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The Danger of a Single Story

Reference: You May Be Right

The ASC (anti scientology community) leadership hunkered into their bunker to re-strategize after reading the above-referenced post. Apparently, my allusion to the inherent liability of adopting a single narrative in lock-step fashion was taken as a threat to their anti-scientology story-telling cottage industry.   75 more words

Theta ride

By Kevin

What a great time I had on Grade 4!

Right from the beginning the Rising Scale processing really surprised me. I didn’t see it coming how much this tech would lift me up and deliver the wins. 239 more words


Chit Chat 1990

I happened accross this 1990 issue of House and Garden featuring the lovely and talented Isabella Rossellini on the cover.

I was disappointed in its contents, offering mostly vapid furnishings and the intermittent try-to-hard rustic design approach. 395 more words

You May Be Right

The verdict is in from the anti-scientology community (ASC), Marty Rathbun is crazy.

You can read and hear all about it across several ASC forums. 533 more words

Your best understanding of AIDS and HIV in Africa is a joke

​Apparently airdropping condoms into Africa meant jack. This is what we thought would make it all better. But all it did was shame blame civilians into believing that the US was doing some good by giving the unlearned barebacked masses of sex having Africans the magical world saving dick sock. 213 more words


Scene 24: Laundry

Previously On

Flashback scene to Amory’s time at the Cadet Org, when he father mistook another girl for his own.

Last lines: He gave up everything to be with them—his freedom, his identity, his passions.

1,858 more words


In den letzten zwei Tagen bin ich irgendwie an einem bestimmten Thema hängen geblieben: Sekten.

Als ich jünger war, hatte ich schon Interesse an sowas, hatte aber nicht verstanden was Sekten eigentlich sind. 727 more words