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Global helmsman Xi Jinping steps up with charm offensive

January 17, 2017

by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times

He did it, his way; Chinese President Xi Jinping descended on the Swiss Alps; profited from a geopolitical vacuum only three days before Donald Trump’s inauguration with the Atlanticist West mired in stagnation and/or protectionism; unleashed a charm offensive; and deftly positioned China in the lead of “inclusive” globalization. 1,100 more words


Is India Threatened by Russia’s Apparent Partnership with Pakistan?

The Russian news agency Sputnik has featured a commentary by Moscow-based expert, Andrew Korybko signalling an imminent leap forward in the Kremlin’s strategy toward ties with Pakistan. 1,000 more words


Obama Stutters And Stammers Accusations Against Russia During His Final Push For War

JANUARY 11, 2017

By Brandon Turbeville

As Obama’s days as U.S. President draw to a close, both the Obama administration and the mainstream corporate media are attempting to provoke a greater conflict with nuclear-armed Russia on the basis of something that never actually happened; at least on the basis of something that they have yet to prove has actually happened. 1,384 more words


Did You Buy that Oil Dip? Probably Should Have (Chart)

Here is Oil with the monster breakout after OPEC and the check back to $50. 

This thing is headed to 63+ next year.


The New Participant: China takes a step

The Central Asian region had learnt from its history, the Republics are like teenagers who want to look as adults without the patron country. Nevertheless, the five CA states have many internal and external threats that they cannot cope with. 284 more words

The ONLY Oil chart you need to see - Long Term says BIG Rally $USO

I actually have two charts that I want to share with you for the future prices of oil.

The first chart is a weekly chart that was shared earlier showing the “Noise” zone for all of the OPEC turds saying Deal and No Deal. 93 more words