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DH 3.01: Intercept

+++++++++++++++++From the data slate of Quintilla Mola+++++++++++++++++

In the Emperor’s Name! We assemble to once more pluck out heresy root and branch.

Scintilla is in grave danger of destruction! 1,599 more words

Dark Heresy

Into the Field - The Model, Sligo.

Odey Curbelo, Olafur Eliasson, Spencer Finch, Helen MacMahon, Tumi Magnusson, William McKeown, Paula Stokes,Norbert Vollath, Jack B. Yeats.

Curated by Marie-Louise Blaney.

“The world and the universe contain elements that cannot be articulated or contained using the codes, language and meaning with which we try to make sense of our lives. 196 more words


The Doppelgangaz - Scintilla

Directed by The Doppelgangaz & Kobi Anibok (Anibok Studios) | @Anibokstudios

Director of Photography: Kobi Anibok (Anibok Studios)


The Hybrid, AKA Scintilla (2014) Science Fiction That Feels Real

This 2014 film, originally titled Scintilla is one of the most believable science fiction movies on offer at the moment. Its tale of genetic experimentation and finding DNA on meteorites scattered across Russia which go towards making a human/alien hybrid feels all too real in a time where gene splicing is almost becoming the norm. 508 more words


The Hybrid / Scintilla (2014)

The Hybrid or Scintilla is a not your usual isolation being tracked down by a mutant or some sort of biohazard movie. Its fresh on the approach as I was expecting a zombie outbreak but the plot changed into something else. 37 more words



She hates. She loves.
She loves to hate.
Her heart. His hurt.
She hurts his heart.

She spends. He works.
He works her spends.
She drives. 197 more words