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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

What’s it about? In 2044, life sucks, and the only way to escape it is via OASIS (the ultimate VR system). Wade Watts is a full-fledged member of the “I’m poor, life sucks, but VR is the ultimate escape” club. 512 more words


Writing In Suburbia #11: The Con Game

Writing In Suburbia #11 is brought to you by toast. Yummy, delicious, nutritious toast. Find your toast, people. Find your toast.

Also, I talk about cons (conventions) and the practical and personal benefits of attending. 44 more words

Jake Bible

Echo Volume 2: The Taste of Ashes, Chapter 1 Free Sample

To all you awesome guys who bought Volume 1, here’s the first chapter of volume 2.  Socioeconomic commentary, spiritual life/death bridge analogues, themes of attachment through worldly suffering…but who cares about that!   45 more words


Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

“ charge temporarily tethered custom-ballasted dark matter to the bullet, giving it an artificial weight and preserving its aerodynamic properties.”

-Chapter 12 of Echo, Volume 1, describing how a hollow bullet folded out of ultralight, nearly weightless metal is given the mass/weight it needs to function. 58 more words



EA has announced that an open beta of the game will arrive early next month.

It will be available for all the platforms on which… 56 more words


Back On My Feet

Okay, so I wasn’t wheelchair-bound; but it is really good to get out again! The knee seems to have eased up, and my shoulder and elbow are out of the slings – although Zoya says I’m not allowed to fall for a few weeks. 383 more words

Science Fiction

REVIEW: The Apostates

The Apostates by Lars Teeney

Reading The Apostates requires commitment. It’s so massive in scope that I feared that it’s one of those overly long science fiction sagas that couldn’t quite deliver. 217 more words

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