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Day 86 - Old school or just old

Reminiscing with old TV.

I thought the show I was watching was from the 90s but then they played a Scissor Sisters song and I know that’s from somewhere between 2004 and 2008. 362 more words

Unpopular Opinions: Adulting Revisited

You’re somewhere, minding your own business after a long day. Phone: out. Snacks: ready. Butt: parked on couch. You’re bored, possibly enough to neglect the hot tea or cold beer sitting on your table. 899 more words

New Single : West End Girls ( Pet Shop Boys Cover ) / New EP : I Only Want to Please You EP - Bright Light Bright Light & Ana Matronic

Scissor Sisters lady Ana Matronic and Bright Light Bright Light covers Pet Shop Boys “West End Girls” eighties Single.

Check the Single at My Best Of Bright Light Bright Light and preorder the track as a preorder for the upcoming New “I Only Want to Please You EP”, featuring also the title track. 15 more words


Scissor Sisters - "Any Which Way"

Happy birthday to Miss Ana Matronic of Scissor Sisters, who is 43 today.

From their album “Night Work” (2010):

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Birthday Song

#887: 'Tits On The Radio' - Scissor Sisters

Conservatism has long been a problem in media. From the days of the 1980s when Tipper Gore and the Parents Music Resource Center decided that record sleeves had to warn parents about its contents (because it was assumed parents are so blind to the point where they would buy their children a soundtrack to an orgy if they weren’t otherwise informed), even to now, when record sleeves are censored because they’re considered too confronting (a recent example being the ridiculousness of Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy). 244 more words

1000 Songs

How to Do a Cover Version

It’s been quite a while since I did one of these, so I’ll keep today’s lesson very simple.

Camp it up.

As a case study, here’s the original: 160 more words

How To Do A Cover Version