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By Kristie L. Smith Nikitin, freelance writer and art enthusiast

One of Gebhardt’s personal favorites, Friction, is the picture of a larger than life gaunt character awash in black and blue. 258 more words

Abstract Art

Two artists under one roof? That never works. Or does it...

By Kristie L. Smith Nikitin – Freelance writer and art enthusiast

One of the most popular questions that married artists Kris and Angela Gebhardt answer is in reference to “how it works.” How can two artists cohabitate without getting feelings hurt or egos bruised? 1,142 more words

Angela Gebhardt

What's a Contemporary Artist to Do?

By Kristie L. Smith Nikitin, freelance writer and art enthusiast

Art, it’s everywhere, and yet how often do we really pay attention to it? The industry behind the thought-provoking pretties is a $66 billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) behemoth that is traditionally a very exclusive, relationship- driven, face-to-face business. 698 more words

Angela Gebhardt

The One Show June 10th 7pm BBC1

Queen of felt: Lucy Sparrow’s Crown Jewels on The One Show tonight at 7pm on BBC1

In celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, Sparrow was commissioned by the BBC to make an exact replica of the Crown Jewels. 461 more words


Rise to The Top

A little over a year ago I got an alert on my phone from Chase Bank notifying me that I had only $0.01 left in my business account. 564 more words