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Scientology TV Features World's First OTX Completion!

We in RTC are pleased to announced that Marshall Herff Applewhite, leader of the Heaven’s Gate Church, is the world’s first OTX completion.

When asked by Scientology TV to comment, Applewhite enthused, “I completed both OTIX and OTX in a state exterior from the body; it helped that I had dropped the body back in 1997 after drinking a phenobarbital and vodka cocktail. 124 more words


Down size

Realtor is estate agent
You say escrow I saw the crow
My ego needs bringing down to size.
Later this morn’ I shall take a sojourn… 130 more words

Tom Cruise Scientology Video

I had forgotten all about this video. This is Tom Cruise at his nuttiest.


Tom Cruise reportedly didn't care about his relationship with Katie Holmes: 'I never saw any level of intimacy'

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had a famous and much talked about romance. 585 more words


Former Scientologist reveals bitter feud between Tom Cruise and John Travolta

Brendan Tighe, a former Scientologist who claims to have served as part of Tom Cruise’s security detail when he was still with the Church, is telling all – specifically, that the long rumoured rift between Cruise and fellow famous Scientologist John Travolta is true. 370 more words


KOOL-AID: a visit to the doctors

Another instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-Aid…

Yesterday Landlord came to me with a request. Would I drive him to the doctors today? He doesn’t trust the current state of his condition to drive into town.

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KOOL-AID: right. so the plan

Another instalment of Almost Drank the Kool-Aid…

No. Have not abandoned plan to rid self of church retribution, even with discovery of Landlord’s Parkinson’s and his feelings about that.

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