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Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon : "It's Magic"

You have the potential to be a “practical magician”. The pep in your step and the glide in your stride is maintained through the continuous creation and attraction of beauty via the skillful utilization of your senses. 249 more words

Sun/Moon Blends

Fixed Signs.

One week ago, I became impatient with myself and dove in.
Head first.
Started kicking.

Everything that I kept with me in the living room I had slept in for 3 years had to get out of there and into my reclaimed space. 1,498 more words


Wait a second...I'm having déjà vu?

“Meli’s Moonlight hasn’t been around in more than a decade. This one’s got to be fake. It’s even spelled differently.”

Yes, my new blog is spelled Melie’s Moonlight. 220 more words

Planes And Dimensions

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon : "The Best Secret"

In a birth chart, when the Sun and Moon are located in the same sign, the core needs of the personality reflect an energy similar to what stimulates the individuals life force. 473 more words

Which astrology sign? Work edition

Each sign is known for specific qualities, but how do those qualities function within the working world? Below, are some suggestions on who to go to for what. 457 more words


Understanding A Scorpio

Scorpios are probably the most misunderstood signs and so harshly judged.

Their blunt sometimes offensive sarcastic nature is taken the wrong way. When in reality it’s just a defense mechanism to protect themselves. 626 more words