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Bruce Jenner's Interview

It was a historic interview, and one that people are still talking about two days later. On Friday night, Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer for a two hour interview about his transition to becoming a woman. 387 more words


Revenge: Will 'Star-Crossed' Emily and Jack End the Series Together?

With only three episodes of Revenge left, is it too much to ask for Amanda Clarke to get her happy ending? If we’re talking about her love life, specifically in relation to one Jack Porter, it just might be. 299 more words


Scandal Blind Item: Olivia to Hire New Gladiator (It's Someone We've Met!)

Olivia’s been Gladiating with a veritable skeleton crew on Scandal this season, but reinforcements are coming.

May Sweeps Bloodbath: 19 Characters Poised to Get Killed Off — Who’s on the Chopping Block? 111 more words


TAL reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:

Attention Gladiators! About damned time Olivia hired a new gladiator for season 5. We predict she's gonna hire Marcus Walker (played by Cornelius Smith Jr.). Russell would not be a long shot either...in spite of him being B613 - virtually all of OPA now is B613.