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Final (I guess!) Scoliosis Update

Hey guys!!

I’m finally back and I have good news, no more back brace! I’ve been told I no longer have to wear it, at all, not even at night. 661 more words

Mr. Green Takes A Stand- Weed World Magazine

Via Weed World Magazine:

For many people, our health is something which is all too easy to take for granted until something happens which impacts on it. 2,073 more words


Be Proud to Be Outta Your Mind and Outta Control*

Well so I thought I’d be too tired and sick last night after work and gaming to do anything artistic. Apparently my art brain totally did not agree. 708 more words



What most of you probably won’t know is that I had Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) for almost all of my teenage years. I was diagnosed when I was 14 and had the corrective surgery when I was 17. 201 more words


A Spider Web Is Tangled Up with Me*

Yeah that’s a virus inhabiting my head. Dammit. I need a voice on a lab day. I need my head straight. Fuzzy and compromised. Scratchy. Sigh. 549 more words


Happiness in Imperfection

She walked in the room and looked down at me. I wasn’t surprised by her serious expression nor was I surprised by her remarks.

“Your pics are bad,” she reported. 690 more words

Life's Journey

Dickie Boy and a Sense of Inevitability

I love genealogy, especially since I discovered my late father descended from English kings, including Richard III—although I did have to delete his father’s line in 2012 (see article from  1,513 more words

Spoonie Challenges