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Deploy SCOM Console via SCCM 2012 R2 on Windows 10 Clients

I was asked if it posible to install SCOM Console via SCCM 2012 R2 on Windows 10 clients. The ansver is YES. Here is an example of how I did this. 115 more words


SCOM Agents fail heartbeat on 2012 R2 Domain Controllers

I ran into a problem with agent on DC Server 2012 R2 failing to heartbeat. When checking the Microsoft Monitoring Service was running correctly. Even after removing the health cache the problem keeps occuring. 43 more words


[O so Cool] Connecting your Raspberry PI (RPi) to OMS.


At my home I have a Raspberry to do all my home automation. (Light, temperature, alarm, cams etc.) . Since the OMS Linux agent is available I was wondering if I could use this agent to monitor my raspberry pi without having a SCOM environment in place. 939 more words


[FOR the MP Devs] Grooming your managed objects completely from scom


I some situations when you are developing a new MP you want to be sure that your discovery’s are working correctly.

The problem


Normally you would let the discovery run and watch if the managed object is created, but after the first time discovering and un-discovering the managed object it could trick you for the next discovery. 385 more words


Certificate Authentication for SCOM monitoring

Steps to authenticate a target server with SCOM Gateway Server using Certificates:

First of all we need to ensure that all the 3 servers (member, gateway, RMS) should carry the ROOT CA in their certification store. 199 more words


SCOM Agent Grey state

SCOM – Agent Grey state:

Sometimes you can see some SCOM agent turn into a grey state. The notifications can be down also.

First thing you have to do is, that you chack that scom agent sevice is running on the server. 21 more words


Update Rollup 9 | System Center 2012 R2

List of all newly released updates/KBs for SC 2012 R2 products

Some new VMM features and issues have been added/resolved :

  • New: Enable Dynamic VLAN on the vNIC of a virtual machine.
  • 384 more words
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