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The dust swept down off the hills in thick red clouds. Selma crouched, head down, clinging to an old bike rack, under her tarp. She waited. 565 more words



Reclamation by Adrienne Quintana

Series: Eruption book 2

Publisher: Pink Umbrella Books, LLC

Publication date: September 1, 2016

Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel

Format: … 805 more words

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I barely remember unfolding to stand.  A burst of music sounded and the platform I stood on began to rotate and rise. The colors and light transformed to a lavishly decorated room and the astonished, excited faces of a group of attractive young men. 538 more words

Alex A Akira

Dev blog: Manual testing is essential

I’m a huge proponent of automated testing.  It’s something I originally chafed at but eventually converted to, since, if you do it like I do, it’s actually  111 more words


I look around.

The walls are steadily getting closer.

Where am I?

What is this place? 305 more words


Hot Iron: Part 5


Kennedy peeked past the charting tablet in her hand at the half-mangled body of the comatose woman. An explosion had done this. She’d suspected as much, but now knew it as fact. 2,683 more words