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I once saw a documentary about futuristic technology and it described a very disturbing usage of nanotechnology. Even though nanites can be used to cure cancer, heal injuries, and improve human physical conditioning, they can also be used for more sinister uses. 84 more words

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (#CloneWarsSaved)

I’ll say, the (old?) Clone Wars series looks like a glimmer of hope, in this desolate wasteland that is Disney Star Wars. 114 more words

Science Fiction

Ye Olde Weirdness

Look at me being all productive and not pissing out a jagged hellrock! Working on my first review since May – holy shit! Since May?! Have I seriously spent this much of the last several months drugged up and staring at a computer screen? 1,350 more words

The Study


That’s right! Only a week until OUTLIERS will be released, and we’re having a party!

If you live near Burlington, ON, please come out and celebrate! 125 more words

In the Shadows part 6

The week is long, every knock puts Bone Man on edge but finally the knock he’s been waiting for comes, he flings open the hotel door to find Giovanni standing there. 569 more words


In the Shadows part 5

They meet in the warehouse, Giovanni’s new men wait outside while the two come face to face once again. “Bone Man.” Giovanni smiles, its off putting to the assassin… 381 more words


The Chernobyl Man

The tourists have been here for quite a while, but due to the dropping radiation levels, I’m unconscious most of the time. Pretty soon, I’ll fade away altogether, though I expect that will be a blessing. 219 more words

Short Story