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Social Media: Ethical Boundaries

I love social media. I use it in my personal and professional life. I can have instant access to family and friends. If somebody in the community has a question that is within my scope of practice, I often get tagged in a post or comment. 298 more words

Hospital Based Massage

Dry Needling & Scope of Practice?

I recently have read lots of controversy over Dry Needling, a new term for what I have always thought to be Acupuncture. Recently the Physical Therapy board has approved that MOST states recognized that Dry Needling is within the scope of practice for PTs. 110 more words

Scope Of Practice

Medical Assistants as Pharmacy Technicians

I have been receiving an increasing number of questions similar to the following:

Can a CMA (AAMA) work as a pharmacy technician in my state?  And, if so, can that CMA (AAMA) administer injections and take blood pressures under the supervision of a pharmacist?

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Scope Of Practice

Low-carb kids?!

I came across this article recently detailing how to raise kids on low-carb diets and I honestly can’t even. It’s one thing for adults to choose to follow low-carb diets. 322 more words

Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach...Aren't They All the Same?

The answer is a resounding NO! “Nutritionist” is a broad term that applies to anyone who works with food and nutrition, including Registered Dietitians. But not all Nutritionists can be called a Registered Dietitian. 374 more words


Comparison of Intended Scope of Practice for Family Medicine Residents With Reported Scope of Practice Among Practicing Family Physicians

Importance  Narrowing of the scope of practice of US family physicians has been well documented. Proposed reasons include changing practice patterns as physicians age, employer restrictions, or generational choices. 356 more words

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The Challenges and Distinguishing Features of Correctional Nursing: Part 3

The last two weeks we explored two of the challenges in becoming a correctional nurse and how once mastered, the results are practices that distinguish correctional nursing from other areas of nursing practice. 1,218 more words

Essentials Of Correctional Nursing