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Today is May 17th. (Happy Birthday, Mom!) We also happen to have four planets in four different signs each at 17 degrees. As a result, the four planets aspect each other and form an interesting visual. 258 more words


Get Out of Doom in Order to Bloom: Full Moon May 14, 2014

The Full Flower Full Moon in the Sign of Scorpio took place at 3:16pm EDT yesterday. I always love the May Full Moon because it is also known as The Wesak Moon to honor the birthday of the Buddha.   277 more words


contained lunacy [#freewrite]

today feels so calm for there to be a full moon. and it’s in scorpio! maybe it’s because i’m a scorpio? all i have felt all day is unbelievably sleepy. 168 more words


Full Moon in Scorpio Report

Have you noticed your dreams becoming more prominent this past week?  If so then you are like many of my friends and clients that have been reporting some very interesting dream activity.   682 more words

Celestial Events

LOVElight Transmission Coming Soon: Scorpio Full Moon and Wesak Blessings

LOVElight Transmissions is now LOVEBubbles ~ read about both at the top of the page! ♡

Hi my sweet friends…how are you finding yourselves? 762 more words


Tania Marie - The Stage of Life - Illuminated by Scorpio Full Moon - 5-13-14

Intensities abound indeed…I know you are all feeling it in your own unique way. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard from who are in the midst of some pretty “wow” experiences that feel to be “out of the blue” breakdowns and shake-ups, and yet it’s just the core stuff surfacing with a loud blaring siren and red stop light in order to say, “hey, you haven’t been able to hear me before, but perhaps now you will”. 1,380 more words


Shed that skin


It’s all been a bit serious around here, hasn’t it!

I’ve been wading in interesting ideas about this coming full moon.
I found all sorts of things: values, beliefs, desires – and this writing (poem?) titled ‘fuck’ 273 more words

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