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Bad science, Part II: Philosophy and ideology

In today’s anti-intellectual social climate I often see philosophy dismissed as useless ivory-tower navel-gazing, but the reality is we are all philosophers. The most basic questions asked by philosophy are fundamental: … 3,428 more words


How One Psychologist Is Tackling Human Biases in Science

How One Psychologist Is Tackling Human Biases in Science.

What is no doubt bad news for many scientists should be good news for the progress of science and the enterprise of knowing. 89 more words

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Who Provides the Metaphors? Natural Mythology

I think it justifiable to say that in the nineteenth century, novelists provided us with most of the powerful metaphors and images of our culture. In the twentieth century, such metaphors and images have largely come from the pens of social historians and researchers.

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Review: Christianity Is Not Great: Chapter 3

The late Victor Stenger (1935-2014) wrote chapter 3: The Folly of Faith: The Incompatibility of Science and Christianity. I thought the chapter jumped from topic to topic in a rather haphazard way. 1,672 more words


Steve Campana, Canadian biologist, 'disgusted' with government muzzling

What do you expect from a Conservative government that fundamentally believes the earth and the universe was created 6000 years ago? Think about this when October comes around Canada.  516 more words