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Man Invents Fire, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit

No, really.

I suppose men standing around the barbecue burning meat and drinking beer is just another ritual of the Patriarchy.

Mark Twain was hip to this sort of thinking over a century ago: 139 more words

Too Stupid To Be Fiction

Do Islam and Science Ever Conflict?

Many modern Muslims believe that “science and Islam can never contradict.” In other words, nothing in revelation (i.e., the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (s)) could ever contravene what we know of the world through science. 313 more words


Atheism: Based on Reason or Emotion(al Immaturity)

It is often claimed by atheists that people believe in God primarily for emotional and not intellectual reasons. Atheists, in contrast, are more rational and scientific and their atheism is built on cold hard facts, not emotions. 352 more words


Really Recommended Posts 8/26/16

Hello, dear readers. I have another round of Really Recommended Posts to share with you this week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! 170 more words


Scientists Install 'memories' in DNA of human cells

This is decade old technology developed by DARPA being made public as benign yet sadistically used for touchless torture mind control purposes.

Scientists install ‘memories’ in DNA of human cells… 309 more words


Geoengineering 101 for the Uninformed

For those who do not believe Geoengineering exists. WTFU! It’s been going on for 40 years +!!!

This is from my new book coming out shortly. 3,324 more words

Flat Earth