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GTA 5’e Scooby Doo modu yapılırsa

GTA 5’e yapılan modların ardı arkası kesilmiyor. Yapılan yeni bir mod ile Chop adlı köpek, Scooby Doo’nun oyundaki minibüsünü sürüyor.

GTA 5’te yer alan The Mystery Machine adlı minibüs bilindiği gibi unutulmaz çizgi filmlerinden Scooby Doo’ya yapılan bir gönderme idi. 47 more words


Bad Machinery: Great Mysteries with Political Commentary

Continuing the teen mysteries theme from my last post, I’ve been reading a web comic called Bad Machinery by John Allison. Allison has been writing web comics for years including Bobbins and Scary Go Round. 345 more words


Yack's Alternative Guide To Getting A Beach Body

We live in a nation that is obsessed with image, and at the forefront of every health campaign we see is the battle with obesity. Many of us complain that its just not fair that some people can eat what they like and maintain a body worthy of compliment and envy, but there is nothing stopping the average Joe stripping back the fat and having a body to be proud of. 833 more words

Dumb Shit

Cartoon memories

I had a Cartoon Network childhood.

Between the ages of about four and ten, when I was just a kid living in white suburban Oregon, I had access to that most fabled of all American freedoms: satellite television, then very much a novelty in our household. 966 more words


Today's anecdote is brought to you by the letter S. 

A quick and cute little anecdote for you.

Yesterday afternoon was a quiet one in our house. We had a busy day on Saturday, and he had a play date in the morning, so Willy and I were enjoying laying low together. 412 more words