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Infiltrator - a short story

This is a short story set in a universe where robotic consciousnesses (robcons) were given the country formerly known as the United States of America in a peace treaty that saw the end of The Change War. 6,587 more words

Benjamin and Jennifer's Dirty Dishes

When Jennifer got angry, there were no need for words: her face said it all.

This was one of those occasions. Jennifer opened the door to her and Benjamin’s apartment carrying over $150 worth of groceries from the store including all of the necessary ingredients for Chicken Tettrazini, Ben’s mother Anita’s favorite dish. 346 more words

Benjamin Arbor

Hindsight is 20-20

As Benjamin looked over New York City from his 38th floor, glass walled apartment, he began to reflect, speaking directly but facing away from a man dressed in a grey suit with black shoes. 287 more words

Benjamin Arbor