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Sample of my next story 'Proud Infinity' Stuck in a time loop with only a god to keep him company

I am going to be having parts from my next book ‘Proud Infinity’ for the next couple of days.  This story is about a guy who ends up stuck in a time fracture and the only other person who realizes it is a demi-goddess sent to help him end it. 1,353 more words

i'm over labels

I wasn’t feeling vehemently critical of anything or any person this morning when I woke up.

But since the moment before I opened my eyes, when my consciousness begrudgingly surfaced from dreams that felt better than anything I knew I’d feel today on the physical plane, this is the vibe that’s coming to me. 450 more words

Short Fiction

Binti : A Tiny Compressed Tale

This is going to be a miniscule review because it doesn’t make sense to write a review that is bigger than the book.

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor is a story about a girl called Binti who’s leaving her home, running away, for the first time to attend a prestigious university where she is the first of her kind to be accepted. 556 more words

Book Reviews

Moonrise CH36 - Awake

Anne blinked away her scowl like she was on a long road trip, and sleep threatened to stop her for the night. On the way to the address provided by Major Globe, Anne sat in macabre silence her brain trying to figure out how to warn Massey of the impending danger. 985 more words


Week 2


This week’s culture is of the armchair variety. I came across an interesting item (probably via twitter, although I can’t swear to it). Apparently, the only Soviet animation that was banned was the “Glass Harmonica”, which was itself sort-of about censorship. 225 more words


Transformers golden anniversary celebratory intro… Not!

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