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Supervision in an Office Setting

I recently received the following question:

I work in a medical specialty office. We have four CMAs (AAMA) and six nurses. Is it legal for a medical assistant to supervise a nurse in an office setting? 98 more words

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Ohio Passes Senate Bill 110

I am happy to report that the Ohio Legislature has passed Senate Bill (SB) 110, which has now been signed into law by Governor John Kasich. 770 more words

Scope Of Practice

Medical Assistants as Home Health Aides

Because of the great versatility of medical assistants, questions have arisen about whether medical assistants—especially CMAs (AAMA)—are permitted to work as home health aides (HHAs). 114 more words

Scope Of Practice

A New Model for Enacting the Scope of Nursing Practice

The current ANS featured article addresses the disconnects that prevail between the full scope of nursing practice, and the practices that actually are enacted.  The article is titled “Influences on and Outcomes of Enacted Scope of Nursing Practice: A New Model” by Johanne D´ery, PhD, RN; Danielle D’Amour, PhD, RN; R´egis Blais, PhD and Sean P. 397 more words

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Medical Assistants as Scribes

Recently I received the following first-time question:

Is it illegal for a medical assistant to also function as the physician’s scribe? The office manager told me that a new law states that a medical assistant either can function as a scribe or as a medical assistant, but cannot assume both roles.

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Six Challenges Managing Medications that make Correctional Nursing Unique

 Medication management is a primary responsibility of nurses working in correctional settings (American Nurses Association (ANA) 2013). The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that 66% of prisoners and 40% of inmates in jail who had a chronic condition were taking prescription medication. 1,411 more words

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Trauma Response Groups

This post is in response to an article entitled, Trauma response teams: Inherent challenges and practical strategies in interdisciplinary fieldwork. I have never really thought about therapists responding to natural disasters, so this really stood out to me. 397 more words