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Hilary Swank to star in sci-fi thriller 'I am Mother'

Hollywood actress Hilary Swank has her signed her next movie.She will be seen in an Australuan Sci-fi thriller ‘I Am Mother’ which will be direvted by Grant Sputore. 116 more words

Episode 68: Extra-Vehicular Activities

Shaak-Rom handed Andross a pile of door charges. Usually Micron, Tager, or one of the other formally trained crew members handled their forced-entry explosives. But today, apparently, Shaak-Rom was qualified. 1,151 more words

Lucy (2014)


DIRECTOR: Luc Beeson

Scarlett Johansson is now Hollywood’s go to actress for the action/ thriller genre. She fits well into Marvel Comics “Avengers” world as The Black Widow and can still perform well in dramas. 448 more words


Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

From the author of The Martian, comes a new and exciting crime thriller, which just happens to take place in the modular lunar city of… 295 more words

Book Review

Six questions to a constructed language

This post deals with step 3 of our writer’s approach to language creation. You don’t need to have a 200-page grammar before you start having fun with your conlang, but you will want to decide on some basic facts about your language. 351 more words


2.13 Cops and Robbers

“Shaak-Rom! Are you done?” Crimson yelled up the catwalk. If her electrical components would allow her she probably would have anxiety. As it was, the elevated heart rate only irritated her and made her ornery. 917 more words

2.12 Maneuver Me This

For a moment the Rival Bay rolled starboard on its sagittal axis. Any beached space-whales in the solar system might have been envious of the awkward, asymmetrical generation seed ship banking and rolling, hurtling by on the sub-lightspeed magnetic superhighway. 390 more words