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Full Moon in Scorpio: Go Big or Go Home


This Full Moon in Scorpio will have us delving into the deep mysteries of the heart and feeling our truth. We are being asked to feel instead of think and to act instead of speak. 104 more words

Dana Mrkich - May Day/Scorpio Full Moon - Feminine Healing for All - 5-3-15

Message from Dana Mrkich

 Video Version is here


Every influence these days feels super-charged, as our increasing sensitivity is responding to all things in an amplified way. 787 more words


Going to Extremes

The word perception is loosely defined as “the way we think about or understand something or someone.” We each have our own way of perceiving information, and every one of those ways is colored by a variety of personal factors. 391 more words

Scorpio Moon Beats the Drum for Beltane!

Is this a picture of protestors protecting police from protestors? Or is it protestors protecting protestors from police? Whatever happened on this street yesterday, it illustrates the high pulse of the full Moon. 840 more words


Starcodes May 1 2015       Heather Roan Robbins

The rights of the working people, fresh life and earthy fertility: the Taurus force is strong with us this week. On May 1, May Day, enjoy the natural bounty of the burgeoning life as the lilac and plum trees bloom by cavorting and leaving May baskets on doorsteps. 1,363 more words

May begins, happy Beltane, full moon, and Mercury retrograde

From my rotting body flowers shall grow, and I am in them and that is eternity.

-Edvard Munch

May begins with a spicy Scorpio full moon on the 3rd. 1,030 more words