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Spirits In The Sky

Religion is a story about as old as civilization itself, a way by which early ignorant man could explain the greater mysteries of the world. When we couldn’t understand why the earth shook uncontrollably or why lightning struck from the heavens, it was easy to attribute it to some invisible being in the sky. 458 more words


Jack Parsons: Sex, Magic, and Rockets

With a pending drama series based upon the life and works of Jack Parsons, the NY Post, linked below, offers a fair introduction to the man who helped guide the space age.  67 more words


Scientology Butthurt Cream: For Pain Levels of 2.0 or Greater!

Scientology Butthurt Cream is indicated for butthurt pain levels of 2.0 or greater. What are some examples of when a Scientologist needs to use Scientology Butthurt Cream? 157 more words


Stop Asking So Many Questions!

         I find several aspects of Scientology intriguing and must admit I still don’t really understand what a Scientologist is exactly.  That said, their most confusing and perplexing habit is the abundance of strange, illogical questions their little pamphlets ask. 674 more words

The Neopets Conspiracy

There are some things in life that will just completely blind-side you and leave you defenseless as a foot raises to deliver one hell of curb stomp as you are finally forced to admit that the world is not sprinkles nor rainbows nor ice cream. 499 more words

Have You Heard The News?

John Travolta Confused, Upset as Gotti Bombs. Scientology Actor Blames the Psychs.

WTF? Where is everybody? The theatre is empty on the opening weekend of Gotti. This is the pic I slaved ten years to get on the screen! 27 more words


Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini

I had heard about Scientology here and there through snippets of news articles and conversation but I never understood how much was involved. Like any religion, you can’t really understand a particular faith unless you have lived through it or you have done your research. 267 more words