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Things I Sometimes Like To Complain About...Even Though Nobody Cares What I Think

Things I Sometimes Like To Complain About…Even Though Nobody Cares What I Think

Dumb Cartoons…

I have tried watching some of these newer, dare I say stupider  things they are claiming to be cartoons…they are all based on a card games or stupid Japanese creatures that make no sense, all of them are ridiculous. 387 more words


20 Something: The Secret to Turning Me Back into a Child

It’s amazing that no matter how old I get, I can still turn back into an 8-year-old girl with no effort at all. And yes, I know that I’m only 23, which is by no means old, but it’s pretty astounding that I can drop 15 years from my mental state with one simple thing. 809 more words

20 Something

Is Film Original Anymore?

When you think of movies today, what comes to mind? There are lots of different answers to this question, but some of them will include remakes, reboots, adaptations, sequels and superheroes. 958 more words


FLAK: Scooby-Dooby-New


The always hungry, mystery solving dog has been seen on our television screens differently throughout the years, never seen without the famous last line that Scooby hollers in the end of each episode. 467 more words


CarHistoryIndex.com: Hillary Clinton's Van Should Not Be Called The Scooby

CarHistoryIndex.com feels it’s our duty to keep on car news. We take this seriously at CarHistoryIndex.com, even when the car news of the day is somewhat silly. 256 more words


P-P-P-Puppy Power!

A grave injustice has been done, and I’m here to right it.

They say “haters gonna hate”, but oh ho ho, no, they ain’t. Not today, people. 1,037 more words

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