,664 more words


Scientists published climate research under fake names. Then they were caught.

TRUTH BOMBS: The is further evidence on how scientism affects the thinking of our scientists. When we trust science blindly and without good reason we concede our freedom and rationality. 127 more words

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