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Creativity vs Scientology

John Cleese does a remarkable job explaining the basis of how to be creative.

And at the end he makes the best explanation to date of how the Church of Scientology operates.


Ex-Scientologist actress Carmen Llwyelyn blasts Scientology 'cult'

This video says about itself:

XENU Story Broadcast on National TV (Today Tonight)

6 February 2009

Today Tonight (Australia) exposes Scientology‘s most closely guarded secret; that they believe an Alien Overlord (named Xenu) brought billions of aliens to Earth 77 Million years ago and murdered them by blowing them up with hydrogen bombs after throwing them into volcanoes.

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Human Rights

A PI Is Going To Jail For Hacking Scientology Critics, And The Court Doesn't Know Who Hired Him

A private investigator from New York named Eric Saldarriaga was sentenced to three months in jail Friday after he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit computer hacking, on charges that he hired hackers to break into 60 email accounts. 656 more words

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Do you have trouble studying?

Do you have trouble studying? Do you get bored, or find it hard to concentrate when you study? Do you find yourself daydreaming or sleepy when you try to focus? 143 more words


Will Scientology put one in control of his mind?

Will Scientology put one in control of the his mind?

Yes, Scientology addresses the spirit and, though application of its principles, increases one’s awareness and ability as a spiritual being. 8 more words


What's in a Nom de Plume?

Every so often I consider dreaming up a pen name. Not because I necessarily dislike my name or because I need an alias to hide my identity, but because my last name is Hubbard. 163 more words

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