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How I keep score: part three (Nathan)

And now for the final part in our three-part series on scorekeeping. Save the best most esoteric for last. My scorekeeping is high-maintenance, requires coloring skills, and probably an instructional manual, but it works for me. 1,209 more words

How I keep score: Part two (Steve)

Sportswriter Henry Chadwick, often called the “father of baseball”, is generally credited as the inventor of baseball scorekeeping. He developed box scores, the letter K denoting strikeout, and many other baseball statistics (such as batting average and earned run average) that are still used today. 920 more words

How I keep score: Part one (Ryan)

One of the great intrigues about baseball for me is the art of scorekeeping. We all do it a little differently but we’re working from the same mold. 1,130 more words

Keeping Score To Get Ahead

On July 10, 1990, the Major League Baseball All-Star Game was hosted by the Cubs in Chicago. Lights had been installed at historic Wrigley Field just two years earlier.  554 more words


Top 10 Baseball Moments

Ok, so baseball’s officially over. The boys went out swinging, as they say. I survived scorekeeping and made only a few mistakes, though the whole ‘error’ thing completely eludes me still. 1,009 more words


Striking Out - Scorekeeping 101

As I get older and older, I believe less and less in trying new things. I have to fight hard to get out of my comfy-cozy fortress of solitude (like Superman’s fortress only less ice and more big screen TVs). 972 more words