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Some days are easier than others

Ever feel not want to get out of bed. Or the whole world is against you slamming every door in your face cause it doesn’t ever see your real worth or value. 101 more words


Welcome To My Very First Blog Post

  • Hi! I’m Katie welcome to my blog. I thought this would be a great way to reach out to other people with scoliosis and give others someone to relate to.
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3 weeks post-op

so it happened.

june 26th came and went, and now i’m on the other side of a posterior spinal fusion operation. to get the FAQs out of the way, i am doing great, off oxy (with 12 left over if anyone is looking wink wink), and i grew almost two inches. 432 more words


Braced Review

According to the author, Alyson Gerber, seven million people suffer from scoliosis, a curve of the spine. It is most common in girls but it can occur in any race or gender. 249 more words

Book Review

My Rheumatoid Dr called to talk to me about my results this morning. I didn’t go to pain management yesterday because Cymbalta wiped me out. Lack of sleep for the last week and trying to get used to a new medication just knocked me down. 517 more words

Chrissy's HS Journey

Here We Go Again

We found out last month that Oscar will need spine surgery again, and soon. I knew even before we stepped into our local orthopedist’s office that morning in June. 472 more words


JBJS 100: SCFE Outcomes, Scoliosis Treatment

Under one name or another, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery has published quality orthopaedic content spanning three centuries. In 1919, our publication was called the… 290 more words