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S E L F - L O V E : P A R T O N E

An open letter written by me to me

Dear Naomi,

Firstly, can I start by reminding you of your achievements?


The Room


Today will be a break from my usual opinions on various topics. I’m still going to share a little bit of me though. As you know, I’m a university student studying creative writing and English literature. 686 more words


Personal Reflection to "Introspective Rites", P. 90, Chapter 3, Choice

Agreeably, one should claim one’s desire, an introspective rite, but with caution.  Not a mortal being, something without attachments.  For one’s claim may be useless against an unrelenting claimee’, as introspect becomes useless for anyone else. 69 more words


Scorpio Horrorscope for 2015

I tend to look at my horoscope after the fact to see if things worked out as predicted.  I haven’t looked at my horoscope for eons now, so decided to check it out this morning.   620 more words


Be My 'Tinder-ony' <3

First of all, I love my title! Haha!

So I’ve realised that constant updates about my mission may be a little tedious. I’ll update you if something changes but today was the same really. 973 more words


Fight & Fire : The Meaning of Mars

The Meaning of MARS

☆ IDENTITY: Warrior You
☆ FEELING: How you express anger, drive & ambition
☆ BODY: How and where you draw physical vitality… 123 more words


The Thought of Motherhood

While it is true and common knowledge that motherhood is not an easy job, it has its perks. There are so many emotional ties to this job from the early pregnancy way into the child’s adulthood. 581 more words