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Couple Survive Record Winter Burning L. Ron Hubbard Books from Goodwill

Earl Mackey lost his job last year and his wife, Joyce, was pregnant with their first child when a record winter was scheduled to hit Big Sur.   325 more words


Episode 6 | Humira, Pakistani Atheists, and Losing Religion

This week, Justin covers Scientology’s big money donors and their connections to “Big Pharma,” Pakistani atheists facing death for their apostasy, and what we lose, and gain, when we lose our religion. 32 more words


How Leah Remini and Matthew Santoro Just Exposed More Adoption and Abortion Corruption

Oh, the King of Queens. I used to watch Leah’s show. Leah and the rest of the cast would make me crack up with their antics. 660 more words

Adoption Exposed


Title: Troublemaker

Author: Leah Remini

Publisher: Ballantine Books


Rating: 5/5

I must say that I’m so glad I purchased this book. I’ve been a fan of Remini since the good ole’ Saved by the Bell days. 242 more words


While not a Scientolgist, I  have much admiration for SOME of LRH’s work. Was just looking for something good to transcribe. I actually think Scientologists would do well to use neoideograms because they are in the direction of greater extensionality, greater confrontation with language, as well as of greater creativity and control.


Monday Motivation - On Non-truth

While we all probably have our own evidence of how Co$ peddles non-truths on a daily basis, I thought it would be “fun” to see what others have written or documented – 89 more words

Having Control

Much of our Nation’s turmoil stems from individuals and groups of people wanting control. We want to prove our point of view while claiming your point of view is wrong. 547 more words

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