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What's the catch?

I’ve said it time and time again: losing weight by doing a Whole30 followed by going Paleo has been relatively¬†easy. As compared to grueling workout plans, deprivation diets, fad diets, or single-food diets (cabbage soup, anyone?), losing weight and getting healthy for… 478 more words


And the scale says...

+7 lbs on Sunday morning. Ouch.

But, like I said in an earlier post, I know how this happened, and I know why, and I am okay with it. 294 more words


First Fit Vacation

Ever since my wife and I were married, we’ve tried to take at least one major vacation a year and numerous small weekend or even day trips. 476 more words


Flying Post-Fat

This is a completely new experience for me: flying in economy class while not being uncomfortable. Flying as a fat person is a special hell. It involves being both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. 440 more words


Digging Out

It’s amazing

What we need a shovel for in life.

To dig out of.

That stuff falls every where.


Life Chatter

Lil Yachty - Now You Know

Here is a new Lil Yachty leak called Now You Know produced by Scoop. Listen to the song below via Soundcloud and listen/download the rest of his loose tracks here.