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Through the Eyes of Tarot - Venus in Scorpio - December 5 through 30, 2015

Change is coming your way at this time. Hard work, rather than cocky actions, will help smooth over the hard times. Intuitively, you know what you need to do. 218 more words


Scorpion Mind Games

the effort is continuous

love is chanting something religious

without these words we share this would sound so ridiculous

leading in pain and growing in struggle… 195 more words


Soraya's Celebrity Birthday Prediction for John Bishop

John Bishop
Comedian John Bishop is blessed by harmonious planets during his birthday which will make him very intuitive and quick to perceive opportunities that he would have missed otherwise. 97 more words


Changes in the sky…

The Scorpio sign…

In the apocalypse, Saint John describes the signs on the fixed cross. Son of man, bull, lion, everything’s ok… But for the last, John describes an eagle… What the fuck??? 1,558 more words


Pluto in the First House: Dangerous Beauty

Best quality: The ability to transform

Worst: The ability to destroy

Appearance: ever changing but the eyes.

Astro-Tip: Stop fearing yourself. Let your feral animal out of the cage and you will find out they are not so dangerous… 527 more words


Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius )

In each element (earth, fire, water, air) in the zodiac, there is a Cardinal sign a Mutable sign and a Fixed sign

Think of it as—->  4 elements x 3 types = 12 zodiac signs… 514 more words


Full Moon in Gemini Horoscopes

Full Moon in Gemini Horoscopes

Information and imagination face off during November’s Full Moon

Rick Levine on the topics of videos, moon, horoscopes… 1,221 more words

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