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Scorpio: Why It's a Fixed Sign

There’s a reason why Scorpio is a fixed sign, and there’s also reasons why people tend to question how Scorpio is fixed at all. Scorpio however, will always be a fixed sign. 396 more words


Let’s talk love.

Intense, deep, passionate, powerful: All words to describe the way a Scorpio loves.

Scorpios are known to want real and long lasting relationships rather than something casual and with little meaning. 489 more words


GameStop Is 'Impressed' With The Upcoming Xbox Scorpio

We’re excited about Microsoft’s upcoming new Xbox Scorpio console, and Gamestop thinks that it will be a big driving force to push sales up with their stores. 266 more words

Microsoft Donates Xbox One GO Karts For Kids in Seattle Children's Hospital

In an epic charitable move Gamers Outreach, a charity that provides video game recreation to children in hospitals made a donation on Tuesday of 10 Xbox One GO Karts to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. 268 more words

Some are born with it

I just had a crazy realization.

I was talking to this man online about astrology. He was asking me about his sign which is Scorpio. I told him I didn’t know much other than all water signs are passionate, caring, and sex experts. 549 more words


Talent Not Included coming to the Xbox One next month.

I reviewed Talent Not Included back in November. While i apparently have it one of the harsher reviews it received, i did enjoy my time with it well enough. 59 more words