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Watch Scintilla (2014) Movie

Watch Scintilla (2014) Movie Run time: 94 min | Sci-Fi | 3 April 2014 (Sweden) Rating: 4.7 Director: Billy O’Brien Writers: Steve Clark, Josh Golga Stars: John Lynch, Morjana Alaoui, Craig Conway Trivia: An elite team of mercenaries is hired for… 10 more words

There is NOT One Scintilla of Evidence that Todd Palin Is Guilty of Arson

The Anchorage Police Department reported, at the request of the Palin attorney, that there was not ONE SCINTILLA of evidence connecting Todd to Shailey Tripp. “Scintilla” 503 more words

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vale, browbeat. algid, hoy, poromeric, nightshade, scintilla



n. 1. A minute amount; an iota or trace. 2. A spark or flash. 3. A tiny trace or spark of a specified quality or feeling. 45 more words


Beauty & Peace

This morning I looked out the window and a tiny dewdrop winked and blinked at me, its scintillating corona shifting and changing from moment to moment.  180 more words





the body as house

the soul as kitchen

the thyroid as HV/AC

the heart electricity

your shame, tornadic
technically, a derecho