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Doctors giving nutrition advice probably shouldn't reference Pete Evans

I saw this article last week and had mixed feelings about it. I know that we were all supposed to read it and be horrified that a doctor was reprimanded for giving patients nutrition advice. 585 more words

Physician Delegation: Standing Orders

Under the laws of most states, physicians are permitted to delegate by means of standing orders to knowledgeable and competent medical assistants as long as the following conditions are met: 77 more words

Scope Of Practice

Corrective Exercise

Preface: This blog will likely piss some people off (although possibly not to the extent my 80/20 blog did.) If you’re the easily offended type I suggest backing out now. 917 more words

Medical Assisting across State Lines

I recently received the following two questions:

  1. Is a medical assistant permitted to cross state lines and work in two different states at the same time?
  2. 96 more words
Scope Of Practice

Networking in Charlotte, NC II

“Spend time with the wise and you will become wise…”

-Proverbs 13:20

Yesterday I had an opportunity to shadow Dr. Michael Smith, ND: The founder of Carolinas Natural Health Center in Charlotte, NC and past-president of the North Carolina Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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Ditch the meds: a dietitian dispensing drugs

One of my biggest pet peeves as a dietitian is the fact that so many non-dietitians fancy themselves to be nutrition experts. It’s one thing when it’s a “holistic nutritionist” at least they have some degree of nutrition education. 413 more words

Egos galore!

So it’s been a while. I had a computer die and traded for another one. In between, I did a once a week, massage class at a local massage school. 419 more words