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CCA offers perspective on long-term services and supports at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA Foundation forum

On May 10, Dr. Toyin Ajayi, Commonwealth Care Alliance’s Chief Medical Officer, participated in a panel on the future of long-term services and supports in MassHealth at a well-attended event sponsored by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts. 128 more words

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The Character of Jesus Christ

The SCO Friday Service of May 6, 2016 witnessed as usual, the untamed divine power and presence of God evidenced by the outpouring of God’s Spirit in many ways. 368 more words

An Asia without US! China and Russia are winning over Japan for that

When China’s Xi Jinping made great efforts to win over Russia as its ally to counter the US after US pivot to Asia, Russia though responded favorably but was making great efforts to improve ties with Japan because Russia is afraid that China may become a threat when it grows too strong. 566 more words

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China Has Enough Support from Russia and SCO in Rejecting Arbitration

SCMP sees only the Chinese side of the story in its report “Beijing seeks Moscow’s support over South China Sea court battle with Philippines” but fails to see that what China has got is an alliance with Russia in countering the West, especially the US. 246 more words

Knowing Jesus

On Friday 15th April 2016, the atmosphere at the SCO Friday service was charged with the electrifying divine power and presence of God which was evidenced by long and faith-building testimonies. 472 more words

Take Heart

The SCO Friday Service of April 8, 2016 was superlative in every sense. The hearts of many congregates were blessed, consecrated and sanctified by the cleansing virtue of the word of God: The Gospel. 391 more words