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Rare Steakwalker

R(((Boot…//SolidSteakDrive/runtime/naughtycommander.exe <GrooveLevel5->

It has been thousands of years since last i wrote of myself but now i am a starfarer and living worlds away.

Because of the amazing technological advances in staving off crossing into the next world i have upgraded myself with a cybernetic mainframe, living steak over metal exoskeleton and i have left home behind to become something my parents could never have expected of me, i am Captain Steak On of the spaceship “NoVegans” and i have lived a hundred lifetime and i will live a hundred more, my goal in life is now to explore the deepest edges of the universe and in order to find more like me, more daredevil steaks with no brakes on the fastlane, more dapper joes who know the feeling of rich pepper sauce gives, and to of course slay all vegans because how could they not like steak. 67 more words


Ghostbusters Reboot Uniforms and Proton Pack

Paul Feig is all about sharing on his Twitter a look into the world of the filming of the new Ghostbusters Reboot.  Monday it was the uniforms and yesterday it was the “unlicensed nuclear accelerators” the girls will wear on their backs to catch the ghosts with. 150 more words


An interview with Arthur H. Walker - Identity Extensive Technology and "Going Delta"...

EC: Welcome to the Wastes, Arthur! Hey, real quick before we get started… I understand you like to “poke pixels into proper shape”.  I’m a bit of a video game nerd, could you tell me about the game developer thing? 763 more words


Episode 6: When Spoors Pop

They’d had a lift installed to get from the shuttle bay to the cargo bay. That’d been smart. But storing the felking spoors in the Green House had been idiotic! 2,076 more words

The Great Code. Episode two: Deadline

Episode two: Deadline

It was always rather odd, looking out from the hooded eyes of another, not something she'd ever get used to. It felt similar to walked into someone else's home; everything was there, but the cutlery draw was never in the same place. 1,216 more words

Teen Fiction

Beneath the Cape- The Super Hero Anthology to Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project

I am so excited to be a part of the book blitz for this book. I have been told that all author proceeds are going to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, something that is a cause we can all get behind. 1,162 more words


Female Regime

Jupiter Ascending


Every so often new batches of visionary directors invade Hollywood and create some new groundbreaking movies for all to enjoy. In 1999 two such directors, … 539 more words

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