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Tears in Rain


Bitcoin’s epic climb to $2700 last week and subsequent correction to sub-$2000 was an amazing thing to watch, and probably a pretty scary experience for the millions of newcomers. 37 more words

Echo 2 & 3 are $0.99 for the remainder of today!!!

Dear Fellow Rebels, all you who would raise arms against the nameless evil championed by super douche-face tools that are known to us by names such as Hordak, Zarkon, and Reptor:  This is just a friendly afternoon reminder that Echo 2 & 3 will be $0.99 for the remainder of today before reverting to their original price of $2.99.   240 more words


Echo: The Weekly Update

Word Count, Vol.4:  Over 200k.  I’ve decided to stop counting until I’m finished (I save each chapter in a separate word file for better organization/modularity so it’s a huge pain for me to open em all up, wait for the word counts to load up, then tally everything). 565 more words


Snippet Eleven: Never Too Late

When Miss Adams calls the register, I swear I am the only one to realise that Florence’s name is missing. I bolt upright and whip my head about the classroom – frantic. 393 more words


"Watching, Thinking, Listening, Assessing"


Excited to now officially report that I’ve been awarded the Huntington Library’s Alan Jutzi Fellowship to support the next leg of my research this summer in the Octavia E. 60 more words


If I Had a Time Machine

I doubt that buying one comic book will change history all that much, except maybe that one kid who would have read it before won’t be able to now. 414 more words

Short Story