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Dear Woman...

I have been thinking a lot on self-worth lately. Particularly when it comes to relationship spaces. I struggled with posting this at first, because I don’t want to seem like I’m pushing a subliminal message to someone, nor do I personally want to put out “I’m good by my damn self” energy to the Universe when I know my heart desires true companionship. 303 more words

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Xbox Boss on Scorpio and GoldenEye 007

Xbox Head of marketing Aaron Greenberg talked with MCV about Project Scorpio while Microsoft’s head of Xbox division, Phil Spencer, commented on GoldenEye 007. #xboxone #sony #microsoft #projectscorpio #nintendo #goldeneye007… 6 more words

Brief Thought.

Mercury is soon to be in retrograde and I’ll be receiving my birth chart in that time… Needless to say, I’m a little nervous. I already know big changes are coming.

N3RDs Kinected Episode 1: Why We're Excited for Xbox One's Future

What’s going on Team? This is N3RDS KINECTED, TeamN3RD and the Digital Nerd Advocate’s Xbox Podcast! This is the FIRST EVER Episode One! We talk about Nintendo, Playstation, and of course we eventually get around to talking about everything that we’re excited about that Xbox is doing!

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What is all this talk about Ascension?

If you are attuned to spirituality and are on a path of self-discovery, also known as awakening (probably not out of choice initially but have now resigned to it), you are on a path of ascension. 801 more words

Obtaining Your Goals

Project Scorpio Will Fix Disruptive Console Shifts

Project Scorpio, according to Microsoft at least, will herald a new era in the console market. Read on to find out how Microsoft plans to change the console market. 9 more words

Xbox Project Scorpio Price?

Project Scorpio will be the most powerful console ever made. Or so Microsoft would like us to believe. Regardless, the primary concern is cost. Read on #xboxone #microsoft #projectscorpio