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Mystery 96: Scooby Doo Where Are You Season 3 Stat Count

Mystery 96 of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts is the stat count episode of Scooby Doo, Where Are You? Season Three! We’re covering basic stats, distance travelled, and property damage over the sixteen episodes that lead us into… *shudders* Scrappy Doo… But he’s not here yet! 106 more words

This is a very long post title naming my five favorite fictional characters of all time

This blog post is about my favorite fictional characters. I am choosing fictional characters i enjoy.

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  1. Batman…
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Mystery 95: The Beast Is Awake In Bottomless Lake

Mystery 95 of Scooby Dos or Scooby Don’ts is a time for great joy but also a time for great sorrow. The gang are in Canada again, dealing with a monster that has a Lovecraft level of fishy horror to it (yay) but it’s the gang’s last adventure before… dare I even say it? 136 more words

For the Love of TV

In the past I have done a few book reviews here and there but today I would like to do something a little different. I want to tell you guys about all my favorite TV shows and why I enjoy them so much. 858 more words

Day 11 / 365

Day 11 / 365

I can’t believe these are an actual thing!!! 😍 What dog wouldn’t want a Scooby snack!? 🐶


Scooby-doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)

        When Mystery, Inc. are guests of honor at the grand opening of the Coolsville Museum of Criminology, a masked villain shows up and creates havoc before stealing the costumes of the gang’s most notorious villains: Black Knight Ghost, Pterodactyl Ghost and Tar Monster. 140 more words