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Sugarpill's Edward Scissorhands LE Palette Swatches!

This is one of my favorite palettes for numerous reasons. One, Sugarpill. Two, Edward Scissorhands. Three, completely vegan and cruelty-free. Fourth, superb pigmentation and blendability. 275 more words


Goals set on Stones

So, I stopped drawing, painting, and clay sculpting for a year (I think). And here I am back at it again. I’m not sure if I became terrible or I improved. 138 more words

Edward Scissorhands

“Edward Scissorhands”

This story is about a man named Edward, who lives alone in a Mansion who has actual scissors for hands. He was the product of an inventor who basically created a human but without the human hands. 1,128 more words

An Apple A Day Won't Keep You Off Web MD

There are 3 obvious signs of a high functioning, successful adult who has a confident grip on their own life. It is like a triangle of impressiveness, and if you have managed it, or even scraped by with 2 of them then you don’t need this blog and should  probably just get out my face. 874 more words