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Halloween theme?

Maybe people are suffering from halloween hangover, hope yours is not that bad.

However I’m super sober this year,, that sucks! anyways, since haven’t got any big crazy costume parties, I’m posting my work which I just finished for an assessment a couple weeks ago, and I thought it’s a kinda halloween theme still because of the movie I’m gonna talk about. 333 more words


From Halloween Town to Christmas Town

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) by Henry Selick

Tim Burton’s season fits perfectly in between Halloween (the Nightmare before Christmas) and Christmas (Edward Scissorhands, 1990).


Worst Interview Ever! Should The Reporter Be Fired?

I’ve been told the best actors are the ones who are the best listeners, they react to what the other person is saying or doing. The same goes for a reporter – LISTEN to what the other person is saying, be sincere not scripted. 53 more words


Rational Security, Episode #38: The "It's Putin's World and We Just Live In It" Edition

Russia launches airstrikes in Syria, changing the political calculus in the Middle East. U.S.-backed rebels in Syria are also coming under attack. Is the U.S. abandoning them? 57 more words

Rational Security

Phillips Phunny: If Edward Snowden Was Edward Scissorhands...

A guy did an interview about Edward Snowden but talked about Edward Scissorhands, and NO ONE NOTICED!

A show on Headline News called “The Daily Share” did a segment yesterday about Edward Snowden joining Twitter. 87 more words


Meu dia

Acabamos de comer um monte de hamburguers no BK em comemoração do meu niver, saímos de lá satisfeitos! :D

Queria ter tirado algumas fotos, mas o Luciano, não gosta. 15 more words


Edward Scissor-hands reflection

I overall liked this film, although it was hard to understand why Edward Scissor-hands starting hurting people and going rampage.

I especially liked the use of music as it gave a sense of mystery. 60 more words

English Class