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Echo Vol.1 gets a 4 star on Goodreads!!!

b’BAM!  Ares Three has been kind enough to give Echo Volume 1 a four star on Goodreads, and has given a strong recommendation to the series as a whole!   38 more words


Twitch Stream Story: That's not Virtual Drool

Pet Shop Campaign was getting to be a little long in the tooth. The video game was more than five years old at this point, and most augmented-reality-massively-multiplayer games died off in the first two. 1,495 more words


FREE Dr. Morose Audio Book

Get a FREE download of the Dr. Morose Audiobook, A collection of all 11 episodes of the podcast/radio drama adaptation of The Island of Dr. Morose novel. 271 more words

Huntress of Destiny [part 17]

I had to change up some stuff, it will be reflected in the edits coming when this is finished

~*Day two*~


We’re further along then I thought we would be, I put away my bed roll and we keep walking, the snow is melting slowly but the fact that it is melting at all is nice, the wind is warm and some birds are starting sing, though the songs are lonely and left without response. 583 more words


We Can ASMR it For You Wholesale

Let me ask you something, Doug. What’s the one thing that’s the same about every ASMR video you’ve ever watched? Give up? You! You’re the same. 83 more words

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[Say 'No' to Zombies!] Day 9.

What happens when a person with some common sense wakes up to a “zombie apocalypse”? Shit gets done, that’s what.

Spoiler: the dog doesn’t die.

921 more words

[Review] The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady Stefani

Disclosure: *I received an ARC of this book for free from the author itself in exchange for honest review. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.* 1,108 more words

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