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City of angels in the Land of Opportunities

It has been a while since we have traveled long distance. Across the continents to be exact. 19-22 hour flight. Of course, the usual squabble is inevitable but I’ve come to learn so much about us. 280 more words

Holy Thetan! Nude Tom Cruise Scientology Shroud’s Package Is Xenormous.

Everybody’s favorite psychologically damaging pyramid scheme has produced its most prized artifact to date: a 14-foot poplin shroud of his holiness Tom Cruise.

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Who is Paul Linebarger "Cordwainer Smith" and What's he got to do with L. Ron Hubbard?

Well, see, Paul was an interesting guy. A VERY interesting guy.

Let’s start with the fact that he wrote a book in 1948 (just after WWII had ended and the CIA had been officially formed) called Psychological Warfare. 12,932 more words

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Who am I, why I'm here

My name is Jacques Kerguelen. I am from the lands of Colombia, this country that has shorelines in the caribbean and the pacific and is at the tip of South-america. 91 more words

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Tom Cruise's Impressive Wang Will Be Displayed Near Scientology Headquarters

Outside many baseball stadiums, there are statues for the home team’s most iconic players. PNC Park in Pittsburgh, for instance, has effigies for Pirates heroes Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, Willie Stargell, and Bill Mazeroski. 93 more words

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AC: Tom Cruise's 10 Best Performances

Tom Cruise is intriguing to me because of the number of different phases his own career has gone through – he once turned down a record-setting contract to star in… 171 more words