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Liam Fay gives a very objective assaessment of the Narconon cure.

Scientology drug addiction ‘cure’ is wishful thinking

Dialogue Ireland: ~ “This is not a secular programme as claimed by the Scientologists but another form of their ideological brainwashing techniques.” 963 more words


Councillors to challenge Ballivor Narconon/ Scientology Organisation planning declaration.

Councillors to challenge Ballivor planning declaration

Story by Noelle Finegan

Friday, 19th January, 2018


                                          Protestors outside the council offices in Trim today

Trim councillors are to challenge Meath County Council’s declaration that the development of a drug rehabilitation centre on the former national school site in Ballivor would not need a new planning permission. 516 more words


The 'Wrong' Path

If you haven’t seen or even heard of The Path, you’re missing out (until you get to season 2 that is). What we have is a great cast with a great premise. 1,559 more words


Σφίγγει ο κλοιός για την Κύπρια δικηγόρο και το σύζυγο της

Πληρώνει €400.000 αλλιώς πάει φυλακή…

Ο μεγαλομέτοχος της ομάδας μπάσκετ του Άρη, Νίκος Λάσκαρης και η Κύπρια σύζυγός του, δικηγόρος, Τζώρτζια Ευσεβίου δεν έχουν καταβάλει ακόμη την εγγύηση των 400.000 ευρώ και έτσι το ζεύγος κινδυνεύει με φυλάκιση.


Meet Xenu, intergalactic Warrior

this is Xenu, who was an Intergalactic Warrior. He was the brain childchild of L. Ron Howard the founder of Scientology. Before he got into religion, he was the writer of Science Fiction material. 134 more words