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Edward Frostwaite: Rocket Man

Edward Frostwaite always wanted something different to happen to him. Not for him was the attraction of a job in a factory. Nor did he want to go into the army and fight wars – because Edward had always wanted to be an astronaut. 733 more words


Driver Modules

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

This week I’ve been doing a lot of moving code around.  I’ve broken out some code from the BattleScreenDriver into defferent classes and spent a lot of time figuring out the correct design for the code.   50 more words

Melanoid Comics Big plans ahead!!

We have no idea why we choose this name but it doesn’t matter. So far the story is marinating nicely. The story will span across multiple timelines. 102 more words

Noises In The Sky

Separately they would have amounted to nothing more than a curiosity, but together, well, that was a different matter. Together they spelled the change of everything that was known. 378 more words



I suppose history will see October, 17 as the day that the future started. For that was the day when a newHuman wrote a poem. Not one that had been programmed into them, but something that came from its ‘soul’, something that was truly a ghost in the machine. 642 more words


Time Cube

“This is a wonderful garden,” Khima said, scanning the snow-capped mountains across the valley. “What’s it called?”

Dark complexioned Khima had short black hair and wore a cream-colored robe and a low, cylindrical, green cap. 900 more words