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Mystery 47: Mystery in Persia

Mystery 47 of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts guest stars are Jeannie and Babu. You know, Jeannie, from ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. She’s here from her own Hanna Barbara show and it SO doesn’t work with Scooby Doo. 106 more words

KISS - 2nd Generation

I am a huge KISS fan.  I own all of their CDs (even the multiple rehashed hits, live, etc… releases), read all of their autobiographies, and dressed up as KISS back in grade school ( 374 more words

Apocalyptic Visions

While in Tucson recently, I stopped off at a comic shop to see what’s new. As I browsed the shelves, my eyes fell on the title… 774 more words


Cartoons and Black Lives Matter

By: MoonLight Lotus

Growing up there weren’t many black cartoon characters. When there were, they were most likely the token black person. I can only name 4 cartoons with a majority black cast. 319 more words


10 Classic Hanna-Barbera Cartoons You May Not Remember

Hanna-Barbera is a classic production company responsible for a large chunk of everyone’s favorite Saturday morning cartoons. But do you remember some of these nostalgic gems that were cancelled too soon? 913 more words


Establishing My Nerd Cred: Pokémon No

Can we talk about PokemonGo for a second?

Actually, I’d rather not. Because I’m not playing it.

I don’t mean this as some sort of rebellious and/or hipster thing against the mainstream. 427 more words

20 Something

Scooby-Doo Comic Book Revue #04


  • W: Derek Fridolks/Sholly Fisch/Embla Malmenlid
  • A: Walter Carzon & Horacio Ottolini/Scott Jeralds & Jorge Pacheco/Scott Neely

Just a quick disclaimer before I get into the review. 836 more words