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What makes this journey different?

I know I am 0.8 lbs away from 30 so I won’t count it as a milestone yet but I did finally reach the 170s for the first time in a while – I weighed in at today’s official check-in at 179 lb! 659 more words


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This is the blog of a dear friend, Elaine. She adopted the Paleo lifestyle seven months ago with her husband and she is the teensiest of amounts away from hitting 30 lbs lost! I'm super proud of her and her achievement. I appreciate her candor, and it's important to note how much reflection and honesty is in this post. It's hard for us to face realities about ourselves; Elaine has done that and is succeeding.

Temptation: I beat you once again!

I’ve gotten really good with resisting the temptation of foods that are not good to me (pasta, bread, cake, sweets) but every now and then, temptation rears its ugly head and makes things difficult for me. 187 more words


Intermittent Fasting vs Starving

A friend of mine recently undertook intermittent fasting in conjunction with Paleo. I did some reading about it, and it looks interesting. The science behind it seems pretty solid, but in my personal experience, I need some energy in the mornings. 237 more words


Paleo Magazine Best Of Nominations

My wife and I went to Paleo(f)x last year and we had a really great time learning more about the Paleo lifestyle and being introduced to new products and ideas that were all Paleo-friendly. 90 more words


Eating More to Lose Weight

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever had to write, I think. It was even harder to wrap my head around it than it was to write it, but it’s something I’ve come up against at least twice so far, and I’ve come face-to-face with it again: you have to eat enough to lose weight. 530 more words