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Infiltrator - a short story

This is a short story set in a universe where robotic consciousnesses (robcons) were given the country formerly known as the United States of America in a peace treaty that saw the end of The Change War. 6,587 more words

Scifi Short Story

Benjamin and Jennifer's Dirty Dishes

When Jennifer got angry, there were no need for words: her face said it all.

This was one of those occasions. Jennifer opened the door to her and Benjamin’s apartment carrying over $150 worth of groceries from the store including all of the necessary ingredients for Chicken Tettrazini, Ben’s mother Anita’s favorite dish. 346 more words

Benjamin Arbor

Hindsight is 20-20

As Benjamin looked over New York City from his 38th floor, glass walled apartment, he began to reflect, speaking directly but facing away from a man dressed in a grey suit with black shoes. 287 more words

Benjamin Arbor

Firestorms - An Infiltrator short story

Detestable things. They were an abomination to the living. Unfeeling. Amoral. Insouciance. Androids had no place on Earth. My place on Earth was to make the creatures feel unwelcome in any such way I could conjure. 8,195 more words

Science Fiction

An Ode to the Joy of SciFi Short Stories

Weavers of dreams
Creators of worlds
Melders of souls
In a literary blink,
Your imagination bursts upon us
Magic is unleashed
by those purveyors of pithy words… 971 more words

Book Review

The Voyage of the Kabiri Part 7 of 10: Breach

Mary opened her eyes.

White, a blinding white. She blinked furiously, suddenly becoming aware of the strange warmth in her right hand. She looked down, scrambling to her feet. 1,179 more words

Writing Tips

The Heart of God

‘Next,’ Lucas said calmly. The guards dragged off the screaming man. His eyes were rolling, limbs thrashing as the fear hijacked his senses. There was a slam, then a ferocious hissing noise. 1,119 more words

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